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When was the last time you went on a fishing trip only to feel utter discomfort due to the seating posture of your inflatable fishing boat! If you had such a painful experience, then you have come to the right place as today we are going to discuss about five of the best inflatable models available in the market.

But first let us take a look at the buying guide of inflatable fishing boats, so that you can take a well-informed purchase decision time and again.

Points To Consider Before Buying An Inflatable Portable Fishing Boat

  • Primarily you will have to consider the design and decking material of the inflatable fishing boats. They might either have solid aluminum planks in the underfoot which are snapped into place or a high-pressure inflatable floor. Aluminum planks can enhance the level of rigidity and sturdiness. Inflatable bottoms on the other hand might feel a little squishy. The bottom portion of these boats comprise of durable materials which can resist punctures and similar abrasions. Irrespective of that, you should be careful about maintaining a safe distance from sharp objects. The inflatable bottom boats tend to absorb more shock from the waves. This makes it the ideal choice if you wish to enjoy a ride which will also be easy on your knees.
  • Now that you have decided on the design of your inflatable boat, you need to ponder over its storage possibilities. These boats should ideally be stored away from the sun as that can diminish its longevity. The storage needs to be done in a cool and dry place having ample ventilation as this shall prevent the growth of harmful mildew on the boats. Inflatable boats are easier to store that its peers as you can simply vent the air out and keep it secured in a small bag.
  • Inflatable boats might be made up of either PVC or hypalon. PVC fabrics are extremely durable and dependable making them ideal for gentle and occasional use. Hypalon on the other hand is a synthetic material which can enhance its performance to a great extent. Hypalon construction can add up to the boats weight while making it more robust than its PVC peers.

1. Intex Excursion 5, 5-Person Inflatable Boat Set

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This 5-person inflatable boat can serve as your ideal choice if you wish to take your entire family along on those fishing escapades. You can expect better buoyancy out of its multi-air chamber design while the I-beam floor paves the path for more stability.

You can take you pick amongst mounting the motor at the boat rear or using its paddles.  Users are provided with motor mounts and oar locks along with the boat. The accompanying boat pump makes it easy to inflate to boat in a hassle-free manner.

Its vinyl construction can keep you completely guaranteed about the boat’s quality as you just relax and allow the dual rod handles to take care of your rods. This boat is ideally meant for going fishing along with a party of 3 people as a total group of 5 can make it feel pretty crampy.

In spite of carrying a pretty budget tag, this blow-up fishing boat has received rave reviews from most of the anglers. You can easily attach a trolling motor to this raft making it easy to eliminate all problems while helping with moving around in water.


  • Auxiliary air chamber and 3 air chambers provide extra buoyancy.
  • Boat can be filled in and deflated easily coupled with the Boston valve present on the dual hull chambers.
  • 54-inchpremium grade aluminium oars can keep you completely buffered from quality issues which can arise with continued usage.
  • Better rigidity and comfort is offered by its inflatable I beam floor.
  • Constructed using 30-gauge vinyl which can minimise all chances of wear and tear.
  • Large capacity boat can serve you pretty well if you wish to take your big groups of friends and family along on those fishing trips.
  • Aft and forward seats pave the path for more room compared to standard bench-seat design boats.

2. Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat

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If you are on the lookout for an inflatable fishing boat offering good storage capacity, then the Colorado XTPontoon Boat can serve as your ideal choice.

It comes with 20 pockets, removable gear bags and 2 insulated drink holders which can cater to your entire bunch of buddies on the upcoming fishing trip. Moving the boat around on the land also becomes a cakewalk coupled with its transport wheels.

Some other of its standout features are the removable stripping basket for lap or side mounting as well as the gear bags for more stability while on water. The boat is manufactured using the dual combination of abrasion resistant PVC material and nylon which enhances its durability.

This 9’ long inflatable pontoon boat features a cataraft design and can sustain heavy loads to help you out on those long fishing trips. You can even carry it around on a trolling motor if you are not very keen on hooking up this old two stroke outboard.

Its dual oarlocks keep the paddles in place while helping in adjusting the same into three different positions. The boat weighs 71 pounds but can sustain up to 440 pounds of weight. Its well-placed armrests feature additional storage and is ideal for storing your soft sided tackle boxes.


  • Manufactured using superior grade steel and aluminum which can add up to its longevity.
  • Customizable storage options are provided by its removable gear bags along with the dual insulated drink holders and 20 pockets.
  • Footrests and set mount can be adjusted amongst a wide variety of seat lengths.
  • You can mount the rod holder in six different positions.
  • Transport wheels make it easy to move around and store the boat post usage,
  • Padded fold-down plastic seats provides greater level of comfort.

3. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

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This two-person kayak from the house of Intex features a puncture-resistant vinyl construction which can enhance its longevity to a great extent. You can thus expect this kayak to withstand corrosion and rust which are the biggest triggers of quality degradation.

K2 remains exceptionally stable in calm water mostly because of its width. This kayak preforms brilliantly in the department of manoeuvrability mostly because of its lightweight build. You can change direction easily with just a single or maybe two strokes.

Although this kayak is meant for simple recreational trips, it will also serve you well in casual competitions provided you paddle effectively. Lightweight kayaks are infamous for not being able to track properly. K2 Explorer is however completely different from this general consensus.

A removable skeg can be installed at the base of the kayak which refrains it from going off course and keeps it in line. The dual inflatable seats of Explorer K2 can be removed if necessary. These seats can keep you feeling comfortable even while embarking on three hours of kayaking.

