Best Full Size Portable Folding Rollaway Bed 2020

Folding beds can serve you well if you are on the lookout for temporary bedding options. The foldable beds are mostly perceived by people as a means of accommodating extra relatives who might arrive at your door unexpectedly. But they can also provide an array of other benefits which have been listed down below. So, if you don’t already have a foldable bed in your house, it’s time to bring home one which can have your back in the case of emergencies. Today we are going to discuss about ten of the best full size rollaway beds. But first we are going to take a look at its buying guideline and inherent benefits.

Buying Guide Of A Folding Bed

Foam Type

There are three types of foams namely, latex, high density and memory foam. Latex is a blend of natural and synthetic latex which is manufactured through the Talalay or Dunlop process. Next in line comes memory foam which is crafted using visco-elastic materials and polyurethane. Users can easily take their pick from the different sizes of memory foam which can easily cater to their requirements. Memory foams can be either open cell, gel or traditional. Last but not the least comes high-density foam which similar to memory foam in terms of its properties. They are softer and more comfortable than regular foam given their greater density.

Type Of Cover

It is best to proceed with foldable beds having removable cover as they are easier to clean. However, you are bound to come across a variety of materials and covers and need to give adequate consideration while choosing the one which can serve you best.


A mattress might have a polyurethane base, memory foam middle and another foam topping. This can cause the thickness level to vary greatly. While some users have a certain affinity towards thick mattresses, others prefer thin ones. There is not golden rule regrading this and you need to proceed with the one which feels right.

Bed Size

You need to consider the weight capacity as well as physical dimensions of the foldable bed while taking your pick. A bigger bed surely seems like a nice idea but it might occupy a lot of your floor space. Fold up beds are available in different sizes although Twin size is the most popular one. You can also find rollaway beds in both Queen and Full sizes. However, they are more difficult to move compared to smaller twin size beds. You should thus stick to twin-size mattresses if portability serves as your primary area of concern. Alternatively, if you are not keen about moving the bed around, then you can easily go ahead with a Queen or Full size model.

Construction & Durability

Compared to a traditional style bed, the fold up ones are more affordable. But this budget tag is not offered at the cost of comfort as your ultimate aim remains to bring home such a bed which can ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Folding beds usually have steel or wooden frames. However, the ones with aluminium or steel frames are costlier than the wooden ones but rank lower in terms of durability.

Benefits Of A Rollaway Bed

  • They have a lightweight structure which helps to carry them around with ease. You can both fold and unfold these beds which comes in as a huge plus if you are thinking of carrying it to your camping site.
  • Foldable nature helps with hassle-free storage of the beds. In spite of having varying working mechanisms, all the beds can be stored easily when not in use.
  • The foldable beds are perfect for people who like to travel a lot. Their foldable nature helps in carrying them around in a car. They are also more comfortable than a flimsy sleeping bed.

1. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed 

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed - Twin Size - with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress and a Super Strong Sturdy Frame - 75' x 38


Be it folding beds or mattresses, Milliard is that one name which you can bank on for enjoying an ultimate sleep experience. If you need to make a temporary sleeping arrangement for accommodating your extra guests, then the Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed can have your back. You can thus bid adieu to nights filled with tossing and turning for waking up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.


Its premium grade steel tubing along with stabilizing legs and double reinforcements make the Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed an extremely sturdy option. You are also bound to feel delighted with the exceptional level of support offered by its lattice base which prevents all chances of sagging. The overbuilt construction of this folding bed can keep your back in spite of being subjected to heavy duty usage.


While peer folding beds are infamous of having, flimsy mattresses offering zero comfort, the Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed is similar in terms of comfort to real beds. Adequate support is provided by its 4 inches of base foam which can wrap your body with luxurious and soothing comfort.


Portable design of the Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed makes it a practical choice for making temporary sleeping arrangements. It features 360° pivoting casters which helps with its easy transportation. The dual wheels lock in place whenever the rollaway bed is kept stationary. On being folded, the bed can be stored away easily coupled with its 14-inch thickness.


  • Full-metal folding bed frame offers exceptional stabilization and support.
  • 4 durable legs come with a locking brace which adds up to your safety meter.
  • Unique wire lattice base keeps it buffered from all probabilities of sagging.
  • Luxurious memory foam having 2.5 density offers soft contouring comfort.
  • Comes with a stylish cover which is both removable and washable.

  • Becomes super compact on being folded which helps with its storage.

