Best Rosin Press Under $1000 or 2020

Rosin extracts are obtained from industrial hemp and herbs. The growing popularity of cannabidiol has added impetus to the demand of rosin press machines.

These heat press machines are enriched with state-of-art technology which allow obtaining these extracts at high speed in stark contrast to the traditional methods which were followed earlier.

The exquisite rosin press machines utilize pneumatic press or hydraulic press method for achieving the extraction with minimal efforts and in record time.

Today we are going to take you through the five best rosin press machines which can be availed for less than 1000 dollars. However we have also written more affordable options such as rosin press under 300 or rosin press under 400 dollars too, which can be a good options too if you have tighter budget.

1. 12 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder Heat Press Machine (Latest Version) – Dual 4×7 Inch Heated Platens

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This heat press machine from Dabpress is bound to delight you with its stellar craftsmanship from the very first day of usage. It is constructed using top grade materials and is devoid of any rough edges which imparts a streamlined appearance to this heat press machine.

The usage metrics of the Dabpress heat press machine is pretty straightforward. Its plates heat very fast with next to none waiting time following which the unit functions seamlessly. You can also conduct batch processing without facing any issues.

This machine can easily give its costlier peers a run for their money with top-notch press which can easily cater to users who are on the lookout for affordable rosin press. Cleaning the machine plates are very easy and the plates are kept at the right level by its cage although it doesn’t feel tight around the caged area.


  • The press can go fully horizontal which offers a more efficient directional flow.
  • It is accompanied with bamboo insulation layers.
  • A pair of couplers is included which helps in connecting the hydraulic pump directly.

2. MyPress Gen 2, Portable Heat Press Machine, Digital Display, Stainless Steel Plates, Automatic Timer

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MyPress Gen2 can serve you well if you wish to extract superior quality resin without burning a hole in your wallet. Despite having a tiny size, MyPress Gen2 packs in a solid punch in terms of its performance which can surely satisfy all your personal requirements.

The lock and load system of this rosin press makes the whole extraction process easier as you just need to load the material and initiate the process with a push start.

Apart from being a highly safe option, this rosin press device is also an extremely lightweight model which assists in its easy movement.

It is accompanied with a digital screen which helps users to control the temperature, yield, and aroma. The settings can also be saved for continuing with the same during batch processing.


  • Can be used with minimal manual force which next closes and locks the heated stainless-steel plates.
  • It can operate in a temperature range of 37°C-121°C which helps in conducting experimentation easily.
  • The LCD screen has a count-up timer that resets from zero on being closed again and this helps operators to monitor the process efficiently.

3. 6 Ton Bottle Jack Heat Press Machine with Dual 3×5 Inch Heated Plates

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This beautifully designed 6-ton bottle jack heat press machine can be setup easily making it well suited for amateur users. Despite having a small footprint, it is accompanied with 3×5 plates which can provide you with optimum power for all your pressing requirements.

The solidly built press can hold both heat and pressure without facing any difficulty. It is an all-in-one machine that comes accompanied with certain tools and the unit legs which must be installed by the customer.

One year’s warranty is given by Dabpress on the press and within this time, customers can get faulty parts replaced in a convenient manner.

The unit is accompanied with three power switches positioned at its back and a controller. Once the large rocket switch is turned on, each heat press comes with its on power control.


  • The 6-ton bottle jack is accompanied with dual heat controls and thick bamboo insulation.
  • Replaceable parts help in easy maintenance.
  • Rock solid construction makes this rosin press well suited for heavy-duty work.

4. 4 Ton Heat Press Machine with Dual 3×5″ Heated Plates

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Your search for a heavy-duty rosin press ends with this versatile offering of Dabpress which has already gained a solid fan-following courtesy its ease of usage.

Maximum pressure can be easily applied using this rosin press which eases out wrist pain that is common with most of its peer products. Its stainless-steel design gets full marks in the looks department and wins accolades for its durability.

The 4-ton heat press is an ideal match for both beginner and intermediate users who are on the lookout for an affordable yet fantastic option. All its wires come housed under a protective sheath for maximum safety.


  • Can detect and deliver accurate temperature time and again.
  • Complete heat press which is accompanied with bamboo insulation layers.
  • Comes with all the necessary tools so that it can be used directly out of the box.

5. 8″ x 6″ Pneumatic Heat Press Dual Element Heating, solventless with free pneumatic “quick connect fitting

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The Pneumatic heat press is one solidly constructed device which can easily take on routine wear and tear while catering to your requirements seamlessly.

It comes backed with a year’s warranty offered by the manufacturer which can keep the customers worry free about all sorts of defects which might crop up while using the same.

The affordably priced rosin press has separate digital temperature controllers for its top and bottom plates so that you can adjust the heat temperature and pressure as per your requirements.


  • Well-constructed rosin press having easy-to-read knobs.
  • Provides users with a variety of temperature and pressure range.
  • Offers dual temperature control for greater versatility.


Rosin press machines help in the extraction of huge amounts of oil from various materials. A variety of machine types make it difficult to take the end call.

In most cases, the devices can help you work on flower extracts, Rosin extracts, leaves extracts and many more. However, the five contenders listed above are tailor-made for helping you undertake the rosin extraction work with minimal fuss.

So, simply take your pick amongst the same and get ready to carry on with the extraction work like a pro.

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