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Rosin press machines are of two types wherein the most common one is the one with Hydraulic cylinders. This kind of device utilizes compressed fluids technology for obtaining the requisite pressure.

The hydraulic heat presses are safer to use as they help in achieving high levels of pressure without emitting much noise. The second variety is pneumatic rosin press which makes use of air pressure for carrying out the extraction process.

This variety of rosin press devices come with effortless controls and are easy to maintain.

Choosing a high-quality commercial rosin press which won’t cross over your budget threshold is an extremely difficult task.

Let’s now look at the best rosin press which can be purchased for less than 600 dollars.

1. 12 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder Heat Press Machine

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The 12-ton hydraulic cylinder heat press machine is very easy to set up making it well suited for novice users. On unpacking the rosin press, you are bound to feel delighted with its stellar craftsmanship making it tailor-made for heavy-duty usage. Premium grade materials go into the composition of this rosin press which has a streamlined design, devoid of any rough edges. This makes it the best choice for users who are on the lookout for affordable rosin press yet highly functional options. Using this rosin press is very straight-forward. Its plates heat up easily to minimise the waiting time. The rosin press is accompanied with ¼” couplers meant for both you and your partner which can be directly connected with the hydraulic pump. It is imperative to note here that the rosin press cannot be connected with a 3/8” hydraulic pump unless the proprietary “3/8 Coupler Reducer Kit” is purchased separately.


  • Offers a working surface of 4”x7.”
  • Accompanied with bamboo insulation layers.
  • The 1/4″ Female Coupler comes pre-installed in the hydraulic cylinder.

2. 4 Ton Heat Press Machine with Dual 3×5″ Heated Plates

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Your search for an easy to use rosin press, ends with the 4-ton heat press model from Dabpress. This versatile device operates on a temperature range of 0-399-degree Fahrenheit which opens greater options ahead of its users. At 32 pounds, the 4-ton heat press machine is comparatively lightweight than peer models. You can move it around easily in your work area without breaking any sweat. The device has voltage requirements of 110 volts and can run on 500 watts of power.


  • Stainless steel design imparts a highly stylish look while adding to its durability.
  • Does not inflict any pressure on the wrist with its operation.
  • Comes with A 4-ton bottle jack.

3. 6 Ton Bottle Jack Heat Press Machine

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If you are a novice user who is trying to learn the usage of a rosin press device, then you need to bring home the 6-ton bottle jack heat press machine by Dabpress. Despite being competitively priced, this device delivers a sonic punch in terms of its performance. This beautifully designed heat press can be set up easily once you unpack the same. It is a small size heat press but is accompanied with 3×5” heated plates which can provide you with all the power needed.


  • Replaceable parts make its maintenance a hassle-free affair.
  • Accompanied with dual stainless-steel legs meant for dripping.
  • Operates on a temperature range of 0-399-degree Fahrenheit.

4. MyPress Gen 2, Portable Heat Press Machine

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The MyPress Gen 2 portable heat press machine can maximize your yield by operating at a temperature ranging from 37°C -121°C. You can thus easily experiment with your press and even record the notes for being used in the future. This versatile rosin press helps to attain desirable results time and again in terms of larger yield, heightened aroma or maybe a careful blend of both. Its LCD interface helps to efficiently monitor the whole process and even fine-tune adjustments for delivering the best possible results. Operators can easily keep track of the best starting material-specific results for being repeated in due course. Its 3×3” stainless steel Axiom plates get evenly heated for offering excellent output. If you wish to extract natural oil in a DIY manner, then MyPress Gen2 can serve as your best bet. It is an extremely sleek looking machine which can blend in easily with your existing room environment


  • Does not create a ruckus with its operation.
  • Comes with a count-up timer which halts counting once the device is opened and even resets from zero on being closed again.
  • Device is accompanied by a lifetime warranty provided by manufacturers which can have your back against all defects.

5. Fancierstudio Power Heat Press Digital Heat Press

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The 15×15” heat press by Fancierstudio comes with electronic heat and time control feature which helps to precisely set the same. Its silicon pad is lightly glued down so that you can replace the same as per requirement. This heat press can cater to both domestic and commercial usage as it can perform all types of job with top-notch durability. On being pressed down, it provides industry-grade pressure, strength, and temperature.


  • Operates on a temperature range of 0-699-degree Fahrenheit.
  • Upward-opening model which has a minimal footprint.
  • Comes with a glued down silicon rubber base.

6. Dulytek DM800 Manual Heat Press Machine

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Your search for a lightweight heat press machine ends with the Dulytek DM800 device which offers optimum value for money. In spite of having an affordable price tag, it offers a solid punch making it a perfect choice for people in search of a small press meant for home extraction. It can also serve you well if you wish to try out rosin press without making any big investment. The adjustable pressure and press timer of the Dulytek DM800 helps in managing up to 1350 pounds of pressing force into its 2.5”x3” heated aluminium plates. The handy carrying handle of this 10-pound device further helps in its portability and assists in moving this heat press around without experiencing any hand strain. Its enhanced mechanical parts can withstand higher level of pressure compared to the older versions for better results.


  • Easy adjustable knob helps in regulating the pressure between plates.
  • Lightweight nature of the DM800 heat press helps in carrying it around easily in a backpack to all your gatherings and parties.
  • Temperature of its dual heating plates can be set independently by the two-channel digital controller positioned at the back.


The construction assembly of both the varieties of rosin press devices is almost like each other. Both feature two wide conducting plates which are positioned for heating up the device and pressing it with high pressure simultaneously. You need to be extremely cautious while choosing the rosin press as the ones having faulty construction or odd features can lead to performance problems in the long run. The cheap ones usually come with a horse-shoe shaped heating plate which give less extracted results and are less effective on most substances. The five rosin press listed above have been carefully evaluated by our team of experts for delivering best results without any efficiency loopholes during the extraction process.

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