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The ongoing pandemic has taught us newer ways of staying entertained in this era of social distancing and self-isolation. We really don’t know when things will get back to normal and we will be able to visit our favorite movie halls. But in the meantime, you can keep your spirits high by enjoying big screen entertainment with the best portable projector screens. A white bed-sheet or a plain wall can surely seem like a cheaper alternative for projecting your choice of movie. But this boys-scout approach won’t deserve any medals in the display department. A portable projector screen can offer you ample customization options in terms of colors, resolution, screen height and even the contrast ratio. Keeping such things in mind, we are going to walk you through ten of the best portable projector screens which can help you enjoy picture-perfect visuals. But first, let’s take a brief look at the factors you need to consider to benefit the most out of your purchase.

With numerous brands vying for your attention, making the final choice is bound to be difficult. But you can definitely obtain optimum value for money by considering the following factors while buying a projector screen:

Gain Factor

This is one of the foremost factors to consider as it determines the fabric’s light reflectivity. You should opt for a screen having gain factor of 1.0 as that will reflect all incidence light while retaining the level of brightness. If it better if you can get your hands on a projector screen having gain factor exceeding 1.0 as that will boost up the projected image’s brightness.

Screen Fabric

The projector screen might be crafted out of a variety of materials and this affects its effectiveness depending on the suitability of applications. Screen colour material impacts the level of picture contrast. White screens deliver high levels of contrast and also rank high in terms of brightness. Next comes grey screens which are better at managing darker tones although they are not as bright as their white peers.

Viewing Angle

This refers to the maximum angular degree wherein viewers can enjoy top-par visuals from the screen centre. A projector screen supporting 160 degrees viewing angle can serve as your best bet if you are planning on inviting a large number of friends.


The outdoor projector screens might either be separate screens with metal frames or the inflatable variants. In the case of the former, you can enjoy wrinkle-free picture quality although it is difficult to setup. The inflatable options can be set up easily but are more susceptible to shrinkage and wrinkle formation.

Assembly & Installation

Setting up the projection screen should be a simple drill which can be undertaken single-handedly within just a few minutes. There is no point in getting a projector screen where you need to devote one hour’s assembly time to watch a two hour’s movie.

Stability and Storage

Stability of the projector screen is another important factor you need to consider as this will ensure that an unexpected breeze doesn’t impact your outdoor movie watching experience. Storing the projection screens become easier if you can fold, roll and unfold the screen without developing wrinkles. PVC screens are the best for these purposes given their anti-crease attributes.

1. Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 120 inch Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand

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Transform your outdoor viewing experience by bringing home this portable projection screen. A foldable frame makes the Elite Screens Yard Master 2 well-suited for being used at barbeques, picnics and similar outdoor events where you wish to cater to a bigger set of audience. It also ranks high in terms of usability as you can set the entertainment wheels rolling by simply unfolding the frame and attaching it with the main projector.


A diagonal viewing size of 120 inch, and aspect ratio of 16:9 helps in catering to a larger audience. Snap-button attachments in the Yard Master 2 along with corner pull-tabs help with the installation. As a result, you can set it up easily without the requirement of bulky tools. The projector screen has a single-piece frame system which unfolds effortlessly. Black masking borders running through the circumference of the projector screen help in adding to the level of picture contrast.


The projector screen is accompanied with eye bolts, user guide, knob screw, stake, rope, carrying bag, screen material bag, folding legs and folding frame.

Screen Material

CineWhite screen material offers diffusion uniformity with its broad light dispersion abilities. You can enjoy stellar contrast levels and true colour rendition from the tension PVC surface which can cater to both residential and commercial presentations.


  • 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D and HDR content can be played in the Elite Screens Yard Master 2 projector screen.
  • Comes backed with a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty, as well as, lifetime support of Elite Screens.
  • Lightweight aluminium square tube construction adds to its level of portability.
  • Mildly weather resistant screen can cater to your entertainment needs throughout the year.
  • Screen is also resistant to mildew build-up and can be cleaned easily using soap and water.

  • Can be assembled in minutes time using bare minimum tools.

  • Outdoor projection screen is accompanied with a carrying bag which assists with its easy portability.

  • Compatible with short-throw, ultra-short-throw, standard, 4K and 1080p projectors.

