Top 10 Best Wood Chippers With Safety Guide

There was a time when we used to burn the leaves, twigs and yard debris accumulating in our backyard. But people have become more environment conscious and have also opened up to the various nutrient rich benefits of using debris as mulch or compost.

Such factors have led to the increase in popularity of chippers which can remove the debris while transforming small twigs and branches into fine wood chips.

You can ultimately use the nutrient-rich mulch for your garden or flowerbeds.

Today we are going to take a look at ten of the best wood chippers in the market as well as its buying guide, and if you are looking for cheaper options then you can look at our list of best wood chipper under $500 in which we have listed some of the best affordable wood chippers for home use.

Points to Consider While Buying a Wood Chipper

No one likes spending the whole day cleaning debris, twigs and leaves collected in the garden. And a proper chipper can bring in massive time savings so that you can invest your time in more demanding activities.

The market is filled with a variety of chippers and the main goal remains to select the one which is in line with your requirements.

Device Capacity

The capacity of the chipper is a big thing to consider especially if you have a large quantity of wood to chip. A small capacity model can serve you well if your yard gathers just a few twigs every day.

Similarly, a bigger capacity one is required if you need to chip a lot of heavy branches.

However, if you proceed with the smaller one, then chances of you spending the whole day chipping remains high. The ones having small capacity will be unable to cater to thicker loads.

If you use it for dealing with heavy-duty work, then the blades will get damaged and the motor will get jammed.

Bag Capacity

If the bag capacity is more, it will have to be emptied less compared to a smaller one.

But a small bag can come off as a more lucrative option if you wish to keep the wood chipper’s weight to the minimal level. The most effective PTO wood chippers can easily tackle large volumes of wood as they are especially meant for industrial usage.

This makes it possible to attach it with a tractor so that the unit can chip wood automatically which comes in its path.

Size & Weight

The type of chipper has a big role to play in determining the chipper’s weight and size. Gasoline powered units are bigger in size than their electric run peers. This also adds up to its weight quotient.

A commercial wood chipper can serve as your best bet if your yard has a tendency of gathering large amount of debris.

These devices can easily deal with bigger blocks or larger branches on a daily basis. A smaller yard on the other hand can be easily managed by an electric wood chipper.

The market is filled with many gasoline chippers having portable size but they come with a more expensive price tag.

While some chippers can bring the branches down to 1 ½ inch, others chip it down to 3-inch. You need to determine whether you desire mulch for your garden or wish to make fertilizer compost before taking the ultimate decision.

Number Of Blades

The fineness of chips shall have a direct correlation with the number of blades present in the chipper. A chipper having minimal blades will produce bigger wood chunks which are ideal for decorating the garden track.

You might even use it on soil for keeping it adequately humid for the plants which grow from beneath. With passage of time, these big chunks of wood will also act as a fertilizer.

A chipper having more blades on the other hand can bring down debris size so that it can be easily turned into fertilizer. Finer chips can even be turned into pressed wood as it becomes easier to stick them together.


You might keep your chipper stationed somewhere or move it along your backyard. This can also have a big role to play in determining the type of chipper you wish to purchase.

If you want to move it around, then you can readily opt for the smaller ones having wheels for easy mobility. Gasoline-type chippers rank very high in the department of portability as they are not weighed down by unnecessary cables.

Electric chippers are extremely lightweight in comparison to the other available options. However, you need to stay in close proximity to a power outlet for using the same.

Insert Chute Placement

The insert chute might either be placed at the side of the wood chipper or right above.

The level of comfort also varies according to the same. It becomes easier to add debris if the chute is positioned on the side.

In this case, you will not be required to stretch yourself for operating the device. But in this case, you might be highly susceptible to stray chips which can scratch your skin and tear your clothes.


Wood chippers come with a pretty bulky price tag. The last thing anyone would want is a wood chipper which might break down within just a few months.

This specially holds true if you are not backed with a proper warranty. Five years is an ideal warranty period but you can also proceed with lesser time frames.

