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The very first thing which pops up in our head while thinking about a projection system is a brilliant white projection screen. This common backdrop for image projection finds a cheaper peer in projector screen paints. You can bank on this technique to turn your house wall into a vibrant projection screen in an affordable manner. Screen paints tag along an array of advantages apart from the obvious cost factor. For starters, you can determine the size of projection screen as per your preference. Today we are going to walk you through some of the best projector screen paints and also a buying guide to help to make a purchase call.


Primarily you need to understand about the various types of screen paints before taking your pick. The projector screen paints are usually crafted using a water-based formula as they are easy to apply and clean. While the oil-based ones survive longer, their colour degrades faster when compared to the water-based peers. Then again, you will be presented with two choice options amongst the water-based variety – acrylic or latex.

Acrylic is the superior performing one amongst water-based paints. They usually feature additional chemical additives which enhance its resiliency. Least amount of vinyl in its composition makes them less susceptible to environmental damages caused by humidity and fluctuating temperatures. However, the presence of chemical additives poses health hazards in the form of respiratory ailments especially if your house is not well-ventilated. Acrylic paints are costlier than their latex peers and require more paint for attaining the same level of coverage. As a result, it takes more time to paint a wall using acrylic paint.
Latex paints add vinyl to their composition which causes them to differ substantially from the acrylic ones. Vinyl is cheaper than acrylic which also brings down the cost of latex paints up to 50 percent. Addition of vinyl into the composition hikes up the coverage area courtesy the larger vinyl molecules which causes less paint to be absorbed by the pores present on the wall. The increase in molecular size brings down the strength of latex paints which often succumb to environmental stressors. Thus, the latex variants might not serve you well if you are thinking of any outdoor venues to paint.


The projector screen paint’s reflectivity is also termed as gain. It determines the ambient light and your ultimate visual experience. Positioning a compact pico projector is easy but they emit less light compared to the robust models. This can be countered by using a projector screen paint having high-gain of at least 2.0. Such gain will result in brighter projected images by allowing maximum projected light to get reflected back to the viewer. A high-gain projector screen paint is not well suited for areas having ambient light. This issue is dealt by modern manufacturers by including meta flakes in the paint composition. It directs projected light to the viewer while reflecting ambient light away from them.

Image Resolution

The kind of projector screen paint you choose is deeply influenced by the image resolution of your projector. But it always pays to opt for the better variants as that can also play the lower resolutions seamlessly. The normalization of 4K graphics and emergence of 6K and 8K has led to the demand of projector paints which can easily exceed your basic requirements.

1. Paint On Screen Projector Screen Paint (G002 Digital Theater White – Gallon)

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Transform your plain bedroom wall into a brilliant projector screen with the elite Paint On Screen products. With a plethora of shade options, you can definitely cater to your specific requirements with this projector screen paint. The Level 2 shade of the Paint On Screen Projector Screen Paint has 1.4 gain factor and absolute neutral colour shift.


Bigger images help in revealing the minute details of 1080p HD and BluRay videos. You can attain the same with the Paint On Screen Projector Screen Paint which is an inexpensive way of delivering stunning results that is increasingly being used by various gamers, designers and enthusiasts.  One gallon of the paint can help you create a screen for projecting 240” diagonal image. It yields excellent results on a drywall and can be applied without any prior preparation or wall treatment.


The superior visual depth and contrast level of the Paint On Screen Projector Screen Paint comes in as a significant improvement over the material or vinyl peers. It has been specially formulated to dry out into an ultra-smooth finish for reducing surface textures and heightening the level of clarity. The neutral spectral response offered by this screen paint eliminates all chances of hot spotting and image colour shift.


You can apply the Paint On Screen Projector Screen Paint without any separate tools by simply following the accompanying instruction manual. The screens can be painted over when needed and maintained easily using soapy water. It has a viewing angle of 160 degrees for catering to a large group of audience without any loss in image quality.


Ensures even distribution with just two coats of the paint.
Can be used in domed ceilings, media rooms, theatre rooms, simulators, 3D gaming rooms etc.
Screen can be used immediately after the application of paint although it ideally requires around 24 hours for curing it to perfection.
Can be cleaned using normal soap and water.
Water based formula has low amount of VOC making it a safe option.

  • Can be both rolled or sprayed on.

  • Comes in both latex and water-based acrylic formulas.

  • Can unleash the fullest potential of any projection screen.

  • Eliminates all masking and aspect-ratio formatting problems.

  • Allows users to select any screen build without the traditional size restrictions.

  • Carries an expensive price tag.

  • Coverage area is comparatively less than peer projector screen paints.

  • Requires site work before painting.

2. Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint (Quart)

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One of the very first pre-requisites of a projector screen paint is its level of brightness. It lacks the mechanical features present in normal projector screens and that is why the viewing quality depends drastically on the gain of the screen. The Ultra HD Premium screen paint delivers 50% brighter images compared to ordinary painted walls and this renders a pleasing viewing experience.


You can either spray the paint with a spray gun or roll it over the surface. There is absolutely no restriction on its application. But for best results, it is advised to apply it on a smooth surface.


Hotspot refers to the part of the screen which is excessively bright. This can impose various problems in your way of enjoying a seamless visual experience. However, the Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint has no hotspots and the brightness is evenly scattered for delightful results. All of your HD demands are bound to be satiated by the 4K projection capability of this Ultra HD screen paint.


The Acrylic latex water-based nature of this screen paint makes it very safe and easy to use. Latex means the addition of vinyl which adds to the coverage attributes of this screen paint while keeping it buffered from environmental weathering.


Can be both sprayed or rolled on any smooth surface.
Just two coats of the projector screen paint are enough to cover 40 sq. ft. space.
Water based paint paves the path for a safe and quick application.
Compatible with HD and 4K projectors.
Offers 50% more brightness compared to a painted white wall.
Screen doesn’t reflect.

  • Offers high level of contrast.

  • Your viewing won’t be disrupted by the appearance of hotspots on the screen.

  • Maximum brightness stands guaranteed by Optiperfect sheen.

  • Accurate colour rendering can elevate your entertainment experience.

  • Has an extremely wide viewing angle so that you can enjoy your favourite shows with a big bunch of friends.

  • Not suitable for outdoor surfaces.

  • Doesn’t support 6K and 8K visuals.

  • Lacks the finesse of other projector paints available in the market.

3. Projector Screen Paint – High Definition | 4K – Ultra White – Quart

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This VOC-free projector screen paint can serve as the ideal solution for HD viewing without crossing over your budget threshold. The complete absence of VOC makes this high definition screen paint an extremely safe option. However, it is still advisable to follow proper safety precautions like working in a well-ventilated area and wearing a mask.


You can apply the Digital Image projector screen paint either using a roller or by placing it inside a sprayer. The second method ensures an even faster application process.  As the paint dries out quickly, you can indulge in your favourite movies on the same day itself. This projector screen paint acts as its own primer and can cover 140 sq. ft. of surface area to help you project a 19’ screen diagonally.


When compared to peer projector screen paints, this Digital Image product offers diagonal coverage of around 19-inches. The resulting picture is 50% brighter compared to a normal wall. Just two coats are enough to cover 40 sq. ft. of surface area.


The Digital Image projector screen paint emits very little odour and can also keep you protected from the harmful VOCs. These volatile organic compounds tend to evaporate and can produce a health hazard in the long run.


Offers higher contrast resolution that peer projector screen paints falling under the same price category.
A large wall can be painted using a single gallon of paint.
It is free of all volatile organic compounds.
Can cover up to 20 inches diagonally irrespective of the surface.
Pretty easy to apply.

  • The projector screen paint acts as its own primer.

  • Suitable for 2K, 4K, UHD and 1080p resolutions.

  • Can be either sprayed or rolled on the surface.

  • Perfect for being used in churches, home theatres, conference rooms and trade shows.

  • 50% brighter in comparison to a normal white wall.

  • Product is not compatible with all types of 3D projection.

  • Tends to get out of stock every now and then.

  • Lacks ambient light reflecting properties.

4. Pro Screen HD Projection/Projector Screen Paint 1080P Full HD Quality

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Enjoy high definition media without investing in a separate projector screen with this ingenious screen paint from Pro Screen. All you need to do is select your viewing area and paint on this beauty for enjoying 1080p Full HD content while being seated at the comfort of your home.


This commercial grade solution has to be mixed by following the accompanying instructions for being applied on the wall using a foam paint roller. 1 quart of paint can cover approximately 80 sq. ft of screen space.


The high-quality professional HD projection screen paint comes in an ultra-high titanium dioxide solution which can offer superb results irrespective of the lighting condition. It carries a neutral light grey finish and is compatible with 3D, 4K and 1080p graphics.


The powdered glass additive is empowered with ambient light reducing technology which can guarantee crystal clear results in the form of colour clarity and picture contrast.


Improves the level of colour separation and picture contrast.
Commercial grade solution which can cater to both home & office use.
Easy to follow instructions help in applying the projector screen paint.
Glare free surface helps in watching movies in a lighted room without facing any difficulty.
Compatible with both 3D and Blu-ray.

