6 Best Belt Sanders Under $100

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Belt sander becomes an absolute must tool while working on a wood surface.

They make use of the movement of fine-grit belts which impart an even finish to various types of woodworking projects.

These multi-functional tools can bring in massive savings both in terms of your time and money.

Maybe this why a belt sander has evolved into a highly crucial tool in the arsenal of all homeowners as well as carpenters, professionals and DIYers.

Today we are going to take you through the best belt sanders which can serve you well if you are searching for woodworking tools below the price range of 100 dollars.

But first, we shall guide you through the things which you need to enquire about while purchasing a belt sander.

  • Primarily, you need to consider how you are planning on using this sander. In most cases the belt sanders are used for trimming, shaping, sanding and smoothing wood. However, people might also use it for removing old paint or stains. Once you determine the size of the project, you can take your pick amongst a hand-held or industrial grade sander.
  • The second pointer in belt sander buying guide also concerns the type of project you will be working on. If you are thinking of working with soft woods or projects requiring high detailing, then you need to bring home a belt sander featuring a rounder front nose.
  • While working with a belt sander, the last thing we would want is to experience vibrations. This holds true irrespective of the power level of the belt sander motor. You should thus look for belt sanders featuring dedicated systems which help with track centering. Doing this can keep you buffered from a lot of trouble.
  • Buyers usually do not consider the weight of the belt sander but it feels very tasking to hold a 10-pounds tool over a stretch of 10 minutes. You should always look for a highly portable device as otherwise you need to push extra hard for properly smoothing out a surface.
  • Even when you have a lightweight belt sander, you also need to ensure that it has a decent grip for ensuring optimum comfort. Otherwise, your hands will feel sore after using this device for sometime and this will adversely affect your work.
  • Belt sanders having variable speed motors help in easily altering the rotation of sanding belt around the unit. This can serve you exceptionally well if you are planning on working with a variety of surfaces. You can also enjoy different finish qualities coupled with different sanding speeds.

1. SKIL 7510-01 

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This 3-by-18-inch belt sander has been specially designed for capturing fine dust particles with the inclusion of its micro-filtration system and pressure-control feedback system.

It comes loaded with an array of features which add up to the overall comfort level.

You can easily change the belt with a simple lever release. Presence of a pocket switch along with a lock button helps in keeping the sander running while being used on bigger projects.

Automatic Pressure-Control Feedback System

This can definitely be termed as the USP of this model. You can bank on this technology for monitoring your sanding pressure while using the machine.

Whenever the right quantum of pressure is applied, an indicator lights up. This can be extremely helpful in removing guesswork from your field of work.


6 amps of power makes the SKIL 7510-01 Sandcat well equipped to work on a variety of wood surfaces.

You can bank on this versatile device to sand flush different edges and surfaces with its flexible operation.


Compared to peer models, the SKIL 7510-01 Sandcat has a pretty enhanced filtration system.

This can be of great help in capturing debris as it collects more dust particles compared to other belt sanders. You can thus enjoy increased sanitation at work.

It also helps in cleaning up the work area easily post usage and ultimately leads to massive time savings.


  • Auto tracking alignment function helps in keeping the belt centred while using the belt sander.
  • Comes with a clear dust container which stays connected with the bag. It becomes easy to understand whenever this dust bag fills up so that you can empty the same.
  • Dust container fits into standard vacuum hoses which help with dust collection without making a mess.

  • Comes with a budget price tag in spite of packing in a plethora of features.

  • Power lock button adds up to the safety of its operation.

  • Single belt lever changes make it an extremely easy to use belt sander.

  • Cannister cannot capture all of the paint chips or sawdust and thus it becomes necessary to follow it up with vacuuming action.

2. TACKLIFE Belt Sander PSFS1A

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If you are searching for a superior grade belt sander which will pack in all the state of art features without crossing over the budget threshold, then you need to bring home theTACKLIFE Belt Sander.