However, it becomes imperative to choose the wood chipper having a warranty covering damage costs.

1. Patriot Products CSV-3100B

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When it comes to chipping, the Patriot Products CSV-3100B works like an absolute monster. It packs in massive amount of power which hardly can be seen in its peer devices.

The premium grade 10hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Commercial Power engine ensures smooth operation of the wood chipper which can cater to all your gardening requirements seamlessly.


This powerful machine is more effective than a standard leaf shredder. It offers the option of turning twigs and branches having a diameter of three inches into fine mulch.

Such characteristics make it the perfect choice for dealing with anything ranging from shrubs to trees and even prune.


The Patriot Products CSV-3100B wood chipper is powered to the core by a highly efficient Briggs engine. This helps in tearing through pine cones, branches and leaves in a smooth fashion.


Its unique design helps in maximising both speed and efficiency. The swinging Y-hammer system comes in as a significant improvement over plastic shredding wire both in terms of power and speed.


  • Powered to the core by a 10 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Commercial engine.
  • Large diameter wheels help out in its easy portability.
  • Manufactured in USA by complying with CARB.
  • Shredded and chipped waste can be either stored in the collection bag or showered directly over the mulch pile.
  • Patented direct drive system can buffer users from slipping pulleys which is infamous for causing the requirement of frequent replacement.
  • Flails and cutters can be removed easily for helping out in the sharpening and maintenance chore.
  • Users can power down the unit through its operator actuated throttle when the device remains idle.

  • You can keep the chipper stationed at a uniform spot throughout the day while making use of its side discharge.

  • Patriot’s swinging y-hammer system helps with shredding of leaves.
  • Unique design brings maximum power and efficiency to the table.
  • Louder and comparatively expensive than its peers.

2. Farmer Helper Wood Chipper (BX42)

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The efficiency of a wood chipper is determined by how fast it can tackle even the thickest branch available.

This is something which average wood chippers fail to achieve and that exactly is the USP of the Farmer Helper Wood Chipper.It is fast, powerful, versatile and efficient at the same time.


The reversible blades of the Farmer Helper BX42 maximises its performance metrics while bringing supreme precision in its operation.

Its high grade hardened steel blades enhance the scope of cutting edge so that you can tackle even big pieces of branches without any fail.

Chipping Force

The Farmer Helper BX42 has a heavy-duty rotor at its core which houses reversible chipping blades. It has a larger diameter which brings in greater tip speed and ultimately improves chipping action.

A set of integrated twig breakers behind the reversible blades can chip the woods into a consistent size.


The design of the Farmer Helper BX42 is such that it can be utilized by smaller tractors given its low horsepower requirement.

It can easily tackle branches having a dimeter of up to 4 inches. Its adjustable funnel helps in dispensing the mulch in your preferred direction.


  • The new frame design of the footprint brings down its weight and helps with easy transportation.
  • Powder-coated finish adds up to the durability of the chipper.
  • Adjustable discharge funnel helps in exercising versatility in terms of height and direction.
  • Exhaust air flow gets maximised through the air intake vents located on the sides.
  • Branches are easily pulled into the chipper through the angled cutting actions.
  • 80-inch-high discharge chimney features a modifiable head which can transfer materials over a distance of 35 feet.
  • 220-pound strong flywheel further adds up to the sturdiness of the wood chipper.
  • Chipping performance gets maximised by the high-grade reversible blades.

  • A consistently small chip size is maintained by the twig breakers.

  • Additional air vents assist with better blowing.

  • Paint tends to wear off very fast.

3. GreatCircleUSA Gas Powered Wood Chipper

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This gas-powered heavy-duty chipper features a 3-in-1 design which can be of great help in catering to your lawn care needs.

Its top hopper helps with volume chipping whereas the side chute is meant for dealing with small limbs and branches. A vacuum inlet located at the back of the chipper helps with loading and shredding of leaves.