  • Can be assembled easily by following the accompanying instruction manual.

  • Clamshell folding pattern secures shut along with the adjustable trident buckle which is compatible with other mattresses available in the market.

  • Comes secured in a double-box which keeps it protected from all transit damage.

  • 360° pivoting casters helps with transport and mobility.

  • Adequate information is not available on the warranty.

2. LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed

LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed with 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Rolling Cot - Easy Storage - Cot


Have an extra guest coming over to spend the Christmas weekend? Well the LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed can have you covered in such cases. The premium quality memory foam mattress can provide your house guests with ample comfort. It can even be stored away in a compact fashion post usage.


The dual sheets having sheet grippers are firmly held in position width-wise. No rigid braces can be traced underneath the mattress which can cause any form of compromise in support. The anti-slip textured surface of the zippered mattress cover maintains proper position of the mattress. Support can be rendered to 275 pounds of weight by the LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed without facing any difficulty. Its poly deck seamlessly absorbs the sleepers body weight to prevent any sort of bouncy feeling.


You can bid adieu to rough cross beam support which is infamous for poking your back with the LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed. Its highly comfortable memory foam mattress offers adequate level of support while allowing the bed to contour to your body curves. Its bamboo rayon cover normalizes sleeping temperature and serves as the best choice for people with sensitive skin.


The lightweight mattress and bed frame helps in moving it around on the built-in wheels. Its smooth rolling caster wheels lock into place to keep you buffered from probabilities of shifting while in storage or at the middle of the night. The bed folds to a fine size which helps out with its storage in petite areas.


  • Locking wheels add up to its safety quotient.
  • Can be assembled easily by adhering to the accompanying instruction manual.
  • Bed can be folded away for easy storage when not in use.
  • Medium-feel mattress features 3 inches of support foam and 1-inch of memory foam.
  • The mattress cover is made up of breathable rayon making it ideal even for people suffering from skin sensitivities.

  • Comes backed with a 10 years’ warranty to keep your back against all manufacturing defects.

  • Comes partially assembled so that you can get on with its usage without any separate tool.

  • Spring-supported deck brings along greater support compared to wire mesh or wood slat alternatives.

  • Has total weight capacity of 350 pounds which can easily accommodate all your tall and well-built relatives.

  • CertiPUR-US certified memory foam does not emit any foul odour and makes the bed adequately safe for children.

  • Its long braces have a pretty sharp edge.

3. Smile Back Folding Bed Rollaway Bed

Smile Back Folding Bed Rollaway Bed with Mattress for Adults Fold Foldable Guest Beds Portable Beds Twin Size, 5 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, No Tools Required, Easy To Assemble


If you are searching for a portable bed which can accommodate your overnight guests, then the Smile Back Folding Bed Rollaway Bed can serve you exceptionally well. It has specially been designed for accommodating adults although you can also make the young buds sleep in the same.


Sleep surface of the bed is constructed using 3.5” base support foam and 1.5” memory foam. Its CertiPUR-US certified construction imparts adequate sturdiness and durability to the frame so that it can sustain up to 220 pounds of weight. The high-quality metal which goes into the construction of this rollaway bed is covered using eco-friendly paint for enhancing its longevity.


Optimal comfort and support is guaranteed by its 5” memory foam mattress. You can bank on this rollaway bed at all times whether you are on the lookout for a temporary place to sleep or accomodate your extra house guests.


You can easily assemble the Smile Back Folding Bed Rollaway Bed without the requirement of any additional tools. The bed can also be folded easily for being stored when not in use.


  • Extra-soft removable cover can be washed for easy maintenance.
  • Can be folded for compact storage when not in use.
  • Well-thought out design makes it assembly seem like an absolute cakewalk.
  • Comes backed with a 5 years Smile Back warranty to keep you protected from all manufacturing defects.
  • Can hold approximately 220 pounds of weight for opening up greater possibilities in terms of accommodating guests.

  • Folding design makes it the perfect choice for people who have limited floor space.

  • The locking wheels secure shut on being folded coupled with its adjustable buckle.

  • Measures just 14” thick which helps out with its storage in all wardrobes and closets.

  • CertiPUR-US certified memory foam guarantees a comfortable sleeping experience.

  • Can be installed within just 5 minutes without the help of any other tools.

  • Bed frame is extremely low making it difficult to get in and out of the same.