  • Offers 180-degree wide viewing angle which is used in a wide array of applications.

  • Greenguard and Greenguard GOLD certified screen offers a brighter image courtesy its black backing.

  • Once the screen gets stained, it becomes difficult to remove the same.

  • The screen design is not wrinkle free but the same is not recognised while viewing.

  • Screen cannot withstand heavy winds.

2. Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen with Stand Foldable Portable Movie Screen 120 Inch

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Your search for a portable projector screen ends with the Vamvo 120-inch model which has been specially crafted for home theatre, camping and similar recreational events. This superior screen has the killer combo of 120-inch screen surface and 16:9 aspect ratio which guarantees crystal clear images. At just 6.95 pounds, the Vamvo M2120 screen is a highly portable option which can be carried around easily without inflicting much strain on your arms.


Foldable nature of the projector stand helps with easy portability and storage when not in use. Rugged frames go into the construction of the projector screen body helping it to withstand harsh weather conditions.


The projector screen is accompanied with a storage cover, screen cloth, ground stakes, rope and poles for the frame.

Screen Material

The Vamvo outdoor projector screen is crafted using high-quality materials which guarantee its durability. Reinforced edges of the screen ensure a smooth appearance so that you can have an enjoyable time. Maintaining the projector screen also becomes a hassle-free affair as you can keep it clean using a mild mixture of soap and water.


  • Dual foldable tripod stands help in using the projector screen at your upcoming camping and hiking trips.
  • Top notch projector screen does not cause light reflection so that you can enjoy multiplex grade image.
  • Screen supports 4K resolution to help you bask in premium grade entertainment.
  • Accompanying carrying case helps for tagging along the projector screen to all your outdoor trips.
  • The screen can be tied around the edges of the stand using Velcro which helps with its assembly.

  • 120-inch screen and aspect ratio of 16:9 delivers crystal clear imagery to a bigger audience.

  • Foldable lightweight frames help with its portability.

  • Ropes present on each side of the screen helps in imparting greater stability to keep you entertained irrespective of the weather conditions.

  • Can be set up easily within 5 minutes.

  • Offers a viewing angle of 160 degrees so that you can enjoy flicker-free visuals irrespective of where you are seated.

  • Accompanying metal stakes are very small in size.

  • The screen material might be a bit creased upon delivery and this can be removed by ironing the same.

  • Poles are a bit wobbly and might not be able to withstand heavy wind.

3. Projector Screen with Stand 100 inch Portable Projection Screen

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Elevate your movie watching experience by banking on the 100-inch portable projection screen by Skerell. It incorporates features which can otherwise be seen in its pricey peers. With a viewing angle of 160 degrees and aspect ratio of 16:9, this projector screen can easily cater to the entertainment needs of a large audience.


At just 6 pounds, the Skerell projector screen is an extremely portable model. A unique base stand adds to the stability of this foldable outdoor projector screen which is accompanied with deeper plastic joints for being inserted into the aluminium poles. You can further improve the level of stability by inserting the four stainless steel stakes in the base holes.


The projector screen is accompanied with all the accessories required for its hassle-free installation and operation. You will get ground stakes, aluminium frame, soft padded carrying bag and rope supporting.

Screen Material

Premium grade spandex and polyester is used in the composition of this projector screen which adds to its longevity. Be it rear or front projection, you can enjoy high resolution images with this model. The multiple purpose screen guarantees best streaming experience with its support towards ultra HD 4K content.


  • Supports both front and rear projection for greater versatility.
  • Accompanying base and bracket helps to reinforce the projector screen in windy scenarios.
  • Can be set up within just 5 minutes without the requirement of any complicated tools.
  • The projector screen can be carried in a travel bag or hand held for easy portability.
  • Can be used in both indoor and outdoor setups for the perfect cinematic experience.

  • Extremely durable projector screen which has high longevity.

  • Has minimum storage space requirements which makes it ideal for households suffering from space shortage.

  • Weighs just 6 pounds which helps in carrying it around easily in the accompanying carrying case.

  • Screen doesn’t wrinkle so that you can enjoy crystal clear entertainment.

  • Cheaper in comparison to peer projector screens.

  • Certain users have complained of a ripple effect.

  • Aluminium poles are not resistant to heavy wind.

  • Stand tends to wobble in windy weather conditions.

4. Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen 16:9 HD Foldable

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People searching for affordable projection screens having HD video playing capabilities can find their perfect match in the 120-inch projection screen from Mdbebbron. This budget friendly screen is perfect for playing movies and live sports. It can be used for public displays, in conference rooms, office and home theatre purposes.


The surrounding black-side tension structure renders more flatness to the projection screen. Its compact design helps in carrying around the projection screen in a suitcase or backpack.


The Mdbebbron 120-inch Projection Screen is accompanied with 24 seamless double-sided adhesive, 20 seamless hooks, packaging bag and 2 packs or ropes.

Screen Material

The Mdbebbron projector screen is crafted using premium grade polyester which delivers high quality imagery while preventing wrinkles along the way. It is 2.5 times thicker than peer screens and resembles a flat rectangle for enhancing the image quality. You can easily fold the screen post usage for hassle-free storage.


  • Supports both front and rear projection.
  • Has a viewing angle of 160 degrees and viewing size of 104”x58”.
  • Can be both wall and ceiling mounted using ropes, hooks, nails, brackets and double-sided tapes.
  • The product can be hand or machine washed as per preference.
  • Screen doesn’t wrinkle even on being left compressed for days.

  • Lightweight projection screen can be folded and carried around easily.

  • Natural polyester fabric screen renders sharper and brighter image.

  • Dries out fast making it ideal for outdoor use.

  • Black edge of the screen with grommets helps in mounting it inside a frame or stretching it out using a string.

  • Picture quality doesn’t get lacklustre even in the presence of ambient lights.

  • Tapes are not very heavy duty and the projection screen has to be sticked back to the wall every now and then.

  • Screen material is very thin and this allows light to pass through for dimming the projection quality.

  • Not very resistant to heavy winds.

5. Projector Screen 120 inch 16:9 HD Foldable Anti-Crease Portable Projection Movies Screen

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The high-performance 120-inch projection screen of P-JING can provide you with captivating video results. It can be set up easily in indoor spaces like your home or office. You can even enjoy it outdoors for enjoying your favourite movies, games, music videos, cartoons and much more.


The streamlined design of the P-JING projection screen can help you enjoy clear and vivid colours. 2.5 times thicker screen keeps it wrinkle free even after light stretching. Straight shape of the projection screen mimics the appearance of a television screen.


Package is accompanied with dual 5-meter ropes and 16 peel and stick hooks which helps with the installation.

Screen Material

The projector screen is crafted using premium grade polyester which offers optimum durability and stability to the same. P-JING projector screen is brighter than peer screens. The image results get further enhanced by its smooth surface. Its anti-crease material keeps the projection screen looking like new even on being folded and stored away for quite some time.


  • Low gain diffuses more light to help you enjoy the displayed images.
  • Offers a viewing angle of 160 degrees so that you can enjoy premium grade images from every corner in the room.
  • Weighs just 2.2 pounds making it a highly portable option.
  • The screen is accompanied with plastic hooks having adhesive on the back.
  • Supports both front and rear projection.

  • Wrinkle free screen helps in enjoying top notch entertainment without any hassles.

  • Can be set up within 2 minutes time.

  • Can be cleaned easily to keep the projection screen looking like new.

  • Offer captivating levels of brightness and video quality.

  • Universally compatible with most LCD, LED and DLP projectors available in the market.

  • Does not come with a stand.

  • Not very ideal for playing 4K content.

  • Projector light passes through the screen which dampens the quality of rear projection.

6. Projector Screen with Stand, Upgraded 3 Layers 120 inch

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Indulge in cinema grade outdoor entertainment without breaking your bank with the JWSIT projector screen. You are bound to enjoy an optimum return on investment with the Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD compatible features of this portable model. You can take your pick amongst a plethora of screen size options each having viewing angle of 160 degrees and gain factor of 1.1.


Premium PVC resin material goes into the engineering of this projector screen which features reinforced edges for a smoother appearance. 32 snaps present around the frame helps with its easy installation. The screen can be folded up for being packed in the accompanying carry bag while travelling. Its detachable legs help with space saving. Durable aluminium material comprises the projector screen frame which doesn’t wobble in windy weather conditions.


The package is accompanied with 4 ground stakes, 2 support rings and 2 rigging cords which help to secure the screen in position. This can keep your entertainment meter rolling even on a windy day without having to worry about broken or bent frame or legs.

