Best Clay Pigeon Thrower

A clay pigeon thrower can help you sharpen your shooting skills by imitating the flying antics of a pigeon.  It is gaining a lot of popularity lately coupled with its ease of usage and sheer affordability.

People used manual throwers previously, but these automatic machines are bringing in convenience and consistency while supporting continuous hours of shooting.

The market of clay throwers is saturated with a plethora of options which makes it all the more difficult to make the end choice.

That is exactly where we come in with expert recommendations and a buying guide which can help you make the most out of your purchase decision.

Things To Consider While Buying A Clay Pigeon Thrower

  • Primarily, you need to make the call between automatic and manual models. Both of these variants bring along their own set of advantages. But the ultimate decision needs to be influenced by your specific requirements.
  • Next in line comes throwing range which is an extremely important factor you need to consider. Most of the machines support adjustable throwing range so that you can practice with more versatility. Clay pigeon throwers usually have launch distances of 50 to 70 yards. But if you are thinking about enhancing your professional aptitude then you should go for the throwers having more throwing range.
  • The quality of materials which go into the manufacture of the clay pigeon thrower needs to be of premium grade. In this way, it can add up to its durability quotient. If you don’t mind the weight, then heavy gauge steel can serve as a viable option. But if you are a frequent traveller, then it becomes imperative to bank on a lightweight machine. Throwers accompanied with wheels can further help out in its mobility.
  • Throwing machines having good hopper capacity are always desired as they can guarantee a continuous shooting experience. Usually the machines can hold about 25 moderately sized pigeons. But the more is always merrier in this case.
  • Recycle time refers to the time difference in between throws. Your clay pigeons shall be delivered faster if the recycle time is less. It is advisable to stick to machines having a recycle time of 2 seconds.
  • A clay pigeon thrower which can be assembled and operated with ease can definitely win brownie points over and above its peers. Afterall, no one wants to operate a complicated machine which might impose a steep learning curve.

1. Champion Traps and Targets EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap

Champion Traps and Targets EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap


The revolutionary design of EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap can help you take your sharp shooting skills a notch higher. It features a detachable double-stack magazine which can hold up to 100 clay pigeons.

Users can throw clay pigeons over a distance of 35 to 50 yards and that too with an adjustable elevation range. Only premium grade materials go into the composition of this clay thrower which can keep you completely guaranteed about its quality.

Both standard clays having 108 mm width as well as international ones with a width of 110mm are compatible with this pigeon thrower which is manufactured with precision by Bushnell.

It is accompanied with a three-legged stand which adds up to the safety of the device and keeps it completely protected from all chances of vibration while being used.

A visual indication of the throwing arm path is provided by the arm safety ring whereas the removable magazines help out with its transportation and storage.

The targets are delivered directly to its throwing arm making it redundant to adjust the throwing plate time and again.


  • Can be adjusted for throwing both ATA singles and doubles.
  • Adjustable mainspring is compatible with throwing distance ranging between 35 to 50 yards.
  • Ample protection is provided to the electrical wires and motor by the 30-amp circuit breaker.
  • It is compatible with both International 110mm and standard 108mm targets.
  • Clay pigeon thrower can be adjusted up to an elevation angle of 30 degrees.
  • The arm can be unlocked safely coupled with its on-off-safe release switch.
  • Users can gauge the throwing arm path for safety coupled with the arm safety ring.

2. Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap

Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap


Sharp shooting enthusiasts are always on the lookout for models which can guarantee ease of use and powerful launching. This is exactly what you can get with the Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap which features a sleek and stylish design.

It also ranks high in terms of durability as it has been designed using premium grade materials powered by modern technology. This ultra-mobile clay thrower can be moved around easily with its wheels and pull handle.

The electric thrower is accompanied with a 12-volt deep cycle battery which can last for more than 3000 throws on being fully charged. Such attributes make it well suited even for aggressive shooters who are trying to hone their skills.

The accompanying foot pedal makes it easy to operate this clay pigeon thrower. You just need to step on the same and a clay bird shall shoot out automatically. Flaying birds can be targeted over a range of 55 yards and at maximum 30° elevation.

You can even accommodate different shooting positions coupled with its 25-feet release pedal cord. Assembling the Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap seems like a complete cakewalk as you can get on with the same in a matter of just a few minutes.

It even comes with an instructional DVD which can help out in its assembly and usage. The Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap allows the reloading of 50 clays simultaneously and even features a throwing arm path indicator for enhancing operational safety metrics.


  • Launch angles can be adjusted up to 30-degrees which can provide you with the freedom of altering shots while on the range.
  • Different shooting positions can be accommodated by its 25-foot release pedal for bringing in more versatility.
  • Can hold 50 clays simultaneously for providing users with more shooting time without having to worry about frequent reloads.

3. Champion Traps and Targets Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Automatic Trap

Champion Traps and Targets Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Automatic Trap


Champion Traps and Targets Champion Wheelybird 2.0 is a fully automatic clay pigeon thrower which can serve you well if you are determined for taking your target shooting skills to the professional level.

The steel and aluminium construction adds up to its sturdiness while the accompanying wheels helps with its mobility. These rubber wheels help in moving around this clay pigeon thrower on a variety of terrains without facing any issue.