The Intex Explorer K2 has a carrying capacity of 400 pounds making it ideal to carry around two adults having average built along with a medium-sized dog.  This simple to use kayak is perfect for people who are trying out their hands for the very first time in the field of kayaking.


  • Can be stored away and transported easily on being deflated. Heavy-duty handles on both the sides of the kayak aid further in its movability to and from the water.
  • Kayak is accompanied with puncture patches, a paddle, an inflating pump and a carrying bag.
  • The bright yellow color adds up to the striking appearance of this kayak while also helping with its visibility in the case of emergencies.
  • Cockpit has been specially designed for enhanced comfort in the form of an adjustable seat having backrest.

4. Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

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Fish in style with this back-packable alternative of a belly boat featuring a hassle-free entry front design. You can enjoy optimum fishing comfort coupled with its padded seat and high backrest. It even has a separate place for storing two fishing rods so that you can make the most of your fishing escapades.

The boat even features two bottle holders for storing your drinks and keeping you hydrated as you stock up on fishes which can be stored in the dual cargo bags.

The Cumberland float tube can serve you best if you are on the lookout for an easy option to make your way around the streams while rendering support to maximum body weight of 350 pounds. Its hydrodynamic design makes it easier to paddle using swim fins and waders.

Classic Accessories, the manufacturer of Cumberland float tube uses premium grade and durable materials in designing these pontoon boats which can keep them buffered from normal wear and tear. Its U-shaped hydrodynamic hull paves the path for improved steering and tracking on the water.

The float tube is accompanied with two backpacking shoulder straps helps in carrying this boat around. Its stadium-style seating offers more visibility in comparison to peer pontoon float tubes.


  • Drier and warmer angling time is guaranteed by its higher seating posture.
  • Ranks pretty high in terms of storage with dual drink holders, mesh stuff pocket, dual cargo pockets, dual rod holders, mesh storage platform and many more to keep your equipment handy at all times.
  • Adjustable backrest can be set as per your comfort requirement.
  • Mesh stripping apron along with a fish ruler accompanies the float tube and makes it easy to understand the potential of the game.
  • Comes backed with a year’s limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps make it ideal for being tagged along to all your backpacking trips.

5. Intex Seahawk 4, 4-Person Inflatable Boat Set

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The Intex Seahawk 4 can help you make the most out of summertime as you plan out boating escapades with your friends and family. This inflatable boat is manufactured using 30-gauge PVC vinyl which is resistant to damage caused by impacts, abrasion and even sunlight.

You can thus boat with confidence even in close vicinity to logs and rocks. Its PVC construction also doesn’t get lacklustre on coming in contact with saltwater, oil or gasoline which opens up newer possibilities while passing through a saltwater inlet.

When it comes to construction, this inflatable boat has been built by keeping the ultimate comfort of end users in mind. You will also find two fishing rod holders on each side of the boat which can serve you well if you have been thinking of spending a laidback afternoon angling in the company of friends.

It also becomes easy to fill air into its dual air chambers coupled with the accompanying pump. The boat can sustain the maximum weight of 800 pounds and can help you navigate easily even in low-wind environments.


  • Manufactured using puncture resistant PVC which guarantees more durability and comfort.
  • Features three air chambers which paves the path for more safety.
  • Gear pouch and built-in fishing rods make it easier to fish and relax.
  • Accompanying motor mount fittings offer more flexibility.
  • Users can exercise greater convenience coupled with its all-around grab handle.
  • Can be inflated in 10 minutes of time coupled with a good high-output manual hand pump.
  • The oars are manufactured using lightweight 48 aluminum helping it in floating easily even when dropped overboard.

6. Goplus Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

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If you are not very happy about the thought of sitting on the shore and fishing, then you need to bring home the Goplus inflatable fishing float tube. Its high load-bearing capability ensures a safe and smooth fishing experience. You can even store the big catches up to 350 pounds at the net positioned in the back of the seat.

A fully waterproof polyester fabric adds to the longevity of the fishing float tube while guaranteeing optimum safety of the users. The blend of premium PVC and polyester adds to the robustness of the boat and also makes it waterproof for being used fully on the water. A pump accompanying the inflatable fishing boat helps in quickly inflating and deflating the same. You can quickly take off the air by opening the air valve while fishing.

A storage bag is positioned in each side of the float tube which assists in carrying your fishing bait, mobile phones, water cup and similar items to all your fishing trips. A fish ruler present in the front of the seat helps in measuring big catches as and when necessary.

You can carry the fishing float tube easy coupled with its dual adjustable shoulder straps. Two more straps on both the side of the seat helps to secure your position so that you can enjoy a safe fishing experience.


  • Can be inflated and deflated in a rapid fashion.
  • The fishing rods stay secured in place with the heavy-duty Velcro attachments.
  • Users can store the fishing gear in the storage bags located on either side of the inflatable fishing float tube.
  • Long service life is guaranteed by its high-quality polyester and PVC composition.
  • Net present at the back of the seat assists in storing big fish.
  • Dual adjustable straps positioned at the bottom helps in carrying it around.
  • Two seatbelts present on either side of the seat can secure your position so that you don’t slip off from the seat.


When it comes to choosing inflatable boats, you can take your pick amongst the three varieties of inflatable raft style boats, cataraft style boat and a dinghy style boat.

The first option can serve you well if you are searching for a laidback experience within an affordable price range.

Cataraft boats are meant for carrying just a single person and his fishing gears in rivers, lakes and similar hard to navigate places.

Last but not the least comes dinghy style boats meant for carrying the heaviest of loads as well as largest possible motors. The five boats we have listed out above fall under the first category and canthus be transported easily from one place to another.

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