  • Just one coat is enough to provide you with the required coverage.

  • Significantly enhances picture brightness and video quality of a solid wall.

  • Can be applied over light shaded walls without any primer coat.

  • Offers top notch results even in the presence of ambient light.

  • Very easy to apply.


    5. Smart Projector Paint Pro

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    Smarter Surfaces products have been transforming your walls into functional areas and the Projector Paint Pro also stands true to this general consensus. It outperforms traditional projector screens with the budget price tag and no upper limit on size. Such attributes make it well suited for being used in meeting rooms, classrooms, offices and similar areas.


    The screen paint is accompanied with a paint roller and a can of primer which can get you started almost instantaneously. All you need to do is pop open the lid and stir the paint a little. Primer won’t be necessary if you already have white walls but comes in handy in the case of painted walls. The roller paves the path for a smooth and even paint application which dries out pretty soon. This Smarter Surfaces product offers a commendable coverage even on non-white surfaces.


    The Smart Projector Paint Pro reflects more light compared to a standard white paint to provide you with top-notch colour contrast and accuracy. It has a gain value of 1.1 and reflects 7.8mW of light. You can easily compare the final image with that of high-end white projector screens.


    You can use the Smart Projector Paint Pro on wallboards, plaster, metal, wood and concrete. It comes backed with a performance guarantee of 5 years and is eco-friendly in nature. The product has low VOC and doesn’t emit any foul odour following its application. Natural white hue of this paint soothes our eyes by correctly filling out maximum brightness in its 4K projection.


    Crafted using self-levelling compounds.
    Comes backed with 5 years performance guarantee.
    Gain value of 1.1 reflects a large amount of light to keep the screen optimally bright.
    Product doesn’t contain any isocyanates making it an eco-friendly option.
    White colour renders a natural look and feel.

    • Can be used along with interactive projectors.

    • Blends in completely with white walls on drying out to render a seamless look.

    • Allows users to customize the screen size as per preference.

    • Works equally well on walls and untreated surfaces.

    • Perfect for business organizations requiring big screen size.

    • Has a tendency of reflecting back light source.

    • Fails to absorb ambient lights.

    • Becomes difficult to spot the area where you have painted the screen.

    6. Projector Screen Paint – Wall/Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting Acoustic Dampening

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    The neutral colour-shifting gradients of Paint On Screen can impart a professional touch to your video environment by keeping audio white noise and bouncing echo at bay.


    Users can either spray or roll the paint on walls. For doing this, you will require a 3/8” nap roller so that the paint can be applied in a generous fashion. The paint should dry out completely prior to applying the second coat. Two coats can render best results in terms of projection.


    Colour-shifting and ambient light glare is a direct effect of light bouncing off the surrounding light sources and your screen. But the Ultra Matte finish of the Paint On Screen product delivers the best form of coating for studios, theatre rooms, editing rooms and similar places where both sound and light control has an important role to play. It comes with a proprietary filler to counter acoustic dampening.


    The organic composition of this Paint On Screen product is completely devoid of VOC which makes it safe bet amongst all users. This wall and ceiling coating carries an ability of eliminating 1st phase bounce and absorbing room echoes to deliver a theatre like experience.


    • Extremely easy to apply even for first-timers.
    • Can eliminate a lion’s share of the first phase bounce in a 4-wall theatre environment.
    • Has been specially designed to prevent light from bouncing off the walls and ceilings.
    • The projector screen paint can control the level of colour contrast for making the details pop out.
    • Brings down the level of eye fatigue to a great extent.
    • Zero VOC composition makes it a highly organic choice.

    • The coating carries an ability of absorbing room echoes for helping users set up a theatrical environment.

    • Specializer filter enhances the level of light absorption.

    • Renders a silky-smooth finish whether sprayed or rolled on the wall.

    • Delivers brighter and sharper images with higher level of contrast.

    • Requires a primer for proper results.

    • Comes with an expensive price tag.

    • Available in just a single size variant.


    The quality of projector screen has a direct relationship with the amount of money spend behind the same. Using paints is surely one of the more customizable yet cheaper alternatives which can help you enjoy big screen entertainment without blowing a hole in your wallet. Projection screen paints make it possible to paint the wall in any direction of your preference without worrying about its aspect ratio. While a large number of projector screen paints are available in the market, you need to consider our buying guide prior to making the call. The kind of projector screen paint you choose is determined to a great extent by your specific set of requirements. If you are trying to indulge in superior grade display then you need to opt for the best rated one as that can offer prime coverage area along with the broadest range of gain. An ideal home theatre screen paint is the one that can suffice all your projection screen requirements without making you feel the brunt of financial burden.

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