Best Motocross Boots Under $300

Dirt bike riding requires a lot of concentration, finesse, strength as well as a bevy of protective gears. A helmet stands out as the most important gear closely followed by motorcross boots.

The main reason behind the popularity of boots is that our ankles, feet and calves tend to bear the brunt of off-roading and similar sports more than our other body parts.

Keeping such things in mind we have come up with a list of top five MX Boots under 300 dollars.

So, read on to know more about our top five expert picks.

Now let us take a brief look at the buying guide of the motorcross boots:

Motorcross Boots Buying Guide

  • Primarily, you need to check the shoe size. Insides of the shoe tongues contain size labels. Alternatively, they might be printed on the underside or inner sole of the shoe.
  • To keep things on the safer side, it is always advisable to opt for a larger size. Your feet might also swell if you bring home smaller sizes. You can easily adjust the buckles of larger shoes to make them feel more comfortable.
  • Lateral ankle protection is another important factor you need to consider while purchasing motorcross boots. This can prevent ankle injury which occurs when your ankle accidentally rolls over.
  • You need to look for alloy buckles on the straps although they might cost a bit more than their plastic peers. Getting alloy buckles can also keep your buffered from having to replace the buckles every now and then due to quality concerns.
  • The moulded sole technology is an emerging trend which directly moulds the sole with the boot upper. This in turn makes it easy to get around in the boots and serves as the perfect choice of newbies who might otherwise take time to transition from wearing shoes to motorcross boots.
  • Having a bulky toe box can hinder your riding style by making it difficult to slide your foot in and out from underneath the shifter. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to opt for a slim-line toe box while choosing your motorcross boots.

1. Alpinestars Tech 3 Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Price: Check on Amazon

Are you on the lookout for some premium grade motocross boots without crossing over budget threshold? Then you can easily proceed with the Alpinestars Tech 3 motorcycle boots. This product is an absolute favourite of pro class riders who often participate in off-roading.


The Alpinestars Tech 3 stands out as the ultimate winner in the department of comfort coupled with its well-padded inner lining. Its oversized Velcro closure system makes a large section of the upper boot feel nice and tight as you take on those off-roading adventures. Alpinestarts Tech 3 features an ankle hinge design making the boots easily rideable. Residual stiffness if any also passes away soon.


Lightweight microfiber material goes into the construction of the motorcycle boot upper. This in turn increases the level of durability and flexibility. The level of flexibility gets further improved in the key areas coupled with its light microfiber rear and front bellow inserts. Synthetic material used in the construction of its toe box guarantees superior levels of abrasion performance.


The extended PU synthetic gaiter helps in preventing damage caused by excessive entry of dirt and water. Your motorcycle boot also offers top-notch abrasion resistance to keep it looking like new despite being subjected to heavy-duty usage.


  • TPR flap caters to broad ranging calf fit adjustment.
  • Has a bio-mechanical blade system which paves the path for front rear flex. This in turn provides both protection and support to the ankle.
  • Triple buckle straps offer smooth frontal-flex without making any compromise in terms of movement.

  • Snug fit of the motorcycle boot helps in preventing blisters.

  • Adequate padding helps in protecting your foot from harsh landings.

  • Comes with 3 polymer buckles featuring an innovative closure system to help with quick release and locking.

  • Back of the boot doesn’t have adequate protection.

2. O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boot

Price:  $107.99Check on Amazon

O-Neal has already garnered a solid fan following amongst motorcycle riding afficionados with its rich selection of parts, accessories and apparels. A unique thing about these products is that they offer the best blend of quality, comfort and protection. This also holds true in the case of O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boot which serves as the perfect pick for people who are on the lookout for entry-level boots carrying a budget price tag.


Given the affordable price tag, the O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boots offer premium range comfort. This becomes possible due to the presence of adequate padding in the form of injection moulded plastic plates at its sides which help in breaking your fall. The comfort meter gets further accentuated by its air mesh interior, cushioned insole and generous heel support.


Shape of the boot gets further reinforced due to the metal shank insert. It adds up to the level of support and helps with its operation. The Goodyear welt sole prevents unstable rocking to offer you optimum balance while you undertake off-roading activities. A metal toe guard protects the wearers sole from getting abraded. The moderate grip sole also serves as the perfect choice for trail track as well as ATV riders.


The synthetic leather heat shield helps in preventing heat damage. Water-resistant nature of the boots also help in its easy maintenance which enhances its overall longevity.


  • Offers premium grade ankle, shin and foot protection which can otherwise be seen only in costly boots.
  • Adequately comfortable for being used in riding throughout the day.
  • Synthetic leather construction acts as a heat shield to prevent all forms of damage.

  • Injection molded front mounted plastic plate offers optimum level of protection.

  • A metal shank helps in increasing the level of stability.

  • Features a snap-lock adjustable four buckle closure system which helps with its wearability.

  • Boots are water resistant and not waterproof which can cause it to soak up excessive water.

