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Air hockey serves as one of the most exciting indoor games which can keep the fun times rolling whether you are spending quality time with friends or family.

You can store these tables in your garage, basement or even create a separate playroom to relieve stress after a hectic day at work.

These air hockey tables come with a pretty bulky price tag. If you are running on a stringent budget, then you might have to do with tabletop or miniature versions which are especially made for children.

Today we are going to discuss about five of the best air hockey tables which can be availed for less than 500 dollars.

But we are going to start our discussion by taking a look at the factors you need to consider while buying an air hockey table.

  • Firstly, you need to consider the dimensions of the table as there is no point in bringing home something which is bigger than your room dimensions. If you are planning on buying a six-foot table, then your room needs to be big enough for accommodating the same. It should also have a couple of buffer feet on each side for easy accessibility.
  • Players can take their pick between manual or electronic variants while choosing the scoring system. But it is always advisable to opt for air hockey boards offering both these features under one roof. You will also have to consider the location of the scoring system. It should be easy to reach if you are planning on making manual adjustments. After all, the last thing you would want is to halt the game time and again for changing scores.
  • Good airflow is crucial for the proper utilization of an air hockey table. After all there is no point in purchasing a hockey table whose blowers do not work properly. Badly designed blowers might lead to insufficient power and ultimately cause the puck to float improperly around the table.
  • You can purchase pucks and pushers separately but it is bound to seem a bit difficult. But given the varying size of tables, you need to choose pucks and pushers which are compatible with the same.
  • Presence of light and sound comes in as an added bonus for both adults and kids. LED lighting can also help you perceive the surroundings when you wish to play in a dimly lit setup.
  • If you are planning on moving around your air hockey table a lot, then it becomes essential to bank on durable models. Leg levelers ensure a flat playing surface so that you can enjoy stability while playing the game.
  • A heavier air hockey table comes off as the sturdier option. But it also feels difficult to put together such a heavy table together as well as move it around. Weight and portability are a unique trade-off which you need to determine with caution.

1. Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table

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Air hockey tables usually have a pretty bulky size making it necessary to undertake assembly work.

But you can be buffered from all these requirements with the Triumph Lumen-X Lazer interactive air hockey table which is extremely easy to use.

The accompanying user manual makes it very easy to make out the mounting points. You just need to remove the legs ship and attach it with the hockey table base with four bolts.


The Triumph Lumen-X Lazer features plastic sidings which imparts a stylish look to the same.

But underneath the plastic exterior lies a sturdy wooden foundation. You can thus keep on using this air hockey table without experiencing any kind of wobble.


Dual motor blowers bring significant improvement in the air flow while bringing down the noise level substantially.

Leveling Capacity

Uneven floor becomes a big concern while positioning an air hockey table.

This specially holds true if you are planning on storing it in your garage or basement. But the Triumph Lumen-X Lazer comes with four screw-out levelers present on the table legs. This makes it easy to enjoy a flat play area and even prevents puck drift.


  • Large lip of the table prevents the puck from flying off.
  • Ice-blue LED strip running through the edges of the table can light up your game area on being plugged in.
  • Digital score board present at the center keeps tab on the score while you focus on your game.

  • Sounds play and lights flash whenever one player scores.

  • The light and sound can be disabled easily from the control panel embedded at the back of the air hockey table.

  • Accompanied with two strikers which are crafted using single injection moulded plastic.

  • Does not have an off switch and needs to be completely unplugged whenever you wish to cease playing.

2. Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

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This feature packed air hockey table from the house of Triumph features subtle dimensions making it ideal for houses handicapped by inadequate space.

Although it is not full-sized, it is adequate for older kids on the lookout for a bigger version of their tabletop air hockey table.


The Triumph Fire ‘n Ice weighs less than 40 pounds but radiates a pretty solid feel. Its compact shape serves as the perfect choice if you have limited floor space in your household.

The LED corners light up in red or blue hues to celebrate the scoring team. Its glow in the dark hand controls and puck further add up to its overall lucrativeness.


Triumph Fire ‘n Ice comes with a powerful motor which can propel the puck easily across the table surface. Dead spots can build up on the table’s surface and you can avoid this by undertaking routine maintenance.

Perforated surface of the hockey table causes the air from the blower to move the puck evenly across the surface and guarantees fair gameplay.

Leveling Capacity

Four leg cross braces offer additional stability and support to the Triumph Fire ‘n Ice air hockey table.

You can enjoy a level playing surface coupled with its adjustable leg levelers even when the hockey table is positioned on uneven surface.

Cross braces present on its legs prevent the table from moving during gameplay.


  • Doesn’t take up much space like that of a full-sized air hockey table.
  • Can be cleaned easily using a damp microfiber cloth.
  • Well-built table retains its stability even during intense gameplay.

  • Blue and red lights enhance the excitement level of the game.

  • Both the puck and strikers light up in dark environments.

  • Electronic scoreboard imparts an arcade-style feel to the table.

  • Air hockey table is accompanied with just one puck.

3. Hathaway Midtown 6′ Air Hockey Family Game Table

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If you are searching for an air hockey table featuring a premium design without going overboard with the budget, then the Hathaway Midtown table can surely serve you well.

It features a high-speed PVC playing surface which paves the path for faster puck moves.


Sleek design of this air hockey table can serve as the focal point of attraction of your game room.  It features a rich cherry wood tone and chrome corner plates.

The durable construction keeps the table protected from succumbing to dents or furrows on being subjected to heavy-duty usage.

With a weight of 97 pounds, the Hathaway Midtown table can guarantee you optimum stability while being engaged in game play.