4. Linon Home Dcor Luxor Memory Foam Folding Bed Mattress

Linon Home Dcor Luxor Memory Foam Folding Bed Mattress, Cot, Beige


Rollaway beds can come to our immediate rescue if a guest pays us a sudden visit. But people usually steer clear of these beds given their tricky usage metrics. The Linon Home Dcor Luxor Memory Foam Folding Bed Mattress comes as an absolute blessing in such scenarios with its easy learning curve. It can be set up within just seconds’ time after which the plush mattress can offer an ultra-relaxing night’s sleep.


The strong and resilient steel frame keeps the bed looking like new even after being subjected to heavy-duty usage. Its sturdy metal tube frames having 15 wooden slat provides adequate level of support to the memory foam and keeps it in place.


If you are recovering from a surgery, then this rollaway bed can surely serve you well. It can wrap you in the arms of plush comfort coupled with the ultra-soft memory foam. The foam layer contours to the natural curves of your body for rendering accurate spinal support and good quality sleep.


The Luxor folding bed can be stored in a compact fashion following its usage in any closet or wardrobe. Accompanying caster wheels help with easy mobility of the bed which can serve you well as a day bed, guests bed, lounger, kids bed etc.


  • Has an extremely simply working mechanism.
  • Can be set up within a matter of just a few seconds.
  • The thick mattress provides an ultra-comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Folds down to a compact shape which helps with easy storage.
  • Can be used as a day bed, kid’s bed, lounger, guest bed or extra bed.

  • Ideal choice for being used at vacation homes, storm shelters and for accompanying overnight guests.

  • Sturdy metal tube frame enhances it overall durability quotient.

  • Mattress is layered with plush memory foam which can guarantee adequate level of comfort.

  • Can sustain maximum 275 pounds of weight.

  • Stylish beige damask fabric cover can easily blend in with your existing room décor.

  • Assembly might seem a bit complicated.

5. Inofia Foldable Folding Bed

Inofia Foldable Folding Bed, Rollaway Extra Guest Bed with 5 Inch Memory Foam Mattress and Portable Metal Frame on Wheels - Easy Storage - Space Saving - Cot Size - 75 Inches x 31 Inches


Your search for a comfortable and durable folding bed ends with the Inofia model which comes with a memory foam mattress thicker than its peers. The removable and washable cover of this rollaway bed further helps out in its maintenance. It is accompanied with all the necessary tools which helps out in its assembly.


Its tubular frame comes with 18 support bars which can keep you completely buffered from having to break your peaceful slumber at the middle of the night due to sharp pain in your back. It renders steady support equally across your body so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.


Dual-layer construction of the 3.5” thick foam mattress adds up to the comfort meter of the rollaway bed. 1.5” memory foam in its middle layer can easily accommodate sleepers of all age groups for many more years to come. It conforms to the natural contour of your body while releasing the pressure points.


This rollaway bed folds up for easy storage when not in use. You can assemble it easily within just a few minutes’ time. The accompanying wheels helps in moving it around for being placed wherever you desire.


  • Takes up very small space on being folded which in turn helps out with its easy storage.
  • Serves as the best extra bed for accommodating visitors as it can be assembled whenever needed.
  • Conforms to the natural curves of your body and releases the pressure points.
  • Provides just the right amount of support and can guarantee you hours of comfortable sleep.
  • Can be removed and washed for hassle-free maintenance.

  • Comes backed with 5 years’ warranty which can keep you completely buffered from all manufacturing defects.

  • Eco-friendly paint on the metal wheels render adequate protection to the same from rusting.

  • The highly durable wheels retain its flexibility even after years of usage.

  • The roll away folding bed can be assembled easily by following the accompanying instruction manual.

  • The attached wheel helps out with its easy transportation around the house.

  • Users might find the bars on the frame to be a bit uncomfortable.

6. Milliard Lightweight Folding Bed

Milliard Lightweight Folding Bed with Mattress - Cot Size -74 by 31-Inches


The premium folding bed from the house of Milliard Bedding can strike the right cord of harmony between portability and support. Extensive research has been conducted over peer products to identify their shortcomings and provide users with a holistic solution in the form of this lightweight fold bed which comes with a soft and plush mattress.


The Milliard Lightweight Folding Bed with Mattress strikes the right cord of harmony between comfort and back support. Its high-quality construction ensures that you do not experience any pain after resting your tired nerves throughout the night. The bed has a lightweight build but can easily sustain up to 264 pounds of weight.


