Best Electric Motorcycles For Kids

There was a time when children could think of just sports as outdoor activities.

But technological advancements have brought ahead superb new inventions which allow children to savor a taste of adulthood without crossing over the safety parameters.

Electric motorcycles have been growing in popularity lately amongst millennial parents who are bringing home these mean machines to prevent their children from spending time with mobile phones and tablets.

These motorcycles can also help children enjoy the beauty of nature and socialise with others while out on their daily evening ride.

Today we are going to take you through ten of the very best electric motorcycles which can light up a smile in your child’s face.

1. 12V Police Motorcycle

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Searching for the perfect gift for your little one? Think no more and bring home the 12V Police Motorcycle. This electric dirt bike operates at one reverse speed of 2.5mph and two forward speeds of 2.5 & 5mph. It is a highly popular bike produced by National Products which can hone the adventurous spirit of your children over time. The 12V Police Motorcycle comes stacked with features such as signal lights, headlight, hand accelerator and hazard light which imparts a professional look and feel to the same. You will also get side-view mirrors in this jetson electric bike which helps in seeing oncoming objects with maximum clarity. Its battery can be recharged every time it runs out of juice to ensure that the fun times never stop for your child. The National Products 12V Police Motorcycle can take on a maximum weight of 110 pounds and runs on a speed limit of 5 mph.


  • Has dual speed front and one speed reverse gear.
  • Hand throttle makes its operation an extremely easy one.
  • Comes with a storage compartment and emits realistic sound to exhilarate your mini biker.
  • The 12V rechargeable battery guarantees a running time of 50-60 minutes following a single charge.

2. Kid Motorz 12V Patrol H. Police Ride On

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Help your child be a part of highway patrol with the Kid Motorz Police Highway Patrol 12V Battery-Powered Ride-On Motorcycle which comes in a vibrant shade of pink. The vehicle features one speed reverse gear and two speed forward gear. It is also accompanied with a hand throttle which can help the little drivers get out of tricky situations with ease. Inspite of having a miniature size, the Kid Motorz ride on emits realistic sound which can get your little one ready for the racetrack of future times. It even has a storage compartment for storing the favorite toys of your child as well as properly working head and tail lights. Its 12V rechargeable battery runs over a stretch of 50-60 minutes following every single charge.


  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds and can easily cater to children belonging to the age group of 5 and up.
  • Realistic decal stickers impart a stylish touch to this ride on.
  • Emits incredible sound effects which can add up to the excitement meter. Your little officer can also take his pick amongst three different sound effects for making his patrol party a fun experience.

3. Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike

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Add up to the fun quotient of weekends by letting your child take the Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike for a ride around the neighbourhood. This scaled-down bike has been specially designed to reach a maximum speed of 15 mph and give your little ones a taste of adrenaline. Its chain driven motor ensures super quiet operation whereas the large 10” pneumatic tires pave the path for a super smooth side. You can set the speed amongst variable levels and let your child hone out his adventurous side. The Razor Pocket Rocket can keep up with the biking needs of your child over a span of 45 minutes following 4-6 hours of charging time. The durable powder finish body imparts a plush look to this electric bike which is accompanied with pit stand and tools. You can get it up and running with minimal assembly to set the fun times rolling.


  • Can hold up to 150 pounds of weight.
  • Features a high torque motor and aerodynamic design.
  • Chain-driven motor does not create a ruckus with its operation.
  • Hand-operated rear brake and twist-grip throttle enhances its overall look and feel.
  • Accompanied with all the necessary tools and an UL approved battery charger.

4. Red Hawk Motorcycle 12V

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Your child can cruise in style with the Red Hawk Motorcycle which has also been accredited for developing the hand-eye coordination of children from an early age. You can get this 3-wheel motorcycle assembled in no time as it comes with all the necessary tools which is required for this process. The vehicle operates at reverse speed level of 2.5mph and forward speed of 2.5 and 5 mph. Children having maximum weight of 88 pounds and aged between 3-6 years can enjoy this vibrantly hued ride. Your mini driver might encounter tricky situations while on road and this is where the hand throttle can come in to their direct aid. Just releasing the throttle helps in stopping the bike immediately. The Red Hawk Motorcycle comes backed with a 30-day replacement warranty which can keep your back against all forms of defects which might arise in the time being.


  • Has a retro look and feel which can surely help your child stand out in the neighbourhood.
  • Comes with a backrest which is essential for those spans when you child will like to relax and sip on his favorite smoothie before riding back again.
  • ABS plastic body is resistant to normal wear and tear.

5. Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

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Your little one can rule the sidewalk with the flashy Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle which uses best quality plastic, steel and rubber in its composition. This 3-wheeler from the house of Razor features a push button throttle which assists further in its operation. You can bank on this black beauty to reach a speed of 9mph and help your child enjoy this outdoor activity over a stretch of 30 minutes following a single charge. The tricycle gets activated with a simple push of button and can help your little one have a fun filled time without the requirement of manual pedalling. Razor Power allows full 360 degree spins as well as slides for a truly exhilarating experience. Its duel inclined rear caster wheels also helps in drifting the tricycle as thehi-impact pneumatic front wheel ensure a smooth riding experience. The Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle is recommended for children aged 8 and up having a maximum weight of 120.


  • Chain-driven motor ensures noise-free operation.
  • Folding foot pegs make entry and exit seem like a hassle-free affair.
  • The 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery keeps up with 40 minutes of continuous usage.

