Best Outdoor and Patio Umbrella Stand for Wind

Relaxing in the garden is one of the best thing to enjoy in life, But as other activities, It is also depends on the mercy of weather. The sun burns scalding hot and makes it harder for people to step inside their patio for even 5 minutes.

Thankfully, we have option to install an umbrella in garden so we can subsidize the heat significantly.

The arrangement seems tempting, but it turns into a nightmare when wind comes, in the time of storm, people wants to safeguard themselves and not their umbrella. The smart people who can foresee this problem, tend to buy umbrella stand which can hold the umbrella in wind as well.

And to make your job easier, we have already done the time consuming task of finding the right one for you. Below, we have listed some of the best heavy duty patio umbrella which can be used in wind as well.

Of course, if you are planning to install them into a category 5 tornado, then I am afraid you will be disappointed, but for low to medium winds they should do the job.

1. Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand w/ Easy Rolling Base (up to 125lb)

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This umbrella stand is not only good for winds but also for many other activities, even people who are looking to purchase an umbrella stand for commercial purpose can also go for this one as it is definitely heavy duty, plus it comes with the rolling wheels which makes it comfortable enough to roll it from one place to another, and the lock system of the wheel keep it as the place when you don’t want to move it. The stand gives you weight of upto 125 lbs making it one of the heaviest and wind proof umbrella stand available in the market.

2. Abba Patio Umbrella Stand, 78 lbs Square with Wheels

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If you don’t want to fill the stand with any material and wants a product which is heavy by its own weight and still easy to carry then Abba Patio Umbrella stand may be a good choice for you. The stand is made of steel and weights 78 lbs., whereas other stands require you to fill it with the water, sand etc. this stand has its own steel weight of 78 lbs. So the water, sand nothing will peel out of the stand if you will use it in your beautiful garden. The steel is coated with tiger drylac so you will not have to worry about the rust either. The stand also has inbuilt wheels which makes it easier to carry from one place to another without lifting the heavy object.

3. Abba Patio Umbrella Outdoor Base Stand, 55 lb with Wheel

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The umbrella stand is made to last longer, this is not hollow product to fill water or sand, this is heavy weight steel of 55 lbs. which is powder coated to resist rust or peeling. This stand also has in built wheels so you can carry it from one place to another without even lifting it, otherwise carrying umbrella stand can be a tedious task especially for the elderly people. The umbrella is weather resistant and can be used in most weather conditions, with its 55 lbs. stand it can safely stay upright in the wind. From outdoor to water park, this umbrella stand can be used in multiple spaces even at your balcony, if there is where you are planning to install it.

4. Best Choice Products 81lb. Heavy Duty Umbrella Base Stand w/Locking Wheels

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If you are not fond of metal and looking for something else then this umbrella stand is made of something else, “Concrete”. This is 81 lbs. solid concrete which withstand most of the high density winds and still stay upright. But, moving such heavy products are difficult task, and therefore this stand is made with inbuilt rolling wheels which can be locked as well, so you can move it easily and when it has find its right place you can lock the wheels so it will not stir. If you have already bought your umbrella then you will not to worry about size with this one as it can hold upto 2 inches of diameter umbrella poles.

5. Best Choice Products 4-Piece Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Stand Square Base Plate Set

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The thumb of rule for making a stand wind proof is to make its stand heavier, the heavier the stand will be the more sturdy it will be for the wind to root out. With best choice products umbrella stand you will get 4 pieces of umbrella stand plate which is hollow inside and you can fill it each with 15 liters of water and if you want to make it more heavier then you can also fill it will 50 pounds of sand in each plate so combined it will be weight around 200 pounds, making it heavy enough to stand against the medium to moderate level of winds.

6. Blissun 26.5 lbs Heavy Duty Patio Market Umbrella Base Stand


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This umbrella stand from Blissun has weight of 26.5 lbs. and it is made of resin so you will not have to worry about the rust. The stand does not require any kind of filling so you can use it without worrying about peeling of water or sand to your ground. This is probably one of the best looking umbrella stand available in the market, and with black finish it is perfect for your beautiful patio which keeps the ambience in align. If you want to use for the commercial purpose then it will not disappoint you as many of the businesses already use them and are quite satisfied with the product.

7. Sunnyglade 30.2-lbs Heavy Duty Round Antiqued Umbrella Base for Patio

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This is a beautiful piece of art, and made for people who are looking to enhance the look of their patio with comfort. The stand is made of resin and the company have carved beautiful pattern over it in bronze shade and this gives it the look of an antique item. But, prettiness is one thing and usefulness the other. The stand is 30.2 lbs. which is good enough to stand in the wind. This stand safeguard you from the sunlight while simultaneously enhancing the look of your backyard as well. This does not require any kind of filling so you can use instantly without adding anything inside the umbrella stand.

8. DC America UBP18181-BR 18-Inch Cast Stone Umbrella Base

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The stand is beautiful and comes with the diameter of 18-inch which is good enough to keep umbrellas rooted to the ground for most conditions. The antique looking stand has been been coated to bronze color, giving it premium look for your patio. It weighs 22 lbs. which is lower than the most of its peer and lack of rolling wheels also makes it difficult to carry from one place to another, especially for the elderly people. A smaller size umbrella can be a better suited for the stand, but if you are looking to install a large umbrella then this might have problem in the windy situation.

9. FRUITEAM Umbrella Base Heavy Duty Stand

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This affordable umbrella stand fulfills your requirement without making hole in your pocket. The stand has base of 19.6 inch diameter and requires you to fill water into it. This stand from Fruiteam can hold upto 50 lbs. of water, which is good enough to keep the umbrella standing in most wind situations. Benefit of fillable umbrella stand is these products are generally not difficult to carry, and as with this one, it weighs just 4.63 lbs. when it’s not filled with the water, making it light enough to carry easily by even elderly or children either. It is ideal for the umbrellas of 6 to 9 feet.

10. Blissun 22lb Patio Market Umbrella Base Stand

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This cheap umbrella stand is not only affordable but also beautiful. Made of the resin, it does not require to fill water or sand etc. it’s a solid product and keeps you free from the annoyance of filling any substance into the product. The umbrella stand is antique looking and gives beautiful ambience to your garden. It weighs just 22 lbs. which can create problem in the moderate wind. Diameter of the stand is 16.5 inches and you can use this umbrella stand in your garden, terrace, balcony etc. Spending time with your family under the umbrella in your garden will definitely enhance quality of your life.

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