The custom-designed Milliard Lightweight Folding Bed with Mattress can enhance your sleeping experience by making it more blissful and serene. Proper spinal support is offered by the foam mattress so that you don’t need to toss and turn throughout the night.


The lightweight bed can be rolled away and stored wherever you fancy. It can be moved around effortlessly coupled with 4 nylon caster wheels which can pivot 360 degrees. This makes it possible to carry the bed to your camping trips easily in a mid-sized car. In spite of having considerably large dimensions, it can be neatly folded and doesn’t unfold while on the move.


  • Can be both set up and collapsed easily without the requirement of any separate tool.
  • Hinged lock bar keeps the bed folded for easy storage in all closets and wardrobes.
  • Four nylon casters help with its smooth manoeuvrability.
  • Weighs just 27 pounds making it adequately lightweight for being handled even by a child.
  • Can sustain up to 264 pounds of weight which makes it an extremely sturdy option.

  • Strong and sturdy metal bed frame can easily accommodate guests of all age groups and body structures.

  • 4-inch foam mattress can provide superior level of comfort and ensure a good night’s sleep.

  • 4 caster wheels help with its easy mobility around the house.

  • Can be folded and stored easily when not in use.

  • Beautifully designed rollaway bed which can easily blend in with your existing room décor.

  • Users need to be extremely cautious while proceeding with its assembly.

7. Serta Rollaway Bed

Serta Rollaway Bed, 39-Inch/Twin


Thinking of a quick solution which can guarantee your overnight guests a peaceful night’s sleep within a moment’s notice? If you have an affirmative answer, then think no more and proceed with the 39 inch Serta Rollaway Bed. This compact and sturdy model can serve as an excellent alternative to regular beds and even keep your guests basking in comfort throughout the night.


Metallic construction of its frame offers adequate level of support to this rollaway bed. Its mattress is constructed using innersprings which add up to its robust quotient. High level of durability makes it the ideal choice for families who are on the lookout for a folding bed which can help out in emergencies.


The Serta 39-inch bed strikes the right balance between comfort and support. Durable steel construction renders adequate support to the mattress as well as the weight of the person sleeping on it. Innersprings present in the mattress isolates body motion so that you can sleep peacefully without having to toss and turn throughout the night.


4 caster wheels and folding design add up to the portability meter of the Serta rollaway bed which can be moved around easily from one room to another. It also becomes easy to store the bed when not in use. The caster wheels do not scratch the floor or carpet when the bed is shifted from one place to another.


  • Can be folded up for hassle free storage when not in use.
  • Caster wheels help in moving it around for increased mobility.
  • Innersprings of the mattress add up to its level of strength and robustness.
  • Sheer durability makes it the perfect choice for families who are always on the move and often require an extra bed.
  • Can isolate body motion to guarantee you a peaceful night’s sleep.

  • Manufactured using heavy-duty steel which enhances the durability quotient of the rollaway bed.

  • Can be assembled easily by following the accompanying instruction manual.

  • The 39-rollaway bed frame doesn’t get lacklustre even after been subjected to heavy-duty usage.

  • Poly fiber Serta mattress offers medium level of firmness.

  • No tools are required for its assembly.

  • Adequate information pertaining to the warranty of the rollaway bed is not available.

8. Folding Bed with Mattress Twin Guest Bed Portable Camping Cot Heavy Duty Metal Foldaway Extra Rollaway Bed for Adults Kids


Your guests are bound to wake up feeling refreshed after enjoying a good night’s sleep on this rollaway bed which can cater to all your travelling, sleepover and camping needs. The excellent design of this sturdy bed makes it ideal for accommodating temporary guests.


This folding bed has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds making it well suited for both kids and adults. It can be assembled easily without having to bank on any separate tool after which it can provide adequate support to your back and guarantee a good night’s sleep.


The BMS rollaway beds serve as the ideal choice for being used as a camping cot. In spite of having a lightweight build, it ranks high in terms of comfort coupled with the 3-inch premium sponge. The high-end breathable fabric exterior makes it the best bet for people having sensitive skin.


Compact size of this rollaway bed helps in storing the same in small apartments and dorm room having minimal space. You can fold it up easily and move it around through the accompanying caster wheels. These wheels have skid proof padding which prevents scratches on hardwood floors and carpets.