A reliable recoil 7 HP 212cc Horizontal 4-Stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine runs the GreatCircleUSA wood chipper. It can easily deal with wood branches having a diameter of three inches without facing any problem.

Just a little effort can help in turning rugged branches into usable wood chips coupled with its stellar reduction ratio of 15:1.

Design & Blade Capacity

The four Y-Hammers can easily demolish branches in a jiffy coupled with dual steel chipping blades.

This wood chipper has been designed in such a way that it can be attached with your lawn mower or ATV for easy transportation. Its top hopper has a capacity of 0.7 gallon and can be loaded easily.


The sturdy tires of the GreatCircleUSA wood chipper help in moving this 130 pound device around the work site without having to break any sweat.


  • Pull start makes it extremely easy to operate.
  • Fuel line can be turned off for running the carburettor dry during storage.
  • Makes it redundant to use a paddle as the wood chipper pulls branches into the shredder chute.
  • The engine gets shuts down by the low oil sensor whenever oil reaches a level which is unsafe for operation.
  • Side loading catch bag helps with easy collection or disposal of the wood chips.
  • Auto feeding mechanism brings greater ease in its operation while helping you ring in massive time savings.

  • Has separate options for shredding leaves as well as chipping of thick and thin branches.

  • Features a bag attachment which helps with its neat operation.

  • Powerful device can easily munch through twigs and branches having a diameter of three inches.

  • Poses the requirement of storing and refilling both gas and oil every now and then.

4. SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder

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Your search for a multi-functional chipper shredder ends with this 2-in-1 wood chipper from SuperHandy. It has been specially designed for increasing shredding and chipping efficiency while bringing down clogging and jamming issues.


Comes with a limited warranty of 3 years. There is also a dedicated customer support team which can cater to all your problems to ensure its smooth operation.


Features a 7HP 4-stroke OHV engine which can easily tackle branches having a diameter of 3 inches. Its 15 Amp belt-driven motor can mulch leaves as well as wood.

Such characteristics make it the perfect pick for shredding small branches along your leaf piles.


Users can purchase a universal vacuum kit for turning it into a leaf vacuum. You can even attach it with a lawn tractor or ATV through an optional tow bar kit.

Solid rubber tires of the SuperHandy wood chipper prevents the tires from going flat even following heavy duty usage. It also helps in its easy transportation all around your work site.


  • Double-sided reversible blades can be flipped over whenever one side wears out. This helps in extending its longevity.
  • Weather-proof polypropylene exterior enhances its durability and also keeps it protected from rusting.
  • Overload protection switch and instant start switch brings ease in its usage.
  • Can chip branches having a diameter of 1.57 inches.
  • Operates with a reduction ratio of 17:1.
  • Quieter and cleaner than its gas-powered peers.
  • Does not emit any nasty smell with its operation.
  • Comes backed with a 3-years limited warranty.
  • Polypropylene exterior prevents rusting as well as occurrence of dents following its outdoor use.

  • Wheels located at the bottom of the wood chipper helps with its mobility.

  • Has a leaf and stick to mulch ratio of 17:1.

  • Does not deposit into the bag directly.

5. Earthquake Tazz K33 Chipper Shredder

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People who are handicapped by limited storage space can easily benefit out of the Earthquake Tazz K33 chipper shredder havingan extremely compact footprint.

The product measures just 25.4” by 29.9” which helps in storing away the chipper easily once the work has been concluded.


Wood chippers tend to be pretty heavy. But you won’t face any such problem with the Earthquake Tazz K33 Chipper Shredder which comes equipped with a pulling handle and rolling wheels.

This helps in moving it around from one location to another without breaking any sweat. Its wheels have been specially designed for gliding on smoothly over a variety of terrain be it grass, dirt or even rocks without going flat.


The Earthquake Tazz K33 stands out from its peers in the department of safety. It is compliant with all ANSI B71.6 safety standards.

You can thus use the machine without incurring any problems as long as you wear the correct safety gear and take the proper precautions.


