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A bench vise can prove to be a crucial tool whether you are cutting wood at your home or welding in your workshop.

This multi-purpose tool can help you save valuable time and effort which can then be redirected to more fruitful avenues.

You are bound to feel confused while trying to bring home a bench vise which can check all your requirement boxes without crossing over the budget threshold.

This is why we have compiled the top five contenders which can ease out your search.

Bench vise is not a tool which can be tried beforehand. Thus, it becomes imperative to make the right selection in regards to its purchase.

And you can be completely guaranteed about making the right choice with our selections. So, read to know in detail about each of our five champions.

But first, go through a short FAQ on bench vises.

  • How does a bench vise operate?

You can think of a bench vise to be a mechanical device. It stabilises your working components so that you can perform with precision. Afterall, no one likes drilling a moving target. The bench vises hold the workpiece in place by attaching directly with your workbench. Your hands are thus kept free for more important work. The vises make use of adjustable jaws which clamp together your working objects. The jaws remain attached with a main screw running through the vise. They move either towards each other or further away as and when you turn the handle.

  • Where are bench vises used?

When it comes to using bench vises, the possibility is practically endless. You can use it in home garages and even workshops. It can handle anything ranging from plumbing to metalwork and even woodworking. But the main goal here remains to find the model which is best suited to your specific field of application. Mini vises for example are ideal in the field of electronics and jewellery making. They can easily hold small pieces together without marking while the pieces are being soldered in place. Using a heavy-duty one in such delicate fields of work can break the whole thing, apart from marring the surface.

  • How can you install a bench vise?

For operating a bench vise, you will have to attach it with your workplace. This can be done in two different ways. The first method is by using an adjustable clamp both underneath and above the bench top. This method is very easy but not adequately secure. Another method is fixing the vise on the bench top with durable nuts and bolts. Opting for this method brings in greater security and diminishes chances of the vise flying off. You can increase the height of your bench vise with baseplates and stands. They are extremely useful in undertaking detailed work such as soldering iron marks or marking out measurements.

1. IRWIN Tools Multi-Purpose Bench Vise, 5-Inch (4935505)

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Your search for an affordable bench vise which can help you undertake light industrial operations ends with the IRWIN Tools Multi-Purpose Bench Vise. This solidly constructed vise can cater to your work requirements over a long span of time.


Rotating pipe jaws having 5-inch multipurpose jaw width helps in undertaking a variety of functions with the IRWIN Tools Multi-Purpose Bench Vise.

You can easily adjust the same through the fused steel handle. Swivel base of this bench vise paves the path for 360-degree rotation.

It needs to be ideally installed at the corner of a bench. In this way, you can enjoy the clearance of going in any direction of your choice.

Superior quality screw action diminishes backlash while making it easy to spin.

Ease Of Use

You can expect utter steadiness out of this bench vise even while working courtesy its incorporated anvil. Another super-cool feature about this model is that both the vise and base can be rotated separately.

It is advisable to install the vise at the corner of the bench. This shall provide it with adequate clearance of going in any direction of your choice.


The bench vise has lifetime warranty for keeping you worry-free about its functioning.


  • The jaws stay tight and close up pretty precisely.
  • Comes backed with lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Swivel locks work efficiently without succumbing to slippage.

  • Rotates in both planes for offering greater flexibility.

  • Comes with a pipe gripper for increasing your possibilities.

  • All moveable parts operate in a smooth fashion.

  • Not meant for heavy-duty work where you might inflict a lot of pressure on the jaws.

2. Yost Vises 445 4.5″ Heavy-Duty Utility Combination Pipe and Bench Vise

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Bench vises of the Yost Apprentice Series have been specially designed for undertaking rugged applications. It provides clamping action and easily mounts to a workbench for enhancing your level of productivity.


The Yost Vises 445 is manufactured using a cast iron base and reinforces steel jaws.

Its jaws are cast into place for prohibiting rocking movements which are otherwise experienced post usage.

The Yost model features pipe jaws which can help you undertake tubing up to a diameter of 2 inches. Its U-channel bar further adds up to the durability quotient. The bench vise even comes with a flat portion which doubles up as an additional work surface as well as an anvil.

Ease Of Use

The built-in cast iron jaws allow users to enjoy enhanced grip coupled with its indented design. 360-degree swivel is another great attribute which brings in greater ease of use in its operation.

You can easily adjust the jaw directions for better placement. Its position can be secured in a smooth manner by simply tightening the lock knob positioned at the base of the bench vise.


You can replace the hardened steel top jaws once they wear out.


  • Heavy duty bench vise which can handle moderate level jobs.
  • Notches present underneath the jaws assist in cutting by firmly holding the pipes in place.
  • Can be installed easily even when you do not possess any technical know-how.

  • Comes with two locking screws, each of which is placed on its sides.

  • Detents present at the base buffers it from turning without cranking down on locking screws.

  • The Yost's base spins 360 degrees to accommodate your diverse set of requirements.

  • Anvil is made up of soft steel which increases its chances of developing dents.