Screen Material

The non-reflective construction of the wrinkle-free PVC screen can help you enjoy vibrant graphics while being seated at any corner of the room. Enriched colours of its high-resolution image projection makes it ideal for schools, home theatres, weddings, church etc. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9 for helping you bask in cinema grade entertainment from the comfort your house. The screen can be cleaned easily using a mild mixture of soap and water to keep it looking like new.


  • 160 degree viewing angle guarantees a pleasant viewing experience irrespective of where you are seated in the room.
  • Matte projection screen keeps it wrinkle free and also makes it easy to clean.
  • PVC material having 1.1 gain prevents eye strain even on indulging in back-to-back movie viewing.
  • Comes backed with a year’s warranty offered by the manufacturer which can keep your back against all defects.
  • It is compatible with 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D content.

  • Can be both assembled and disassembled in a breeze.

  • Metal frame can be folded together for easy storage.

  • Accompanying carry case helps to tag along the projection screen to your travel escapades.

  • Black backing prevents light loss to help you enjoy vibrant imagery.

  • Strong light absorbance helps to restore the image’s colour saturation fully.

  • Projection screen might get lacklustre on being subjected to moisture.

  • Bulky proportions make it difficult to travel with.

  • Screen height cannot be altered.

7. Projector Screen 150 inch 16:9 HD Foldable Anti-Crease Portable Projection Movies Screen by P-JING

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Gone are the days when you had to worry about wrinkles forming on the projection screens as the anti-crease material of the P-JING 150-inch model keeps it looking like new. You can thus fold it to a small size and carry around to all your outdoor escapades.


The USP of this P-JING projector screen is its sheer portability which helps in carrying it around easily. You can fold the screen and unfold it whenever required for being mounted within minutes time. The cuttable rope or hooks accompanying the package helps in hanging the projection screen against the wall by banking on its 12 metal finished grommets.


The package includes dual 5-meter ropes and 16 hooks which helps with its hassle-free installation.

Screen Material

The natural polyester fabric projection screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and weighs just 2.7 pounds. Screen folding is synonymous with creases and wrinkles on the projector screen. But this is not the case with the P-JING 150-inch model which can offers brighter results that peer projection screens courtesy its anti-crease material.


  • Supports both front and rear projection.
  • Has a viewing angle of 160 degrees which can cater to a bigger group of audience.
  • Straight rectangular projector screen looks and feels similar to a flat screen television.
  • Minimum transparency helps in enhancing the quality of both front and rear projection.
  • 1 gain factor paves the path for vivid colours and strong light absorbance.

  • 5 times thicker than other projector screens available in the market.

  • Screen folding doesn’t give rise to crease or wrinkles.

  • Smooth surface leads to brighter results which surely comes in as an improvement over peer projector screens.

  • Screen can be cleaned easily using a wet cloth.

  • All customer queries get answered within a span of 12 hours.

  • Spandex like projection screen material tends to stretch a tad too much.

  • Doesn’t come with a stand which has to be purchased separately.

  • Cannot be left outdoors in rain, snow or humid weather conditions.

8. Projector Screen, Keenstone 120 Inch Projection Screen

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The Keenstone projector movie screen offers greater level of brightness compared to peer projector screens given its smooth surface that enhances the image results. You can fold it away easily post usage without having to worry about the screen getting wrinkled or creased. 120 inches of screen space and 16:9 screen format helps in enjoying 4K HD graphics without leaving the comfort of your house.


Wide viewing angle of 160 degrees can help you enjoy clear images even when you are seated on the side-lines. The rectangular projector screen has low gain which helps to diffuse more light for enjoying the displayed images to its fullest level.


The 120-inch projector screen is packed with 24 seamless hooks, 24 seamless double-sided adhesive and dual 5 meters ropes.

Screen Material

The Ultra HD screen is made up of premium grade polyester material which helps in effective prevention of wrinkles. It can be used for both front and rear projection courtesy the spandex and polyester composition on both the sides. The matte white screen diffuses light uniformly to deliver a pleasant viewing experience. This helps in presenting a thicker, smoother and brighter image. Maintaining the screen is pretty easy as you can specifically clean the dirty spots or go for a machine or hand wash.


