12 Best Tool Chests Under $1000 of 2021

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We consider that bigger is not always better, and hence, this is the reason behind having these small and easy to carry tool chests.

Everyone desires to keep their tools in a more organized manner and to optimize their space, these chests are very much helpful for the task.

With full security and safety, these are available for the customers. The Boxes are entirely built with professional techniques and as per the requirements of masses.

Creating a toolbox yourself is a bit difficult and energy-consuming as compared to buying one, which you can even customize according to your needs within the budget.

Factors to be considered while buying a best tool chest under 1000

You should consider several points while buying the tool chests. The crucial ones are listed below:

Storage Capacity

This is the primary factor to be kept in mind as the storage capacity varies with the variation in the tools requirements.

You should select the box according to the number of tools that they can ergonomically store in the box.
The storage need of the chests may vary from person to person and the number of tools.

Load Capacity

The material used in the manufacturing of the box is the factor that plays a significant role in deciding the load capacity of a chest. The weight of the box is dependent upon the number of tools one is planning to keep in it.

There are several chests designed differently to carry weight. The boxes can carry weight, starting from 5 kg and going up to 50kgs.

The boxes which are designed to hold heavyweights are also provided with wheels so that they could be handled and moved quickly.


This is a primary point that shall be considered as if the box is not portable or transportable, then buying a tool chest is of no worth.

One purchases the tool chests so that they can easily take these along with them.

But if they can’t carry it conveniently, then these chests are of not much use. One can take the option of splitting the tools so that the weight could be divided into several portions.

Coating and Color

The coating shall be chosen very wisely as this is a crucial factor as it is an important safety measure. The color chosen shall be according to the purpose for which it is purchased.

For instance, if purchased for domestic purposes, then the color is not a major factor, but if one is buying this for industrial use, so it should be chosen accordingly.


The other reason for purchasing a tool chest is to have all the types of equipment in a safeguard position. Many toolboxes come with the central locking system or the system of locking each drawer and slide separately.


The other word for casters is wheels, Buyer should choose it according to the weight he is planning to put in the chest. That is, if the more substantial material is stored, then casters are required otherwise can be managed without it.


It is a crucial aspect so that the tools and their categories could easily be stored at distinct drawers or locations. The requirement of drawers is based upon the purpose for which the tool chest has been purchased.


Resistance from breaking and the long-lasting ability of the box to retain the heavy tools within is also an essential thing.

Steel and metal boxes are most resistant, but if we talk about the stillness, then plastics could even be there till the next ice age period.

Water Proof

Although plastic boxes will never succumb but not necessarily be waterproof. If you often work outside the lot, then one must go with waterproof boxes; otherwise, all the tools will be in the chest along with the water-filled everywhere.

1. Keter 241008 Master Tool Box 

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With the height of 16.34 inches, depth of 24.25, and width of 14.88 inches, the Keter 241008 Masterloader plastic portable rolling organizer tool box storage solution is an ideal toolbox for a person within the budget. The box is designed with a high-security locking system.

For proper management and home improvement involves finding the right tool at the right time. This tool management could be done more quickly and more efficiently with the Master loader.

This box is made up the plastic from Kester. The box slide present at the topmost level slides and opens to the main level beneath it.

The toolbox is very beneficial for the plumbers and electricians and is like a portable shop for them. These several levels and the less useful ones can placed at the lower levels.

With the smooth and easy opening of slides, the management of tools in the box is more proper and improved. These are of very much convince and precision to its users.


  • Ball bearing slides for easy access
  • Central locking system
  • Plastic box 
  • Weight 13 pounds
  • With wheels at the bottom and extendable handle for rolling
  • Dividers inside to have more organized tools

2. Craftsman 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Top Tool Chest

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This massive and long tool box of 26″ made with ball bearings carrying the additional capacities of storage to fulfill the demands of the variant customers offered by Craftsman. Here are a total of 6 drawers inbuilt within this chest. This tool chest provides ample storage capacity of 3200 cubic inches.

These boxes can be used to have a large number of tools, and the arrangement of all the devices could be done in a more organized way because of the more storage scope. There are turns over the key to lock all the drawers separately. This box can easily handle bulky tools, as it is significant.

The drawers are made up of aluminum and can be handled easily. These drawers give the best grips and are very spacious. This tool chest is made up of steel.

This box neither has battery requirements nor has any inbuilt battery within. The weight of the toolbox is nearly about 45.2 pounds.