Power of the engine can have a big role to play in determining the ultimate functionality of the engine. The Tazz K33 is equipped with a 301 cc engine which can easily tackle even the toughest of jobs.


  • Dock-and-Lock™ bag connector helps in hooking up the unit to the bag in an easy manner.
  • Powered to the core by a 301cc Viper® engine which can chew through branches having a dimeter of 3 inches.
  • Rugged steel hopper helps in feeding plant matter inside the grinding chamber. It also helps in withstanding minor bumps and bangs which might occur while operating with large limbs.
  • Tri and J-hammers present in the grinding chamber offers a reduction ratio of 20:1.
  • 11” wheels of theEarthquake Tazz K33 Chipper Shredder help in tackling grooves and ruts in the work site.
  • Accompanied with an easy-to-use debris bag which can be used easily coupled with its rugged fabric handles, Bottom-Out™ zipper and Dock-and-Lock™ bag connector.

  • Dual 11” wheel can sustain heavy-duty usage and never go flat.

  • Comes backed with 5-years warranty given by the manufacturer.

  • Inconvenient location of the On/Off switch.

6. Landworks Gas Powered Wood Chipper

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Do you have a big backyard which requires frequent cleaning and maintenance? If you have an affirmative answer, then this heavy-duty wood chipper from the house of Landworks can serve you extremely well.


The dual solid tires can sustain four times the weight of normal rubber pneumatic tires. In this way, you can be completely warranted from facing any flat tire issues. You can also move it around easily in your worksite coupled with the rubber tires.


Side loading catch bags assists with easy dispensing of wooden mulch. Further stabilization is provided to the catch bag coupled with its sturdy hooks. A rugged rubber cap in the large chipper chute helps in easily creating a vacuum inside the chipper.


The low fuel sensor of the Landworks Super Heavy Duty wood chippers stops the engine as and when its fuel level reaches shallow levels. It even has overload protection feature which keeps the engine protected if it overworks.


  • Dedicated customer support team can cater to all your queries and concerns.
  • Can be assembled easily by following the accompanying instruction manual.
  • Machine starts right up following the 1st
  • Low oil sensor powers off the engine whenever the temperature reached comes off as too low for its safe operation.
  • Slanted back housing enhances overall efficiency while bringing down chances of jamming.
  • Easy access of the vacuum inlet option helps in loading the leaves into the chipper easily.
  • Reduction ratio of 15:1 can provide you with ample chips and mulch which is needed for camp fires and garden décor.
  • Auto-feed function of the Landworks Super Heavy Duty wood chipper helps in bringing down chances of accidents.

  • Operates with a reduction ratio of 15:1.

  • Can shred twigs and brushes having a diameter of 3 inches.

  • Mulch bag accompanying the chipper is very small in size.

7. Earthquake TAZZ 30520

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Gas powered wood chipper pack in more power than the electric power ones and this makes the Earthquake TAZZ 30520a top choice for undertaking heavy duty projects.

The fact that it gas powered also provides you with the freedom of working without being entangled in cables. High grade steel goes into the construction of its blades which helps with quick chopping of debris.


It runs on a 212cc gas powered Viper engine which can mulch leaves and shred twigs without facing any difficulty.


This 3-in-1 device features a side shaft meant for branches having a width of 3”, large hopper meant for twigs having diameter of up to 1.5” and an optional vacuum kit which is meant for mulching.


11” wheels help in moving around this heavy machine easily around the work site. The accompanying sturdy handle further enhances the portability meter.


  • Engine features a fuel shutoff valve which helps in emptying the carburettor post usage.
  • Gas powered wood chipper can be used even when you don’t have an electric circuit around.
  • Has a year’s warranty on chipper parts and five years’ warranty on the viper engine.
  • Requires a good amount of effort for making the initial pull but next to none choke for being reset.
  • Features both ON/OFF switch and a fuel cut-off which can further add up to the safety parameter.
  • Top hopper helps in feeding scraps which are otherwise left behind by the branch feeder.
  • Comes backed with a 5 years’ warranty to keep your back against all manufacturing defects. However, this is valid only on the wood chippers which have been purchased either on or after 15/3/2017.

