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Considerable improvements have taken shape in the graphic design industry over the past few years.

Invention of modern gadgets such as heat presses and printers have helped a lot in increasing the compatibility level while printing on different materials.

The most unique thing about these gadgets is that, they can be used absolutely by anyone irrespective of their level of technical know-how.

Vinyl cutter is one such device which has taken the world of printing by storm. It helps people in delivering appealing graphics which can be seen embossed atop T-shirts, vehicles, mugs, shop windows and many other places.

Technical development has allowed these cutters to be used on virtually all surfaces. Today we are going to take a look at the basic things you need to keep in mind while purchasing a vinyl cutter.

We will also discuss about the five best vinyl cutters which can be availed for less than 300 dollars. So, read on to broaden your knowledge about these revolutionary devices.

Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing A Vinyl Cutter

Due diligence is an absolute must if you wish to enjoy a hassle-free vinyl cutting experience. Initially, you need to consider the quantity of work you are going to take up.

Suppose you require a vinyl cutter for sign making business, then you need to have a clear idea of the number of customers you are planning on serving.

Answering these questions can help you out considerably in narrowing down your search. There is no requirement of banking on a highly-powerful cutter if you need just a few signs.

On the other hand, a heavy duty one becomes an absolute necessity if you wish to undertake large tasks.

Let us now take a look at the most important factors you need to consider while choosing a vinyl cutter:


Motor has a very big role to play in determining the efficiency of vinyl cutter. It actually drives the roller for ensuring proper movement of the blade. These motors are either Servo motors and steppers.

Servos are digital in nature but come with a steeper price tag. They offer higher level of precision.

Steppers on the other hand are cheaper but work slower than the Servo ones. It is always advisable to work with Stepper motors if you wish to undertake small scale vinyl cutting chores. Servo motors are well suited to undertake heavy duty work.

Plotter Range

This refers to the inches of work which specify your requirement. A vinyl cutter having large range will be required if you need to undertake large format work.

Smaller format projects similarly require a cutting machine with a smaller range.

Pinch Rollers

Pinch rollers might or might not be adjustable in nature. However, the adjustable ones serve as a better choice as they allow working on a variety of materials by moderating the pressure levied on the material.

Most of the vinyl cutters of modern times feature adjustable rollers.

1. Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

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This latest addition to the Air 2 family comes in as a significant improvement over its predecessor Air 1.

Designers were kept in mind while designing this beauty which allows to cut out and upload artworks without having to shell any extra cost.

All you need to do is upload your files for turning the masterpieces into cards, home décor items, fashion merchandises and cute gifts.

Built-in Bluetooth feature allows users to proceed with wireless writing, cutting and scoring. Users can either take their pick amongst the 920 printable patterns and 50000 printable images in Design Space or upload their own designs.


The Cricut Explore Air 2 comes in different colour options such as raspberry, flamingo, sky, mint and black. With dimensions of 24*9.5*9.5 inches, it seems slightly smaller than its predecessor.

But it is impossible to make out any difference in size unless both the machines are placed side by side.


Improvement in speed allows the Cricut Explore Air 2 to work with double speed on a variety of materials. The main reason behind this is changes in blades control and other work mechanisms.

You can work on iron-ore, vinyl and cardstock-based materials in the fast mode.

It thus becomes possible to cut intricate details with superb precision and produce everything ranging from fine snowflakes to lace stationery designs and even spider webs for the upcoming Halloween season.


It now becomes possible to make handwritten cards and projects using the Cricut Pens. All you need to do is choose your preferred font either from your computer or from the available fonts.

The Scoring Stylus allows users to create fold lines for envelopes, cards, boxes, acetate pinwheels, 3D paper crafts and many more.


  • Can work with 100+ materials comprising of htv vinyl, premium vinyl, faux leather, cardstock.
  • Allows the creation of various DIY projects such as personalized home décor, custom stickers, party favours etc.
  • Accompanied with a LightGrip adhesive cutting mat making it ideal for HTV and vinyl projects.

  • Available in a variety of colours so that users can easily take their pick amongst the same.

  • Allows users to both upload and design their own images absolutely for free.

  • Offers users with free access to an intuitive design software termed as Design Space.

  • Emits a lot of noise with its operation.

2. Silhouette Portrait 2 Electronic Cutting Tool

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Your search for a small yet highly versatile vinyl cutting machine ends with the Silhouette Portrait 2 electronic cutting tool.

Its operation is similar as that of a printer. But the machine actually moves its blade around for cutting images from vinyl, paper, fabric, cardstock and many more.

This lightweight device incorporates all state of art features such as Bluetooth and AutoBlade without making any compromise in terms of its portability.


The Silhouette Portrait 2 features a fully white capsule-shaped body and doesn’t have any storage compartments.

It also gives touchscreen a miss and presents five buttons for accessing power, unload, load, Bluetooth and pause.

The biggest USP of this beautifully curved device is its portability and small size which adds to its portability level.


AutoBlade feature of the Silhouette Portrait 2 adjusts automatically to the right blade depth. This is done on the basis of the settings which is filled into the Silhouette Studio.

The AutoBlade feature comes in as an incredible time saver which also brings down material cost. This vinyl cutting machine is accompanied with a letter-sized cutting mat which can perfectly handle all print and cut projects.

With a clearance of 2 mm, the Silhouette Portrait 2 can easily cut thicker materials such as craft foam.

In spite of having a cutting width of 8”, the Silhouette Portrait 2 can slice through materials having a length of 10 feet.


The accompanying 24 colour pen adds up to the efficiency level of the Silhouette Portrait 2. It even brings in modern technologies for adding up to its use of use.