This is a massive tool chest and cannot move normally. So, the box is embodied with the wheels to have smooth portability. The below given are some product-related features.



  • Can handle up to 75 pounds
  • Constructed of heavy duty
  • Size- width 27”, depth 12” and height 15.25”
  • The key and lock system for proper security
  • Smooth drawers sliding with ball bearings
  • Complete steel creation

3. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox 

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A chest with a size 9″ * 20.6″ * 13″ offered by craftsman’s and is entirely made up of metal. This chest is a decent one with a nominal size and enough space, carrying three drawers within it.

This box has the smooth drawers and is modest by its look. This is a well managed and reasonably sturdy box. The toolbox is small in size and hence, easily portable and transportable.

It is specially designed to have the tools in a more controlled way. The system is highly secured. The handle on the top, which is used to carry, is very smooth and comfortable.

The security system within the bo is commendable. This chest can easily handle the heavy loads as it is a complete creation of metal. If you weigh the box, then it nearly weights about 19.35 pounds.


  • High security system
  • Automatic drawer locking with the closing of the top lid
  • 3 drawer high metal chest
  • Heavy duty storage
  • Hinged cover
  • Complete length size of the drawers
  • Durable
  • Padlocking system

4. Keter 240762 5 Drawer Modular Garage & Tool Organizer

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For effective and efficient completion of a handy job, it is very much necessary to have a well managed and organized tool kit. This is the coolest and the modern toll box offered by Keter.

The toolbox can be stored at a particular place or can be portable as casters can be attached or detached from it as per the requirements of the buyer.

The base of the box is very much stable and sturdy. It is of excellent quality and the best chosen for the people having a large number of tools with them. The five distinct drawers of the chest make it easier for the user to find the tool without fumbling and wasting time towards finding the tools.

Being such a large and spacious box, it does even weigh much. The total weight of the box is 23.6 pounds and designed in the rectangular shape.

This Keter box is made up of plastic, and the drawers are functioning very smoothly. The drawers are sufficient in size and can handle tools.


  • Easily portable with 
  • Heavy duty storage
  • The centralized system of security
  • Removable casters
  • Removable dividers
  • Light weighted

5. Giantex 2pc Mini Tool Chest & Cabinet Storage Tool Box

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The massive capacity of the chest storage is making it a brilliant choice amongst the buyers. This tool chest is divided amongst two separate portions- drawers on the top and the cabinet on the lower side of the chest.

It is enormous and hence spacious too. The drawers are easily sliding, and the full size of the chest accounts to 17.9″ * 11″ * 35.8″. There are casters available in this box.

This chest useful for multipurpose at distinct locations. At the top of the chest, a total of 3 slideable drawers are present, and the lower portion is a single cabinet. The weight of the tool box is nearly about 27 lbs. The storage cabinet is of the size 17.9″ * 11″ * 22.8″. The casters present within this chest are very strong and can bear much weight.

There are very few efforts required to carry on the tool chest as it has four casters. The toolbox can be easily placed in one place as the casters present are easily lockable.

The whole tool chest is detachable that the drawers and the cabinet are separable and can be even used distinctly. The lower portion is portable as casters are attached to it, and the upper part can be carried on in hands easily.

The inner portion of the cabinet door has few hooks attached to it. Some tools can be conveniently hooked over here. The totals of 6 hooks are available at the door. Top lid above the drawers can also be used for storage and hence providing ample space for tool storage.


  • Made up of iron
  • Ample storage space with 3 drawers and a cabinet
  • Side handled storage at the cabinet
  • Heavy duty ball bearing
  • Highly secured
  • Detachable cabinet
  • Prevents damage
  • Easy assembling

6. Goplus 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest 

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The Goplus cabinet is manufactured using heavy-duty steel which enhances it durability quotient and also aids in the accessibility department. It becomes super easy to store all of your tools in an organized manner using this rolling storage cabinet which makes use of both rust and corrosion resistant paint. This also helps in its easy maintenance as you can clean up this rolling drawer without having to break any sweat.

Such attributes make it well suited to take on adverse weather conditions as well as routine wear and tear which is associated with long-term use. You can also subject it to outdoor usage without having to worry about damaging the external surfaces.

Six separate drawers can be accessed from the chest comprising of two larger ones and four small ones. This is accompanied by two separate slide-out trays as well as a huge cabinet section which is located at the bottom. You can lock the drawers of the top using a separate key which helps in maintaining the safety of your valuable tools.