  • Requires minimal footprint requirement coupled with its subtle dimensions of 25.4” width and 29.9” length.

  • Produces 20% more vacuum in comparison to its peer chipper shredders.

  •  At 121 pounds, the Earthquake TAZZ 30520 comes off as extremely heavy.

8. Sun Joe CJ603E Silent Wood Chipper

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If you have a special corner in your heart for detailing, then you are bound to feel elated using the Sun Joe CJ603E wood chipper.

This can help in imparting a spick and span look to your garden in no time. You can also bank on this device to turn previously unusable garden waste into nutrient rich mulch.


The electric engine of the Sun Joe CJ603E wood chipper has bare minimum maintenance requirements. It is also eco-friendly in nature which helps in reducing your environmental footprint.

You can use it easily without having to worry about frequent oil and fuel replacements. Its 15-amp motor can chip branches having maximum diameter of 1.73 inches.


Seven-inch wheels of the Sun Joe CJ603E wood chipper help in moving it around easily from one place to another in your backyard.


The locking knob and safety hopper come in as ingenious additions which prevents the motor from operating when the hopper is open.


  • Versatile wood chipper which can turn brushes, twigs, leaves and branches into a nutrient-rich mulch.
  • Powered by a 15-amp motor which can shred branches having a diameter of 1.73 inches.
  • Locking knob in the safety hopper prevents from operating the motor once it is opened.
  • 7-inch wheels help with easy portability around the worksite.
  • Comes backed with a two years’ warranty to keep you protected from all manufacturing defects.
  • The engine produces 94 decibels sound which is subsequently quieter than peer models.
  • Operates with a reduction ratio of 21:1.

  • Heavy-duty plastic is used in the construction of its motor housing which adds up to its lightweight nature.

  • High torque and low rpm significantly reduces operational noise.

  • Exit chute tends to clog every now and then while mulching green materials.

9. Sun Joe CJ602E 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper

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The CJ602E from Sun Joe can serve you well if you wish for your shredders to optimally beautify your backyard. It comes in the classic shade of soft grey or green which can impart a low-key look.

But it packs in solid power in terms of its performance which is bound to leave you dumbfounded.


The Sun Joe CJ602E wood chipper is powered by a 15-amp motor which can shred branches and twigs with 4300 rpm.

You can easily bank on this light-duty wood chipper to shred sticks having a maximum thickness of 1.5 inches. The blades can easily draw in wood while chopping. It thus feels easier on your hands compared to peer models.

Reduction Ratio

A reduction ratio of 16:1 helps in chopping the leaves and branches to one-sixteenth of their original size. The resultant mulch thus looks good while you use it to feed your flower beds.


Six inch wheels help with easy movement around the garden. You can even keep it positioned coupled with the accompanying stand.


  • Operates with 113 dB sound which does not disturb your neighbours.
  • Can effectively deal with branches having a thickness of 1.5 inches.
  • Compact design helps with its hassle-free storage following usage.
  • The instant-start switch located underneath the safety hopper brings greater ease in its application.
  • Can generate up to 4300 rpm speed which helps in quickly working through branches, leaves and brushes overcrowding your lawn.
  • Virtually maintenance free wood chipper can be assembled easily.
  • Lightweight device can be moved easily around your backyard.
  • Comes backed with a warranty of two years.

  • Locking knob and safety hopper ceases the operation of wood chipper when it is opened.

  • 6-inch wheels help in its easy portability around the work site.

  • Not meant for tackling bigger branches.

10. WEN 41121 15-Amp Rolling Electric Wood Chipper

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The WEN 41121 is a vibrant looking wood chipper which is perfect to decimate loose foliage such as branches, sticks, plants and twigs.

This electric option has a quick start operation and you can do it simply by flipping the switch to initiate shredding.

