Best Rosin Press Under $400 of 2020

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A rosin press can help you produce solvent-free cannabis concentrate utilizing optimum amount of heat and pressure.

As all the solvent contamination gets removed automatically, dabbing afficionados don’t need to clean the solvent impurities from the machine.

Today we are going to discuss about five of the best rosin presses which can be bought by shelling out less than 400 dollars. You can also get advance rosin press if you can increase your rosin press budget for 500 dollars or even 600 dollars rosin press which can be handy for longer term.

1. 4 Ton Heat Press Machine with Dual 3×5″ Heated Plates

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The Dabpress rosin press model comes with dual 3×5” heated plates which can deliver top-notch results time and again. Its plug and play operation make the device well-suited for novice users. Both personal and light-duty commercial activities can be undertaken with this rosin press which never fails to deliver a highly accurate temperature. This affordable rosin press is crafted using heavy-duty metal which helps it to take on wear and tear without any performance loopholes. All its wires are perfectly cased within the protective sheath for adding to its safety quotient.


  • Comes backed with a year’s warranty offered by the manufacturer.
  • Extremely durable product which can sustain routine wear and tear.
  • Temperature can be adjusted easily.
  • Accompanied with bamboo insulation layers and A 4-ton bottle jack.
  • Can be setup within just a few minutes so that you can start pressing rosin immediately.

2. MyPress Gen 2, Portable Heat Press Machine

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This portable rosin press is manufactured using high-quality materials for adding to its longevity. It relies on a solvent-less technique for creating cannabis rosin while eliminating all traces of contamination along the way. At just 13 pounds, this is an extremely lightweight model which can be operated with minimal manual labour. This makes it ideal for being used in personal avenues although you can undertake subtle commercial work with the same. Its 3×3” stainless steel axiom plates can deliver a heat range of 160-280-degree Fahrenheit. The plates are sized at 3×3” which makes them well-suited for processing the cannabis materials with utmost efficiency. MyPress Gen 2 is accompanied with a pressure adjusting wrench which helps in maintaining a safe distance from the heated plates while operating the rosin press. It is specially designed for staying in a closed position when not in use.


  • The single LED counter display helps users in exercising control over the entire process.
  • Can deliver the best results in an efficient manner once the correct temperature and time is set.
  • Operates silently so that you don’t end up disturbing your entire family with its usage.
  • The machine powers off whenever the plates reach a temperature exceeding 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It powers off automatically following half an hour of inactivity to bring in power savings.

3. Dulytek DM800 Personal Heat Press

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Heat presses designed by this US-based engineering company are highly affordable ad extremely easy-to-use. They are also highly reliable in nature and this keeps customers coming back day and after day.  This compact machine can generate 1000 pounds of pressing force for attaining your desired results without breaking any sweat. It features 2×3” dual heating plates, a locking lever mechanism, sturdy construction, a convenient carrying handle and temperature controls positioned at the backside of the press. You can fit it easily inside your backpack and take along while travelling.


  • At less than 10 pounds, this is the most portable rosin press of our list.
  • Can be operated without the requirement of any extra equipment.
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle which helps in its easy mobility.
  • Has a sturdy construction which doesn’t show sign of wear and tear even on being subjected to rough use.
  • Product comes with bonus accessories in the form of a free starter kit including dual stainless-steel double-sided collection tools, one silicone mat, one lidded silicone storage jar, 10-sheet 10×7” parchment paper and four magnets.

4. Fancierstudio Power Heat Press Digital Heat Press

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If you are searching for a high-performance heat press which can enhance your productivity without blowing a hole in your wallet, then you need to bring home the Fancierstudio Digital Heat Press. This 15×15” heat press operates on a temperature scale of 0-500-degree Fahrenheit. It even offers a time range of 0-999 seconds so that you can automate the entire process. The Teflon sheet of this blue-black model is lightly glued down for easy replacement whenever necessary. You can work on both domestic and commercial projects with this heat press which can perform jobs of any size with supreme durability.


  • Compact upward-opening model which has minimal floor space requirement.
  • Easy-to-use device which is well-suited for both home and craft use.
  • Clamshell-type machine can be used for pressing bags, garments, ID badges, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles etc.
  • Heats very fast and in an even manner.
  • Pressure level can be changed according to thickness of the material.

5. Dulytek DM1005 Manual Heat Press Machine

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Be it individual use or small operation business, the Dulytek DM1005 manual heat press can always serve as your ultimate ally. Its innovative adjustable pressure knob helps in levying maximum pressure without continuously exerting manual force. The solid aluminium plates make sure that the heat gets evenly distributed so that you can get best results. Outer base of the plates is constructed using premium-grade plastic which ensure a hardy lifespan. You can be sure that the rosin press won’t break or scratch on being bumped against the wall or being knocked over. You can easily undertake multi-batch processing by setting and saving the press parameters using the timer and temperature controls. The temperature settings can be shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit depending upon your preference.


  • Comes backed with a 6 months warranty on all major components and 3 years warranty on other parts.
  • Device comes fully assembled so that you can get on immediately with its operation.
  • Has a locking system which makes it redundant to manually maintain pressure on the press while working.
  • Even and consistent level of pressure and heat is delivered by its 3×5” plates.
  • The machine sends a beeping sound once the press is done.


While selecting a rosin press, you need to give special importance to its heat plates. These need to be crafted using durable materials which can withstand high levels of temperature and pressure. Given many available options, it might be difficult for novice users to take the right call and that is exactly where our carefully curated list can come to your rescue.

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