Moving theGoplus 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest Removable Tool Storage Cabinet from one place to another also becomes super easy courtesy its four swivelling caster wheels. The dual-brakes also help in keeping it still while being moved around flat surfaces.


  • Has a compact design and durable cold rolled steel construction.
  • Drawers can be accessed easily for greater functionality.
  • Swivel caster wheels along with brakes help in moving the rolling drawer easily from one place to another.
  • You can exercise optimum control over the rolling cabinet coupled with the handle situated on its side.
  • Creatively designed tool box allows the entire storage cabinet to be detached into two different boxes for being used individually.
  • Slide out drawers having ball-bearing rails make it easy to be both pushed and pulled.

7. 72″ Wide 15 Drawer Stainless Steel Anti-Fingerprint Tool Chest

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If you are on the lookout for a tool cabinet which can cater to your varied uses in the kitchen, garage or technician’s office, then you need to bring home the 72″ Wide 15 Drawer Stainless Steel Anti-Fingerprint Tool Chest with Work Station.

The best thing about this 72-inch tool chest along with multi-storage drawers and work station is that it is resistant to fingerprint marks. This in turn eases out all maintenance chores and can even keep the drawers looking as good as new over prolonged time spans.  You can use its top surface in the form of a work table which offers ready access to your tools.

Four wheels of this portable tool chest with work station feature locking mechanism can serve you well if you wish to create a stationary workstation. It allows safe storage of all your essentials under one roof. Rubber liners are pre-installed in all the drawers wherein the deepest bottom ones feature double slides on both the sides.


  • Top of the rolling drawer is manufactured using thick solid rubber wood which adds up to its durability.
  • Heavy duty swivel caster wheels help in its easy portability.
  • The wheels and handles can be easily attached without having to remove the drawers.
  • The drawers are adequately deep for storing all of your necessities in an organized fashion.
  • A single lock helps in locking down all the drawers at once for maintaining the safety of your essentials.
  • Accompanied with drawer lines for further protecting your essentials.

8. High Capacity Rolling Tool Chest

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This stainless-steel rolling tool chest can serve as your perfect choice if you are on the lookout for something which can stand the test of time. Premium grade construction materials enhance the level of durability to a great extent. Its beautiful paintjob also stands protected by the superior powder coat finish which keeps it buffered from probabilities of succumbing to breaking, denting, scratching and chipping.

It features a spacious rolling tool cabinet at the bottom. A moderately sized tool box is located at the top along with 5 tray drawers, 3 small drawers and 1 bottom cabinet. You can easily pull it around your work area using the nifty tubular handle. 8 separately sized drawers help in organizing items of varying sizes. The bottom part for example is perfect for storing larger items such as power tools, hand tools as well as organizing parts.

Ball bearing slides on the 8 drawers ensure its smooth operation. You can both open and close the same easily without having to slam shut the drawers. All the tools are held in place by the non-slip liner present in the drawers. You can ensure further security using the dual keyed locking system.

This tool cart can serve you exceptionally well in professional environments as well as home workshops. It has been specially designed to look just like an ordinary piece of furniture which can blend in easily with your existing living room aesthetics. Rather than being a tool organizer, it also serves as a wonderful gift option.


  • Full extension ball bearing slides ensure easy access and smooth operation.
  • You can separate the top from the bottom for greater versatility.
  • Keyed locking system on both the bottom and lid enhances the level of security.
  • Drawers come in 8 different size option for easy storage solutions.
  • The drawers are accompanied with pre-cut liners making it ideal for storing a variety of tools.
  • Dual swivel caster wheels assist in easy portability.

9. Husky 26 in. 5-Drawer Tool Chest

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Given minimal floor space in all modern households, we often search for compact storage options. This is where the Husky 26 in. 5-Drawer Tool Chest comes into the picture with its modest dimensions. This five-drawered tool chest can help you store all of your important gears safely using the key-based lock.

The tool chest has been designed in such a way that each of its drawers can sustain 100 pounds of weight. You can thus keep on using the same over prolonged time period without having to worry about the tool chest bending or breaking in the process. Carrying it around also becomes super easy coupled with the side handles which make it the ideal option for being transported at the back of a vehicle.

A specially designed secure latch system is put to use for preventing the drawers from slipping out. It features five drawers in total wherein 2 are small, 1 is large and the remaining 2 falls under the medium sized category. The textured powder paint finish keeps the tool chest completely rust free and also imparts adequate protection from routine wear and tear.