The lightweight design of this belt sander makes it ideal for being used for long time spans without experiencing any strains in your hands.


The TACKLIFE Belt Sander can reach six different speed levels by simply turning its dial. Such attributes make it well suited for undertaking everything ranging from small home jobs to industrial ones at the workshop.

The belt rotates over 14 feet every second making it well suited for undertaking different types of work assignments.


Users are bound to feel elated with the large selection of accessories which accompany the belt sander.

On purchasing the TACKLIFE Belt Sander, you will receive a dust collection box, a metal screw clamp, a vacuum adapter and a comprehensive user manual.

Miscellaneous Features

This versatile belt sander is fitted with a lock-in switch which helps in keeping the device running without having to hold down the trigger continuously.

The TACKLIFE Belt Sander comes equipped with a nine feet long power cord which can keep you buffered if you forget to carry the extension lead to the worksite.


  • Dual screw clamps can be used for fixing it to a table. In this way it can act as a sand platform on being turned over.
  • Powerful belt sander which offers variable speed options for greater versatility.
  • Accompanying sand paper is pretty good for gaining a smooth finish by shaping the edges.

  • The unit comes pre-assembled so that you can immediately proceed with its usage.

  • Accompanied with a dust box which caters to the cleanliness quotient of your work area.

  • Lock key on the power switch helps in handling larger projects with ease.

  • Might not serve you well while trying to undertake projects over a longer duration.

3. WEN 6515T

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Your search for an affordable yet highly functional belt sander ends with the WEN 6515. It can serve you exceptionally well while trying to sand places which are otherwise pretty hard to reach.

This two-in-one sanding machine comes with a 5-inch disc and 1-by-30-inch belt which adds up to its area of usage. You can expect 3450 RPM for the disc and 3160 FPM for the belt coupled with its 2.3A motor.


The first thing which is going to catch your eye about this WEN 6515 belt sander is its compact design. This in turn helps with its hassle-free storage when not in use.

However, its heavy-duty base ensures the overall safety and prevents wobbling during operation.

Both the disc and belt are accompanied with a sturdy bevelling work table which imparts adequate support at work.


Presence of the 5-inch side disc adds up to the versatility quotient and helps in using this belt sander with a variety of materials.

It can smooth, sand and even deburr splinters and jagged edges on your lumbar and wood.


The WEN 6515 comes with a 100-grit sanding belt, 80-grit sanding disc, and miter gauge which helps in operating on angled work pieces.

It is also accompanied with two separate dust ports which act as vacuum attachments.


  • Sturdy base of the belt sander keeps it buffered from succumbing to balance issues such as wobbling or excessive vibration.
  • Dual independent dust ports can be hooked up with dust hoses for keeping your work area clean.
  • The accompanying miter gauge brings in more precision to all sanding operations.

  • Belt section can be accessed easily.

  • Metal plate located behind the belt helps in sharpening knives, scissors, chisels and similar hand tools.

  • Strong motor doesn’t reveal any sign of wear and tear in spite of being subjected to heavy-duty usage.

  • Deck of the belt falls off whenever you try to rest tools on the same.

4. WEN 6321

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The compactly designed WEN 6321 belt sander has been specially designed for catering to your occasional requirements. You can expect close-finish sanding from the WEN 6321 model which comes with front rollers.

This makes it ideal for being used in constricted floor spaces.

You can easily bank on this lightweight model for helping average householders take on their basic repair work without blowing their budget.


The WEN 6321 has been specially designed for catering to the skill levels of a variety of users.

This lightweight machine weighs just 6 pounds making it a highly portable device which you can move around easily in your workspace. Its handle provides a comfortable grip even to left-handed users.


If you are on the lookout for a tool which can help you undertake quick home repairs, then the WEN 6321 can suffice your requirements.

It can help you strip down doors and replace banisters without facing any difficulty. This easy to use machine is bound to delight both skilled carpenters and hobbyists.

Miscellaneous Features

The WEN 6321 is accompanied with a quick release sanding belt which helps in easily swapping sandpapers and adjusting grits.