3. Fox Racing Comp Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Price:  Price not availableCheck on Amazon

Don’t let the budget price of theFox Racing Comp Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Boots fool you as it stands out with its stellar performance which can be easily compared with that of a premium grade boot. Fox as we all know is a legendary motocross brand and this boot also stands true to its goodwill.


Synthetic leather construction of the Fox motorcycle boots helps in guaranteeing optimum comfort throughout the day. It is not as rigid as that of other premium dirt bike boots and this can serve as a big plus if you are planning to undertake whole day leisure riding. The shin guard of this motorcycle boot inspires riding confidence and comfort.


The unique inner lacing system of the Fox Racing Comp Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Boots performs in a manner like snowboarding boots. Its sleeve like inner lining ensures a snug fit around your feet which becomes anchored firmly into place on pulling the lace anchors. Such characteristics help in keeping the boot tightly locked while preventing heel float. The active lock and straps of Fox compliments this ingenious system. Its dual top silicone straps do not make use of a traditional buckle for hooking into place. This makes it easy to accommodate various leg sizes and allows optimum manoeuvrability.


Boots can be maintained easily given its water-resistant nature. It even has a heat shield and adequate abrasion resistant coating to keep the boots looking like new even after being used for long.


  • Plastic protection zones are present all around the heel cap, calf guard and toe box which offers greater comfort.
  • Top to bottom heat shield constructed of tough synthetic pad caters to the problem of side protection.
  • Internal lace system offers custom fit around the ankle.

  • Presence of durable rubber outsole along with internal steel shank offers greater comfort and stability.

  • Instinct style lower buckle offers a secure fit over the top position of the foot.

  • Riders can easily get into and out of the boot coupled with its adjustable active lock closure system.

  • The sole cannot be replaced as it is totally moulded.

4. O’Neal Element Men’s Boots

Price:  $117.43Check on Amazon

This beautifully designed motorcross boot stands out as the proof of quality as it is constructed with perfection by O’Neal. You can thus expect the best of protection, quality and comfort with this black beauty which can surely serve as a head turner at all your off-roading events.


Optimum support is imparted to the boot coupled with its metal shank which reinforces its shape. It even features an air mesh interior, cushioned insole and generous heel support which can keep your feet buffered from succumbing to all forms of wear and tear.


The O’Neal Element Men’s Boots features a highly durable Goodyear welt sole which can keep the riders buffered from the probability of unstable rocking. Its moderate grip sole serves as the best choice for trail, track as well as ATV riders. The rear pull tab offers extra amount of leverage. You can also opt for replacement buckles and straps once the original ones wear out.


Heat shield of the O’Neal Element Men’s Boots adds up to its longevity and makes it easy to maintain.


  • Synthetic leather heat shield helps in preventing heat damage.
  • Your sole stands protected from hard fall coupled with the metal toe guard.
  • Four buckle closure system makes it easy to operate.

  • Extremely well built and sturdy.

  • The buckles help in both getting into and out of the boots.

  • Velcro strap at the opening helps in sealing up its top.

  • Boots are not waterproof.

5. Fly Racing 2020 Maverik Boots

Price:  $129.95Check on Amazon

Here comes our final contender of the below 300$ motorcross boots category which serves as the best choice for first time riders who are on the lookout for budget options. FLY Racing has always tried and delivered boots having premium grade sole and the 2020 boots also stand true to this consensus.


The Fly Maverik boots have been designed by keeping the user comfort in mind. Riders need to often reach out for the gear box while off-roading and the maverick boots helps with the same. The range of available motion for gear change increases substantially so that the rider’s potential doesn’t get handicapped due to rigidity. The elasticated gaiter positioned around the top of the boot further enhances the comfort meter while keeping unwanted debris at bay. Its well-padded inner lining also adds up to the overall feel good factor.


Construction of the Maverik boots is such that it allows adequate movement to take place and that too without making any sacrifice in terms of the boot’s structural integrity. The riders can keep their adrenaline pumping for long and that too while keeping their ankle optimally supported.


The boots initially feel stiff but tend to break in nicely with continued usage. Its contoured profile also ensures that you can enjoy natural walking once off the bike. The rubberized heat guard provides adequate protection to the boot as well as your leg from heat sources.


  • Recesses stitching imparts a premium look to the Maverik boots.
  • Adequate attention is given to detailing so that you can remain worry-free about its longevity.
  • Straps feature an open design and memory locking system.

  • Hard outer sole adds up to the level of durability.

  • Grip levels on the sole can always keep you well-balanced.

  • Open design of the buckles helps in easy removal of dust and debris rather than causing their build-up.

  • Boots are not waterproof.


We hope that you were benefitted from our today’s discussion of the best motocross boots. You can easily take your pick amongst the five different options we have listed above to make the most out of your off-roading escapades. The best thing about these boots is that they strike the right harmony between comfort, balance and style without burning a hole in your wallet. So, try them out today and don’t forget to share your end results with us in the comments section below.

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