  • Comes backed with a limited warranty of 3 years to keep your back against all manufacturing defects.
  • Internal locking system can provide you adequate peace of mind especially when the tools are not in use.
  • Dual recessed handles pave the path for easy transportation and convenient storage.
  • Offers total storage capacity of 5113 cu. In.
  • Has a sturdy construction which can easily sustain 500 pounds of weight.
  • Secure latch retention system on the drawers ensure that they remain closed post usage.

10. Goplus Tool Chest 20-Inch Portable Tool Box

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The first thing which is going to delight you about the Goplus Tool Chest 20-Inch Portable Tool Box Steel Cabinet is its durable construction which makes massive use of heavy-duty steel. The powder coat red paint finish acts like a cherry on the top by further offering an extra layer of protection and keeping the maintenance requirements to an absolutely minimal level. Its smooth and rounded edges further add up to the wear resistant quotient of this portable tool box.

You can keep all your essentials safely locked inside the tool box using its dual steel latches. Easy movement of the drawers also stands guaranteed by its ball bearing slides. Moving it around also become a hassle-free affair courtesy the easy grip handle which makes it ideal for being used at office, home, jobsites, warehouses etc. At just 18 pounds, the Goplus Tool Chest 20-Inch Portable Tool Box Steel Cabinet is adequately lightweight for being carried around without facing any difficulty.

Installing this portable steel cabinet also seems super easy given the accompanying instructions. You can keep it sparkling clean by wiping the surface area using a damp cloth or sponge.


  • Weighs just 18 pounds which assists in its easy transportation.
  • Crafted using premium grade steel which enhances its longevity.
  • Powder coat finish keeps the tool box resistant to rust and routine wear and tear.
  • Comfortable handle helps in moving this tool box easily around the workplace without experiencing any strain on your hand.
  • Can be installed by following some really basic steps.
  • Offers three different drawers for storing a variety of items in an organized fashion.

11. CRAFTSMAN Tool Chest with Drawer Liner Roll, 26-Inch, 4 Drawer

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The high-quality tool chest of Craftsman has a 20-24-gauge steel construction which can increase its longevity even in the face of heavy wear and tear. This heavy-duty construction makes its well-suited for being used in the shop or garage. You can access all your tools easily coupled with the ball-bearing drawer slides.

Each drawer can render support to 50 pounds of weight. Overall, you can place 500 pounds of weight in the tool chest with drawer dimensions of 4 inches x 2 inches. You can safeguard all your tools in place coupled with the keyed internal locking system. The tool chest comes backed with a 3-years warranty.


  • Chest offers ample room for storing all your tools.
  • Accompanied with rubber mesh drawer liners for adding to its sturdiness.
  • The drawers have a central lock system for guaranteeing you complete peace of mind.
  • Comes backed with a warranty of 3 years to guarantee you complete peace of mind.
  • Steel gauge construction helps it to withstand rough use.
  • Crafted using top-quality materials and by adhering to stringent quality standards in USA.

12. GEARWRENCH 20″ 3 Drawer Steel Tool Box

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Your search for a highly portable tool chest ends with the 20” Gearwrench tool box whose black powder coating helps to prevent rust and corrosion. The unique coating also helps in keeping the chest clean as you can wipe it off for removing dust and fingerprints with a single swipe.

If you want a small and handy chest, then the Gearwrench tool box can serve as your best bet. In spite of its small dimensions, it helps with organizing all your mini tools in a smooth fashion and carrying it easily from one place to another. The drawers of the tool box slide in and out smoothly.

You are bound to appreciate its central locking system which helps in enhancing its level of security. It also neatly stores all the content within while preventing chances of spillage especially during transportation.


  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain.
  • Keyed locking mechanism helps in adding to the level of security.
  • Comes backed with a year’s limited warranty.
  • Drawers are 2-inches in height which helps in storing an array of tools.
  • A detent holds the drawer in place when the top is open.
  • Has two handles for easy portability.

Final words

To buy a decent and highly organized toolbox for less than $1000, the reference can be taken with the help of this detailed analysis and research carried in this report regarding the best available tool chests.

It is necessary to choose a tool chest that completely fulfills your requirements and which is within the budget too. These chests are as essential to the workers as the briefcases are essential to the powered attorney.

Before making the purchase decision, all the features shall be studied thoroughly, along with the benefits the manufacturers are offering.

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