  • Skid-proof foot pad prevents the rollaway bed from scratching the floor.
  • Can be assembled easily without the requirement of much subject knowledge.
  • Lightweight beds can be carried around easily from one place to another.
  • Spring base system of the rollaway bed offers the right balance between full body support and durability.
  • Ideal for travelling, sleepovers and camping.

  • Breathable fabric composition makes this rollaway bed ideal for people suffering from skin sensitivities.

  • Makes use of a high-density sponge which guarantees high level of comfort.

  • Skid-proof foot pad keeps the bed locked into place thus making it ideal for being used in office, hospital and even homes.

  • Has maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

  • High quality steel frame can render adequate support to the body weight of users as well as the mattress.

  • Does not have a memory foam mattress.

9. Linon Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed

Linon Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed, Multicolored - 353NF-01-AS-UPS


This folding bed has been specially designed for dealing with occasions when your number of family members is more than sleeping space at your home. It is manufactured by adhering to stringent quality guidelines in Italy and can offer you the best blend of style and comfort. The stunning design of the Linon Verona bed can easily add up to the aesthetic appeal of your house while seamlessly accommodating your overnight guests.


The twin-size folding bed features a sturdy metal frame and thick mattress which can serve you well during emergencies. It comes fully assembled so that you can easily get along with its usage. Dual metal rods help in stabilizing the bed and offering adequate back support.


The Linon Verona Cot has a firm mattress which can keep you buffered from all chances of spinal injuries. You can even make the mattress thicker if your guests prefer a soft bed.


The Verona bed can be both folded and unfolded quickly for catering to your extra guests during the upcoming holiday season. Its accompanying swivelling wheels help in moving the rollaway bed around the house. The compact footprint of this bed also helps out a lot in its storage.


  • Comes fully assembled so that you can immediately get on with its usage.
  • Can be used as a guest bed, extra bed, lounger or day bed.
  • Bed can be folded down and even put up easily.
  • Thick mattress enhances the comfort level.
  • Rolling casters help in moving the bed around from one place to another.

  • Sturdy metal frame imparts adequate durability to the Linon Verona Cot-sized folding bed.

  • It is compact enough for being stored in a closet or wardrobe.

  • Can offer you with extra sleeping space to accommodate your guests.

  • Has a very easy to use mechanism which makes it ideal for being used by people of all age groups.

  • Bed can be set up within a few seconds’ time.

  • Mattress lies very low to the floor making it difficult for heavier and elder people to get off the bed.

10. FirsTime & Co. CIAO Comfort Bed Folding

FirsTime & Co. CIAO Comfort Bed Folding, 74'L x 31'W x 15'H, Dark Gray


Thinking of planning a sleepover with friends but worried about the limited bedding in your house? The FirsTime & Co. CIAO Comfort Bed can come to your direct rescue in such a scenario.


The strong mesh metal frame of the folding bed can guarantee your optimum sturdiness and longevity. It can also render adequate support to your back as well as the mattress while properly cushioning all the pressure points.


You can maximize your sleeping positions and enjoy pure relaxation with the FirsTime & Co. CIAO Comfort Bed which can sustain up to 220 pounds of weight. A 4-inch memory foam mattress can be placed atop the foldable bed to wrap you in the plush arms of comfort.


Caster wheels of this foldable bed help in moving it around from one place to another. The wheels also glide along smoothly and do not scratch the floor in the process. You can fold the bed to a compact shape and store it easily when not in use.


  • Can cushion all pressure points to offer a good night’s sleep.
  • Caster wheels make it easy to manoeuvre around the room.
  • Can be easily stored in the laundry room, closet or any other narrow space.
  • Lightweight bed can be carried around easily by everyone in the family.
  • Well suited for people of all age groups and body structures.

  • Manufactured by adhering to stringent quality guidelines in Italy.

  • Designed with high-density polyurethane foam which keeps the bed looking like new even after being used for long.

  • Stain-resistant polyester cover of the mattress helps out with its maintenance.

  • A flexible metal mesh base imparts adequate support to the folding rollaway steel bed frame.

  • Can sustain maximum weight of 220 pounds.

  • Wheels of the bed are not lockable.

Final Words

A foldable bed can serve as your ultimate necessity in different scenarios whether at your dorm room, home or while out camping. With a large number of folding beds available in the market, you are bound to feel confused while taking the ultimate call. This is exactly where our guide can help you take a well-informed decision. Our in-house experts have done all the hard work so that you can bask in the best of relaxation and comfort with our ten best choices.