The dust emitted is stored in its ingenious dust bag which in turn minimizes the requirement of clean-up.


  • Compact design and lightweight build substantially diminish strain of users.
  • Lock-in safety feature can help you use the belt sander over prolonged time spans without having to manually grip the trigger.
  • Front rollers help the belt sander in reaching confined spaces and tight corners.

  • Accompanied with a spacious dust bag which catches all the offshoots and keeps your work area clean.

  • It becomes easy to swap sandpapers and adjust grits coupled with the quick release sanding belt.

  • Comes backed with a two years warranty to keep you buffered from manufacturing defects.

  • Not suitable for undertaking heavy-duty jobs.


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Have you been on the lookout for a belt sander which can serve you well both at your house and small workshop? If you have an affirmative answer, then you need to try out the POWERTEC BD1030 1-Inch by 30-Inch Belt Sander.

This can help you attain a greater edge while undertaking those wood crafting activities.

Dynamic features help in enhancing its level of efficiency while keeping the workstation clean post usage.


Machine vibrations are absorbed seamlessly by its sturdy rubber feet. This in turn can guarantee you stable sanding operations with complete precision.

Dust Collection Bag

The built-in dust chute helps in effectively extracting the dust which is next collected in the accompanying dust bag. This in turn helps in keeping the work area clean.

Miscellaneous Features:

The adjustable belt-tracking feature keeps the belt in true alignment. You can easily undertake work on irregularly shaped surfaces with its removable back plate.

It becomes easy to work with angled stock courtesy its adjustable tilting table.


  • Constructed using highly durable materials which add up to its longevity.
  • Extremely user friendly in its operation which helps in catering to a bigger group of users.
  • True alignment is guaranteed by its adjustable belt tracking.

  • Offers greater stability as the vibrations are absorbed by its rubber feet.

  • Users can engage in precise angle sanding coupled with its 0-45-degree tilting table.

  • You can sand easily on irregularly shaped or curved work coupled with its removable back.

  • Does not rank high in terms of user comfort.

6. BLACK+DECKER Belt Sander 7-Amp (DS321)

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Black & Decker has been delivering premium grade products for quite some time and the DS321 Dragster also stands true to its commitment towards quality. In spite of being available at an economical price, it offers adequate power output. For changing the paper, you simply have to utilize the adjustment knob and belt release lever.


The compact and lightweight design of DS321 has been specially crafted for catering to novice users who are attempting small projects. Both metal body and hard plastic components of the belt sander keeps it looking like new even after being subjected to heavy-duty usage.


The cloth dust bag accompanying the DS321 Dragster stores all the bits of sanded wood and dust neatly so that you can concentrate on your projects without having to worry about getting the whole place dirty.

Miscellaneous Features

Users can easily reach tight ends and corners courtesy its front roller feature. This helps in adding finishing touches to a variety of wooden projects for both DIYers and hobbyists. Its retractable handle can be positioned in three separate ways which comes to the assistance of first-time woodworkers.


  • Front roller helps users in reaching event the toughest of corners.
  • Multi-position handle offers ergonomic support.
  • Dust collector renders improvement in visibility by keeping the work area clean.
  • Lightweight belt sander can be moved around easily.

  • Compact build helps with its easy storage post usage.

  • Comparatively larger than its peer sanders.

  • Belt tracking requires frequent adjustments.


With a large number of brands and options vying for your attention, it must be difficult to take the end call.

However, the inexpensive belt sanders listed above can help you deliver excellent results without blowing up your overall budget.

It is always advisable to follow proper precautionary measures while using the belt sanders. For starters, you need to wear a dust mask as sanders emit a lot of dust.

This is necessary even when your belt sander features a decent dust disposal system. If you are planning on working with metal, then it becomes necessary to clean the sander properly.

Sanding metal creates sparks and this might mix with sawdust to start a fire. The machine should also be unplugged while changing belts or emptying the dust bag.

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