  • Supports both front and rear projection.
  • 120 degree viewing screen can immerse your entire family into a cinematic viewing experience.
  • At just 1.65 pounds, the Keenstone projection screen is an extremely lightweight option which can be carried around easily.
  • The vibrancy of picture quality is retained even in the presence of ambient light.
  • Bright white projection screen ensures crystal clear images

  • Doesn’t have much floor space requirements which helps with its easy storage.

  • Comes with all the accompanying hooks and ropes which are required for its installation.

  • Can be installed in a quick and easy manner.

  • Product can be both machine and hand washed.

  • Built-in eyelets of the screen help in hanging it using the accompanying ropes, removable hooks and tape.

  • Screen is a bit see-through and this hampers the overall viewing experience.

  • Images are not adequately sharp.

  • Stickers tend to fall out every now and then.

9. Portable Projector Screen with Stand

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Make those movie nights even more fun by adding the Blina Portable Projector Screen to your online shopping cart. This versatile screen can cater to both indoor and outdoor usage which has led to its popularity in classroom, business conference and home theatre set-ups. The compact package comes in a black carrying bag which assists with its portability whether to a friend’s house or your upcoming hiking trips.


This exceptional outdoor projector screen comes with a durable and foldable stand which keeps it stable even in the presence of a strong wind. The rugged built of this wrinkle-free projector screen gets the backing of glass fibre plus metal frames which can easily take on harsh weather conditions without showing any signs of wear and tear.


Projection screen comes with stakes, cords, stand and a carrying bag to keep it stable and also help with its portability.

Screen Material

With a viewing angle of 160 degree and gain factor of 1.1, the CineWhite screen material can surely take your regular entertainment to rhetoric heights. You can invite a whole bunch of friends for a backyard movie night while guaranteeing clarity of image from every corner of your patio. The screen can be cleaned easily using a solution of soap and water.


  • Accompanying straps prevent the screen from swaying back and forth.
  • Image can be projected both from the front and back.
  • Projector screen can be folded easily in 30 seconds and stored away when not in use.
  • Crafted using rust resistant materials which looks like new even on being used for long.
  • Compatible with both HD and UHD projectors.

  • Budget friendly projector screen which can be cleaned easily.

  • Convenient carrying bag helps with its easy portability.

  • Can be set up easily with the accompanying tools.

  • Ideal for businesses, home theatres and classrooms.

  • Constructed using heavy duty metal and glass fibre rod which enhances its durability.

  • Screen tends to sag in the middle portion.

  • Frame might bend on being subjected to heavy winds.

  • Screen lacks black backing which causes light to come through.

10. PERLESMITH 100 Inch Projector Screen with Stand

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The moderately priced PERLESMITH 100-inch projector screen can serve as a welcome addition to your entertainment arsenal with a plethora of high-end features that it tags along. It serves as the perfect way of enjoying 4K HD images over 100 inches of screen surface supporting 160 degree of viewing.


The portable projector screen comes with auto-locking mechanism on its back handle which helps in undertaking simple screen adjustments. You are bound to feel benefitted from the different height settings which can cater to your diverse needs. Compact nature of the PERLESMITH 100-inch projector screen helps in folding it post usage for hassle-free storage.


The product is shipped with 1 tripod stand and an English user manual to walk you through the installation steps.

Screen Material

The wrinkle-free PVC matte screen helps in retaining the shape of the PERLESMITH product over a longer time span. Its surface has a white finish and black backing which can deliver bold images by preventing light penetration. The level of image contrast gets further enhanced by the black borders running along its circumference. You can surely enjoy full-screen size with its 4:3 aspect ratio which can also be altered to other configurations through the auto-locking mechanism.


  • Compatible with LED, DLP and LCD projectors.
  • You can benefit out of different aspect ratios courtesy its auto-locking feature.
  • Lightweight projection screen ranks high on portability.
  • Can be set up easily so that you can immerse in movie hall like entertainment.
  • Projection surface retains its vibrancy even in the presence of ambient lights.

  • Super sharp images are guaranteed by its 1.2 gain light reflectivity.

  • Accompanied with a tripod stand which helps in using the projector screen in both indoor and outdoor setups.

  • White finish of the screen along with back backing prevents light penetration for clearer results.

  • Motorized nature of the screen helps with an easy set up.