You can now bid adieu to gasoline and chances of environment pollution with this electric powered wood chipper.


A 15Amp motor powers up the WEN 41121 wood chipper. You can easily bank on this motor for providing 8000 cuts every minute. This makes it the ideal option for shredding debris having maximum thickness of 1.5 inches easily.

Steel Blades

7” steel blades fitted in the WEN 41121 wood chipper can guarantee you prolonged service by staying sharp even after heavy-duty usage.

You can easily reduce leaves and twigs into small pieces for being used as your garden compost or mulch.


The safety knob-lock of theWEN 41121 wood chipper prevents the motor from running while the hopper is open. This can keep users buffered from succumbing to injuries caused from sharp blades.


  • 15-amp motor guarantees more than 130 cuts per second.
  • Wood chipper is accompanied with a collection bag which can store in the shredded twigs and branches.
  • Decent sized hopper present at the chipper bottom for collecting all shredded material.
  • Dual premium grade blades can be reversed and sharpened as and when required.
  • Many of its parts can be replaced without having to purchase an entirely new device.
  • Can be manoeuvred easily coupled with the dual 6-inch wheels.

  • Comes backed with two years manufacturing warranty against all defects.

  • Start-ups are prevented automatically by the internal safety mechanism when the hopper is open.

  • Loses its efficiency while working with sappy woods such as sycamore

Safety Precautions To Consider While Using A Wood Chipper

The safety precautions required out of a wood chipper has a directly proportional relationship with its power level.

But at the end of the day, all chippers are extremely powerful tools and you need to be cautious with its usage. For starters, we have collated a list of a few safety tips you need to keep in mind.

  • It is always preferable to stick to lighter loads while using the wood chipper. Feeding heavier chunks of wood can cause the chipped materials to be discharged backwards especially when the chipper operates at high speed. A chipper which discharges larger chunks of materials might lead to blunt force trauma.
  • The clothes you wear need to be such that it doesn’t get caught in the machine. Loose clothes might add up to your overall risk. You should make it a point to either stick to tighter garments or tuck it inside your shirt. Loose hanging cuffs or dangling jewellery also become a strict no-no. This also holds true for loose straps, belts or ties. They need to be avoided as they are highly vulnerable to getting caught in the machine and increasing chances of accident. If you have long hair or beard, then it is advisable to tie it up and wear a hat or beard net.
  • Protective gears are an absolute must while using a wood chipper. Safety glasses can keep your eyes buffered from materials which are tossed around by the chipper blades. People using powerful gas driven chippers should make it a point to use ear protection while using the same. Wearing a hard hat can keep your hair protected from the incoming debris while steel-toed safety boots cater to the well-being of your legs.
  • Once you are done using the wood chipper, you need to clean the device and the surrounding area. This also holds true before starting out with its operation. Filters of the wood chipper can clog as bits of debris and woods accumulate around the blades. It becomes necessary to sharpen the blades every 10 to 15 hours. For this, you can use a wet grinder or take them to the machinist’s shop. Following a proper a maintenance schedule can ensure that the machine operates seamlessly without posing any safety threats.
  • Inspection of spark plugs might reveal corrosion on the wide end. On seeing any sign of corrosion, you will have to replace the same immediately. These parts are inexpensive in nature and can be easily replaced with minimal spending.
  • The greatest accidents occur while feeding the wood chipper. You should make it a point to use a broomstick or long branch for pushing materials inside the chipper. This becomes extremely crucial while making use of a powerful chipper. You should also be cautious about not getting your hands near the blade. Proper caution should also be taken around the hopper and chute area.


You need to be extremely focused while working on a wood chipper as even the most minor accidents can lead to serious damage.

At the end of the day we all wish to have a beautiful home and a wood chipper can serve as the perfect ally in the beautification drive of your garden.

It can also help you in getting the job done in a fast and effective manner. However, you also need to be extremely cautious about the post usage clean-up for best results.

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