You can use its Bluetooth ability for connecting with iPads, computers, iPhones and other android devices over a range of 100 feet.

It even allows users to sync the Silhouette Cloud account with five different devices for adding up to the efficiency level.


  • Increased clearance helps in cutting materials up to 2mm coupled with its Deep Cut blade.
  • Compatible with the newest Silhouette Studio 4 design software which adds in more speed, features and stability in its operation.
  • Weighs only 3.5 pounds which makes it a highly portable vinyl cutter.

  • Perfect for amateur users of small craft studios, maker spaces and classrooms.

  • AutoBlade feature helps in adjusting the cutting depth automatically for users for keeping them buffered from manual adjustments.

  • Bluetooth capabilities help in using this machine wirelessly.

  • Has weak cutting force when compared to peer machines.

3. Silhouette America Curio Crafting Printer

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The Silhouette America Curio crafting printer is a light-duty cutting device which offers users with a versatile field of operation.

It operates with a modest cutting force of 219 grams which can help you pierce, draw, deboss, emboss and engrave without facing any difficulty.

This vinyl cutter can cater to the requirements of both newbie and advanced users as it acts as a standalone device.


This versatile vinyl cutter features a box-shaped design with rounded corners which allows users to engage it in heavy-duty work without worrying much about wear and tear.

Most of its sleek peers make a big sacrifice in terms of cutting capacity to maintain the good looks.

But the Silhouette America Curio crafting printer places functionality ahead of aesthetics in its designing.

However, it still provides users with 4 storage slots which are equally distributed on each side for spreading out the weight.


The Silhouette America Curio crafting printer provides users with a cutting width of 5mm. Its deep cutting abilities can also serve you well if you are planning on making deep cuts.

However, the device comes with a Standard Blade and you need to purchase a Deep Cut blade separately. The tungsten alloy composition of its blades adds up to the level of durability.


The biggest USP of the Silhouette America Curio crafting printer is its dual carriage system which allows users to utilize two tools simultaneously.

You can thus emboss and cut or score at the same time. It also becomes possible to draw in two different colors at once.

This brings in considerable time savings as you don’t have to stop your machine time and again for shifting functions.


  • Has large clearance which helps in working with thick materials like metal, wood and foam.
  • Dual carriage capacity is extremely helpful in bringing time saving benefits.
  • Deep cut blades of this vinyl cutter help in making the deepest cuts.

  • Compact and easy to manage.

  • Advanced design helps in managing your workflow of photo-editing and image processing.

  • Accompanying software has a very easy learning curve.

  • Cannot take AutoBlade and thus users have to completely rely on Standard blade.

4. VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 34 Inch Vinyl Cutter Machine

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If you have been on the lookout for a vinyl cutter which can operate with maximum cutting width and paper feed, then you need to bring home the VEVOR Vinyl Cutter.

You can easily cut professional grade designs as well as import custom artwork, implement fonts and draw your preferred shapes with this effective vinyl cutter.


This 34-inch vinyl cutter features large control panel buttons and an illuminated LCD screen. You can make adjustments in terms of its force and speed with a simple touch of button.

Users can expect precise and accurate settings coupled with its digital readout.


The VEVOR Vinyl Cutter features a large cutting width and paper feed. It is equipped with three standard blades having a diameter of 2mm for providing you with greater versatility in terms of cutting from a variety of materials.

The Roland compatible blades are structured with a closed blade holder which keeps its buffered from all chances of slippage.


You can hook up this vinyl cutter with external peripherals using its USB and COMPIM ports. It even offers a flexible switch which can help you toggle between virtual serial ports and the USB ones.

It is structured with solid sheet metal floor stand which allows convenient movement coupled with its 4 caster wheels.


  • Can be installed and set up easily.
  • Operates with high efficiency and precision.
  • It is widely used in the fields of label & sign making, handcraft, decoration etc.

  • Highly stabilized vinyl cutter which ensures that the paper feed doesn’t deviate over a long distance.

  • Accompanied with a large control panel and an illuminated LCD screen.

  • Cutting pressure is 10-500g adjustable while the cutting speed is 10-800mm/s adjustable.

  • It is not compatible with Mac systems.

5. USCutter 14″ Craft Vinyl Cutter

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The modern millennial are immensely handicapped by inadequate floor space. This has led to the popularity of compact gadgets which can make their life easier and more functional.

The USCutter 14″ Craft Vinyl Cutter is one such tool which is increasingly being used by graphic design aficionados given its compact shape.


The first thing which is going to appeal to you about this vinyl cutter is its minimalist design.

This rectangular shaped cutter features rounded edges which adds up to its style quotient. Its upward facing control panel features clearly labelled buttons and is very easy to use.


The dual fully-adjustable pinch-rollers allows the USCutter 14″ Craft Vinyl Cutter to power through a variety of materials without experiencing any hiccups.

You can easily make decals, banners, signs as well as heat transfer for producing gorgeous apparels.


The USP of this device is its brightly lit LCD screen which doesn’t get lackluster even in the presence of ambient light. Users can thus view the input commands without facing any difficulty irrespective of the surrounding.


  • Light and compact vinyl cutter which can be stored away easily after use.
  • Less weight adds up to its portability level.
  • Control panel features well-labelled buttons.

  • Comes with a pretty affordable price tag.

  • Brightly backlit LCD screen can be understood even in sunny environments.

  • Control panel is extremely easy to use.

  • LCD display is not adequately big.


Choosing the right vinyl cutter can be utterly confusing. The problem increases further when you have to do the same without crossing over a budget threshold.

This is exactly why we have come up with five best product recommendations which can serve you well if you are searching for a vinyl cutter within 300 dollars.

We have taken a brief look at what these devices have in store for us along with their features, pros and cons.

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