  • Black border of the screen enhances the level of picture contrast.

  • At 19.51 pounds, the projector screen might seem a bit bulky.

  • Image quality degrades in the presence of direct sunlight.

  • Metal base and spine of the projector screen might get rusted on being left outdoors during monsoon months.

11. VIVO 50 inch Mini Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen PS-T-050B

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The easy-to-use projector screen by VIVO can serve you well at businesses, homes and classrooms. You can easily hook up the screen with most LCD, LED and DLP projectors available in the market. The screen is crafted using premium grade materials which can be kept clean easily using mild soap and water. Users can even adjust the screen height with the simple press of a button.


Users can toggle between the screen height via the lock positioned in its back handle. Excellent level of stability is offered by its aluminium tripod legs which helps in its easy storage post usage.


The 50-inch screen comes accompanied with a tripod stand which helps in taking the entertainment experience a notch higher.

Screen Material

1.1 gain and aspect ratio of 4/3 can guarantee crystal clear visuals out of this VIVO projector screen which can cater to both professional and personal requirements.  A 120-degree viewing angle helps in delivering clear pictures to a bigger group of audience irrespective of where you are seated in the room. Black backing of the screen maintains crisp picture quality by preventing penetration of lights from the screen.


  • Matte screen can help you enjoy seamless entertainment.
  • The tripod is not attached to the screen which opens up wall hanging possibilities.
  • Height of the projector screen is adjustable as per preference.
  • Screen is compatible with most LCD, LED and DLP projectors available in the market.
  • The tripod comes assembled for easy setup.
  • Standard black backing eliminates light penetration for crystal clear visuals.

  • The level of picture contrast gets enhanced by the four side black borders.

  • Supports wide angle viewing of 120 degrees.

  • Ideal for small group meetings and movie nights with friends.

  • Matte white surface diffuses light uniformly in all directions.

  • Screen height can be altered with a simple press of the button.

  • Screen is not 3D ready.

  • Users cannot connect a desktop computer with the screen.

  • Carrying case has to be purchased separately.

12. VANKYO StayTrue Projector Screen, 120 Inch Projection Screen

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Enjoy brilliant colour picture with the VANKYO 120″ StayTrue Projector Screen which brings along a rectangular effect with its black-side tension structure. Its non-deformable screen fabric supports both hand-wash and low heat ironing to keep it looking like new.


Crease-free screen supports 160 degree viewing without any color shift so that you can enjoy clear visuals irrespective of where you are seated in the room. Both rear and front projection is supported by this VANKYO projector screen which can be folded into a compact shape for being tagged along to all your travel plans.


The VANKYO 120″ StayTrue Projector Screen is shipped along with dual 5m ropes and 16 self-adhesive hooks which assists in wall mounting the same. The hooks also help in its easy removal for storage.

Screen Material

The projector screen comprises of three layers, a protection fabric, spandex layer and polyester layer making it wrinkle-free and resistant to mildew. Built-in metal holes of this frameless screen help in its easy setup. An aspect ratio of 16:9 and gain of 1:1 leads to excellent image production by preventing hot-spotting. The screen can be cleaned easily using water and mild soap.


  • Screen comes with a gain of 1.1 for crystal clear image production.
  • Accompanying metal holes help in hanging the screen using ropes, hooks, nails and double-sided tape.
  • Can cater to both indoor and outdoor projection requirements of your family.
  • Widened black-side tension structure makes the screen surface flatter.
  • Diffuses projected light evenly for the best visuals.
  • Can be kept clean by wiping the projection screen with a damp cloth.

  • Polyester screen composition makes its foldable and easily portable.

  • Can be set up within just a minute or two.

  • Delivers clear visuals even in the presence of ambient lighting.

  • Texture-less surface leads to superb colour rendition.

  • 160 degree viewing angle helps in catering to a bigger group of audience.

  • Not as sturdy as its peer models.

  • Comes with an expensive price tag.

  • Adhesive tabs and hook tend to fall out a lot.


Nothing can be compared to the sheer joy of enjoying your favourite series in the backyard with friends and family for company. An outdoor projector screen can help you attain this immersive viewing experience. We have listed ten of the best models and a buying guide which can help you take a knowledgeable decision. All these models rank high in terms of portability and can be assembled within minutes time whether used in indoor or outdoor setups.

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