You are bound to feel delighted with the ultra-fast cycle time of 1.75 seconds of the WheelyBird 2.0 coupled with its installed motor.

This thrower can be powered up by its built-in cord which makes use of a standard outlet. You can also proceed with a 12v battery as per your preference which can support more than 3000 throws on being fully charged. The foot pedal design helps with launching the discs in a seamless manner.

Same can also be said about the wireless remote control which paves the path for effective launch times. All it takes is a simple button click to launch the clay pigeons and hone your sharp shooting aptitude.

Its adjustable launch angle makes it easy to practice shooting in a plethora of setups over maximum launch range of 70 yards.


  • The WheelyBird 2.0 supports programmable delay ranging up to 15 seconds.
  • Transportation becomes a cakewalk coupled with its rubber-moulded handles and solid tires.
  • Cycle time of 1.75 seconds helps with faster shooting.
  • Larger wheels help with its easy mobility.
  • Adjustable shooting arrangement and launch angle helps with greater versatility.

4. Do-All Outdoors Fowl Play Automatic Clay Pigeon Skeet Thrower Trap, 50 Clay Capacity

Do-All Outdoors Fowl Play Automatic Clay Pigeon Skeet Thrower Trap, 50 Clay Capacity


This automatic model of Do-All Outdoors features a 50-clay target feeder which has a recycle time of 2.5 seconds. It can shoot clay pigeons over an area of 55 yards for helping you hone your shooting skills at your own backyard.

You can even enhance your shooting ability by adding numerous extension cords to the Fowl Play Automatic Clay Pigeon Skeet Thrower Trap. Its attachable safety ring guard and the foot pedal adds up to the overall security quotient.

The food pedal releases a 25-feet cord having adjustable limit switch to help out in making timing adjustments while at the field. Aircraft aluminium goes into the construction of this clay pigeon thrower which helps it in standing the test of time without showing any signs of wear and tear.

You can try out different throwing planes coupled with 5-35-degree angle of adjustment. In this way, you can flawlessly transfer the clay pigeons into the throwing arm. You can also expect superior hold out of this clay pigeon thrower which tends to reduce vibration with its ground spikes.

Fowl Play is compatible with all Do-All Outdoors Wobbler available in the market and runs on a 12V deep cycle marine battery which has to be purchased separately.

It even comes with a wireless remote which makes it easy to customize the hunting episodes and take your shooting skill to completely different heights.


  • Constructed using aircraft grade aluminium which can easily take a beating without revealing any signs of weakness.
  • Thrower can be adjusted between 5-35 degrees for getting your desired angle to aid in your practice.
  • Discs are moved smoothly by the feeder tray into the throwing arm.
  • On being loaded, the thrower can shoot clay discs over a distance of 55 yards.
  • Can shuffle discs pretty quickly with a cycling time of just 2.5 seconds.
  • Stepping on the wired foot pedal can release the discs into thin air.
  • Features ground spikes which can be used along with pre-drilled spike holes present at the base of the trap for increasing its overall stability and bringing down vibrations while in use.

5. Do-All Outdoors Backyard Clayhawk 3/4 Cock Clay Pigeon Skeep Thrower Trap

Do-All Outdoors Backyard Clayhawk 3/4 Cock Clay Pigeon Skeep Thrower Trap


Your search for an entry level cock thrower ends with the Do-All Outdoors Backyard Clayhawk 3/4 Cock Clay Pigeon Skeep Thrower Trap featuring a tripod-base for being mounted on a piece of plywood or staked to the ground.

You can launch clays over a distance of 70 yards and even adjust the same in varying directions. The Do-All Outdoors clay pigeon thrower can even be configured for launching rabbit targets which can mimic the running and bouncing antics of a real rabbit.

This trap is extremely easy to use and is constructed using premium grade steel to help it sustain the test of time. Built-in spikes present at the base of this clay pigeon thrower tends to enhance ground stabilization while in use.

The ¾ cock thrower tends to reset automatically to three quarters following each single shot. Correspondingly, you can cock it with relative ease along the remaining way and load the next disc.

In spite of falling under the entry-level segment, this thrower has superb launching power making it the ideal choice for people who are trying to ring in savings.


  • You can make changes in speed and direction using the adjustable sliding clip.
  • Users can throw 5 target sets either as singles or doubles for adding up to its versatility.
  • Sturdy steel construction adds up to its durability. The shooter remains secured to a single place while being used coupled with its ground stabilizing spikes.
  • Sprocket mechanism helps in throwing clay targets over a distance of 70 yards and in a variety of angles and directions.
  • Ideal choice for weekend shooters featuring an easy-to-use mechanism.
  • The Hi-Viz Orange safety ring serves as a great visual indicator of throwing arm path.
  • Considerably quieter than a full cock trap.


Clay pigeons can serve as a great way for marksmen to improve their moving target skills. It also tags along a fun factor to the whole practice and can be tried out at any range.

Shooting ranges allowing these varieties of shooting practices come installed with their very own clay disc throwers. But think of a scenario where you are not in a mood of leaving home or the range is closed.

A clay pigeon thrower can keep your back in such a case as you have a jolly good time with friends over a barbeque lunch spread at your backyard.

As long as you have a proper practicing area, you can shoot these traps anytime and even save a considerable amount of money while doing the same.