3. WEN 454BV 4-Inch Heavy Duty Cast Iron Bench Vise

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Want to keep your workpieces still while engaging in drilling, sawing, grinding and polishing chores? Then think no more and opt straight for the WEN 454BV heavy-duty bench vise.


You can now keep your workpieces perfectly still coupled with its crosscut non-slip 4-inch jaws which open up for making room for about 5-1/8 inches.

Heavy-duty powder coated cast iron having a PSI count of 36000 is used in its construction. You can thus be guaranteed about its long-drawn service life.

The WEN bench vise provides more than 2440 pounds worth clamping force for gripping tightly into your workpieces.

Ease Of Use

You can easily cater to the specific requirements of the project coupled with its swivelling base which pivots for about 130 degrees.

It can be easily attached with a table of your choice through the three 12 mm mounting holes. Metalworkers can easily forge tools through the onboard 3-3/8 by 3-inch anvil.


When it comes to product quality, WEN never fails to delight users. It also holds true for the WEN 454BV bench vise which comes backed with two year’s warranty.

You can also seek out the help of expert technicians and customer service officials whenever the situation demands.


  • Can be manipulated easily and quickly whenever needed.
  • Comes coated with light oil film which prevents rusting and corrosion.
  • Can be dismantled and reassembled without facing any difficulty.

  • Extremely sturdy bench vise which carries an affordable price tag.

  • Rotating vise head helps in champing from a variety of angles.

  • Jaws hold on tightly for preventing all chances of slippage.

  • Screw action at the jaws are wide open.

4. DeWalt DXCMWSV4 4.5 In. Heavy-Duty WORKSHOP Bench Vise

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Your search for a heavy-duty workshop bench wise ends with theDeWalt DXCMWSV4 which comes with a pretty affordable price tag. You can thus use it in your shop, home and even contractor purposes if you wish to benefit from profound holding power and maximum clamping.


30000PSI cast iron goes into the construction of the DeWalt DXCMWSV4 for adding up to its durability quotient. It even features micro-grooved steel jaws which have a strong grip.

Thus, objects are prevented from moving around after being clamped in place.

Both wear resistance and smooth operation stands guaranteed by the machine steel main screw which paves the path for smooth operation.

Ease Of Use

The DeWalt DXCMWSV4 features a large anvil work surface positioned at the back of the vise. This makes it ideal for shaping and hammering metal pieces.

You can position the vise easily to clamp pieces coupled with its 210-degree swivel base.


The DeWalt DXCMWSV4 bench vise comes protected with a limited lifetime warranty.

You can thus keep on with its usage without having to worry about any bottlenecks caused due to malfunctioning.


  • Extremely effective in torqueing down gun barrels and participating in other usage avenues on the workbench.
  • Best suited for homeowners, hobbyists and car enthusiasts who wish to undertake lighter duty jobs.
  • Very handy in performing repair works throughout the house.

  • Extremely efficient bench vise available at an affordable price.

  • Comes backed with supreme clamping power.

  • Well-built bench vise which can easily sustain heavy-duty usage without revealing any signs of wear and tear.

  • Locking mechanism is not up to the mark.

5. DeWalt DXCMWSV5 5 In. Heavy-Duty Bench Vise

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Want to get your job done with confidence whether at home or the shop? Then think no more and opt straight for the DeWalt 5” heavy duty workshop bench vise.


The sturdy bench vise is manufactured using 30000PSI cast iron and steel components which rank high in terms of strength.

It is also accompanied with replaceable micro-grooved steel jaws which help in operating with a clamp force of 4000 pounds.

The jaws have a strong grip and this in turn prevents objects from getting disoriented after being clamped in place. Its wear-resistant main screw along with rolled threads guarantees smooth operation.

Ease Of Use

The DeWalt DXCMWSV5 features built-in cast iron pipe jaws which pave the path for an enhanced grip. It also helps in easy clamping of rounded materials as well as pipes.

The bench vise also comes with a large anvil work surface which can cater to hammering requirements of hobbyists.

You can also position its 210-degree swivel base for clamping work pieces with ease.


The DeWalt DXCMWSV5 5 In. Heavy-Duty Bench Vise comes backed by a lifetime warranty. This can keep you buffered from all defects which might arise with its usage.


  • Square jaws help out in its smooth operation.
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty benchvise which serves as the ideal pick for everyday use by homeowners.
  • Offers optimum value for money.

  • Comes backed with limited lifetime warranty.

  • Can be installed very easily.

  • Works pretty well with magnetic polymer inserts and steel jaws depending on the sensitivity level of the device you are planning to clamp.

  • Jaws might seem excessively sharp.


Getting yourself an inferior grade bench vise can degrade your workmanship to a great extent. You can easily find different types of bench vises falling under various price categories.

But it becomes difficult to make the right choices when you have a stringent budget to adhere to. Getting an expensive model doesn’t always guarantee the best results.

Various hazards are present in a workshop environment and thus it becomes necessary to purchase tools which can guarantee you the best performance while taking care of your safety along the way.

This is where our today’s discussion can come to your rescue by suggesting the five best models which you can get for less than 100 dollars.

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