6. Peg Perego IGMC0020US Ducati GP Motorcycle

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Surprise your little one on his birthday with the Peg Perego IGMC0020US Ducati GP Motorcycle having a maximum weight capacity of 66 pounds which makes it ideal for children aged 3 and up. This 12-volt battery-operated motorbikefunctions at dual speed levels of 2.5 and 5mph on dirt, grass and other hard surfaces. Greater stability stands guaranteed by its rubberized wheels which can operate silently without waking up the entire neighbourhood. The Peg Perego IGMC0020US Ducati GP Motorcycle also comes with removable training wheels which is especially helpful for the beginners. Its anti-corrosion treated iron body can keep the bike looking like new for long. The anti-slip rubber handles of the Ducati GP Motorcycle bring in greater ease of usage while the right handle doubles up as the accelerator.


  • Comes accompanied with a charger and 12-volt rechargeable battery.
  • Foot activated mechanical brake of the Ducati GP feels just like real motorcycles.
  • Rubber wheels help the mini riders travel safely and that too without emitting much noise.
  • Dual buttons present on the dashboard can imitate the sound of roaring engine and horn of big motorbikes.
  • You can keep your child’s ride in its place coupled with the iron kickstand while not in use.

7. Costzon Ride On Motorcycle

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Keep the fun times rolling with the Costzon Ride On Motorcycle which comes in a blazing shade of red. This three-wheeled bicycle can guarantee a realistic experience to young riders coupled with its convincing motorcycle sounds and light-up headlights. Its rugged build is ideal for withstanding rough usage and manhandling. The thickness of its wheels imparts sturdiness to the motorcycle and prevents it from getting unbalanced even if the road is a bit bumpy. Its big seat feels adequately comfortable even while riding for long stretches of time. The wide handlebars help your little one’s grip on tightly while cruising away. Speed can be controlled via the foot pedal whereas the movement is monitored by a forward and reverse switch. This battery powered motorcycle is ideal for being used on flat surfaces. You should refrain from letting your child drive it on smooth wooden floors as in this case the rubber wheels won’t be able to maintain its sturdiness and grip.


  • Button operated motorcycle has an extremely convenient usage metric.
  • Auxiliary wheels on each side bring in greater stability during rides.
  • Built-in music system can provide your kids with an enjoyable environment.

8. Costzon Kids Ride On Motorcycle

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Wont it be lovely if your child could bask in the beauty of nature while enjoying soothing music on the go? Well it surely would and that is why you need to bring home the Costzon Kids Ride On Motorcycle. It features a built-in music system which can guarantee an enjoyable experience for your little ones as they get to memorize their school rhymes while developing hand eye co-ordination with this motorcycle. Dual auxiliary wheels on each side of the Costzon Kids Ride On Motorcycle brings in greater stability to the ride. Your kids will thus be safe whether they turn right, left, front or back. Its wear-resistant wheels are manufactured using PE materials which completely eliminates the hassle associated with inflating. The comfortable seat of this green motorcycle brings in superb riding pleasure as they control its operation easily through the driving switch present on the handlebar.


  • Environment friendly PP materials which go into its composition is completely safe for being used by children.
  • Has a fashionable and streamlined design which is similar to the popular superbikes.
  • Double training wheels ensure optimum safety of your children.

9. Uenjoy Kids Motorcycle Electric Ride On Motorcycle 12V

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The Uenjoy Kids Electric Ride On Motorcycle has a maximum weight capacity of 66 pounds which helps it in catering to a larger category of children between ages 3 to 8. Riders can operate the motorcycle between speed levels of 1.8 and 3.2mph by simply pressing the foot pedal. This makes it the ideal pick for older children who are on the lookout for more adventurous options. The Uenjoy Kids Electric Ride On Motorcycle looks a lot similar to the mean machines driven by big boys with its wide wheels and streamlined body. Dual training wheels’ present in its rear end prevents the motorcycle from toppling over and can keep you free from all worries of mishaps. Its suspension systems ensure a nice and smooth ride at all times. Lights and horn bring in a realistic flair to the bike which is also accompanied with a built-in MP3 player having USB attachment.


  • State-of-art suspension system keeps the ride going smoothly even when the road is bumpy.
  • Dual training wheels along with the two big wheels makes sure that the bike doesn’t topple over.
  • Intelligent charging system makes optimum utilisation of electricity in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Can be controlled either by grips or foot pedal.

10. BIG TOYS DIRECT Kids 12V Red Hawk Motorcycle

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Enhance the hand eye coordination of your little ones by gifting them the BIG TOYS DIRECT Kids 12V Red Hawk Motorcycle which can also distract them from spending too much time with mobile phones and smart TVs. This battery-operated vehicle has three chunky wheels which retains its safety even in the hands of small children. It has a relatively slow upper-limit which helps parents in keeping up with their mini bikers. The Red Hawk Motorcycle comes painted in vibrant orange hue with attractive graphics which look pretty credible. It even emits a realistic sound while starting up and honking, courtesy a simple switch on its dashboard.


  • Plastic tyres having rubber traction strips bring in greater safety and can keep the parents completely worry free.
  • Has a weight capacity of 88 pounds making it ideal for children between age groups of 3 to 6.
  • Comes accompanied with a 110V wall charger which can pump up the juice of its 12V 7Ah battery.
  • Wide seat and backrest makes the ride a highly comfortable one.

Final Words

Since the motorcycle will be used by kids, it becomes imperative to primarily ensure its quality.

Its should be absolutely devoid of any harmful material which can adversely affect the health of your children.

You also need to consider the durability as well as battery lifespan of the electric motorcycles so that it can keep up the spirits of your little ones over longer spans of time.

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