The 110V motor offers maximum air flow to the Hathaway Midtown table to ensure accurate and fair play.

Leveling Capacity

The Hathaway Midtown table comes with integrated levelers which can be easily adjusted for creating a level playing field.


  • Electronic LED scoring helps users concentrate on the game while it keeps a tab on the score.
  • Independent leg levelers keep the air hockey table stabilized irrespective of the floor where it is placed.
  • Comes with an affordable price tag which adds up to its lucrativeness.

  • Constructed using engineered wood which can keep the air hockey table buffered from the probabilities of routine wear and tear.

  • Fast music and bright lights enhance the entertainment level.

  • Requires a pretty lengthy assembly time.

4. Best Choice Products 54-Inch Air Hockey Table

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If you are fascinated by the game of air hockey, then you are bound to fall in love with the 54-inch air hockey table from Best Choice Products.

This colonnade styled table is accompanied with pushers and pucks which allow users to engage in multi-player game play.


The Best Choice Products 54-Inch Air Hockey Table is accompanied with a manual or electronic LED scorekeeper.

It is positioned on the rails and allows both the viewers and players to keep tab on the ongoing game progress. The blue strips running through its sides enhance the visual appeal of the board while its Polyvinyl Chloride top layer add up to the level of durability.


Steady air flow is guaranteed by its 12-volt direct current motor to offer the pucks a smooth gliding surface. This in turn paves the path for a realistically enjoyable experience.

Leveling Capacity

The well-equipped air hockey table is accompanied with leg supports which offer an increased amount of stability while enjoying your favorite game of air hockey.


  • Manufactured using heavy-duty PVC and composite wood which adds up to its durability quotient.
  • Full panel leg support paves the path for additional stability.
  • Accompanied with 2 pushers and 2 pucks which can help you make the most of your gameplay.

  • Table seems adequately sturdy and solid.

  • Can be assembled easily without experiencing any problems.

  • Digital scoreboard helps in concentrating on the game as the score gets recorded automatically.

  • Doesn’t have a power switch as it is a plug only air hockey table.

5. Blue Wave 5 Ft Air Hockey Table

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Blue Wave has gained a lot of popularity around the globe with its affordable gaming products.

It has also retained the budget price tag with the 5 feet air hockey table which is bound to delight you from the very first day of usage with its lightweight build.


Attractively designed air hockey table is manufactured using a combination of MDF and plastic.

High density MDF and plastic supports help with easy assemble and disassemble of the air hockey table.

It can thus be tucked away neatly post usage. Fun decals and simulation hockey rick at its play area add up to the fun quotient of the game.


The Blue Wave 5 Ft Air Hockey Table comes with a 110V blower motor which delivers high level of output and creates an even airflow pattern.

However, the motor doesn’t emit loud noise and can thus be used discreetly.

Leveling Capacity

Adjustable levelers help in maintaining adequate level of stability while enjoying the game of ice hockey.


  • Given the budget price tag, this air hockey table can easily sustain home usage without revealing signs of wear and tear.
  • Even air flow across the board ensures fair gameplay.
  • Fan works without creating a ruckus with its operation.

  • Can be assembled easily without having to face any problem.

  • Accompanied by pucks and strikers to keep the fun times rolling.

  • Each leg of the air hockey table can be adjusted through its screw-out levelers located at the bottom.

  • Lightweight air hockey table might get damaged on being used incorrectly.

6. Sport Squad HX40 40-inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults

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Irrespective of your age group, the Sport Squad HX40 40-inch Table Top Air Hockey Table can bring in a dash of excitement into your lives in the form of fast paced action. This electric powered air hockey table has a compact shape and delivers continuous airflow whether you use it in your home, community centre or office. It is accompanied with two fast-action round pucks, an AC adapter and two plastic strikers. Sturdy built of this table can serve as a great addition to a variety of tailgate games.


In spite of being low priced, the tabletop features a robust built as it is crafted using durable MDF hardwood. This helps in preventing chances of breakage. Non-marking rubber pads assist with its easy placement in your chosen surface be it a countertop or the floor.


A 12V electric fan allows engaging in an arcade-style game play. Continuous and even airflow is maintained by its high output fan which paves the path for frictionless and smooth playing.

Levelling Capacity

The fully even surface of the Sport squad HX40 air hockey tabletop ensures a seamless gameplay. Dual plastic strikers are perfect for your kid’s hand as they are approximately 2.5 inch in diameter.


  • Users can keep track of the total goals through the manual sliding abacus scorer.
  • At just 14 pounds, the Sport squad HX40 air hockey tabletop can be moved around easily.
  • Non-marking rubber pads accompanying the air hockey table keeps all your table surfaces protected.
  • Frame is crafted using engineered wood which makes it a highly durable option.

  • Electric fan delivers an even and quiet airflow to keep the playing surface smooth and frictionless.

  • Can be assembled within 5 minutes time.

  • Product is not accompanied with an electronic scoring system which has to be purchased separately.


Sports has an extremely crucial role to play in our lives. Be it physical ones or mind games, they can refresh you to the very core.

Development in technology has opened up new offers even in the field of indoor gaming and air hockey is its most glaring example.

With a large number of air hockey tables available in the market, it can be tasking to take the end call.

But you don’t need to worry as our experts have scanned through all the products and have zeroed on the five best ones which you can take home for less than 500 dollars.

If you are on the lookout for a superior grade hockey table, then $500 can serve as a pretty decent budget.

You can expect optimum durability out of all these tables so that it can keep your back over long spans of time even on being subjected to heavy-duty usage.

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